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WoodOX Sling: The Ultimate Firewood Carrier

If you heat your house with firewood, it’s obvious you will need to carry firewood from the woodpile to the stove. For most homeowners, they use hands or the traditional firewood carrying bags. But these two methods have not only proven to be inefficient but have also been associated with back pains especially for the elderly. If you have been experiencing problems with carrying firewood before, worry no more. Things are getting better with the introduction of the WOODOX SLING.

What is WoodOX Sling?

WoodOX Sling is a new type of firewood carrying bag from LogOX designed to make the carrying of firewood from woodpile to the stove easier, faster, and safer than ever before. From the images leaked by the brand, this is the kind of bag that anyone who heats with firewood needs to have. From the design of this bag, there are astounding features that make it stand out from the available option. Among them the back-saving features which help to reduce strain on the spine.

How Does It Work?

The new firewood bag is pretty simple in design but highly efficient in use. From the released images, the bag design is inspired by a hand sling. You only need to wear the adjustable strap across one should and insert the hand of the other shoulder to the bag’s sleeve. That is how you form a space under the arm where you place the firewood.

3 Key Features of WoodOX Sling

The biggest reason why WoodOX Sling is one of the most preferred firewood carrying bag is the numerous features that make user-friendly. Here are the key features of this firewood bag:

Better Posture 

The firewood bag improves the posture of the user while loading, carrying and unloading firewood. From the WOODOX SLING design, the firewood is securely under the arm. Therefore, the weight of the firewood is distributed across the upper body. Having the firewood under your arms makes it easy to load and unload while standing. The design also helps to shift the center of gravity making it possible to carry the firewood while standing upright. This reduces strain on the spine.

Easy movement

The traditional firewood carrying bags comes in hopping bag style,’ and that means they only reach the height of the knee. Therefore, it is difficult to move around with easy the loaded bag will keep distracting you. But with the WoodOX Sling, firewood securely positioned under the user’s arm. That makes moving up the stairs or tight spaces very easy. With this bag, the user can also maneuver indoors and open doors with ease.

LED Flashlight

If you want to pick firewood in the dark, the traditional firewood can be difficult to work with. You will need to hold a flashlight with one hand, and that could make your work difficult. But the new LogOX’s firewood bag has a strap on the rear top of the arm sleeve which holds a small LED flashlight. This keeps your hands free to collect firewood while the path ahead is illuminated.


For homeowners who heat using firewood, WOODOX SLING is the kind of firewood carrying bag that you need. It is a special kind of bag that will not only making carrying of firewood easier but will also prevent against pains caused by poor posture. The bag will also make indoor movements easy and safe. LogOX WoodOX Sling is, without doubt, the kind of bag that is making other firewood bags obsolete.