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What to Look for When Buying Topsoil

Topsoil is a great asset for those who aren’t able to create a new bed on their property or are creating a raised bed near a home or on concrete. Topsoil is a bit easier to move and spread and gives you the flexibility to create that garden space wherever you desire.

Knowing the right kind of topsoil for your garden is important if you are looking to get that garden growing and thriving. That is why you should be asking yourself a few different things before moving forward with finding topsoil delivery companies.

Know where you’re buying

Finding a reputable supplier is key. Not all topsoil is the same and if you are dealing with a supplier worth their salt, they will have analysed it for fertility and contamination beforehand.

Topsoil of value should be sourced from site operations before development or from virgin soils, not soils that have been recovered from skip waste or building works.

What are you using topsoil for?

Maybe you’re not looking to create a garden after all. Topsoil has a number of different uses because it comes in a variety of grades and types and greatly depends on the area that it has come from.

Depending on the type and grade of the topsoil, it can be used for turf laying, filling holes or ponds, topping up or creating new flowerbeds, as well as filling raised beds and vegetables patches.

Best topsoil for a raised garden?

For this article, let’s say that you aim to grow vegetables on your property and are looking to create a raised bed or fill a vegetable patch. Because vegetable crops have the ability to absorb a substantial amount of nutrients from the soil, it may be best to use an organic topsoil that has a higher organic matter.

Because you are creating a crop of vegetables that you plan to eat, it is imperative to find the best topsoil possible and not skimp out because of price. Again, this is for crops that will be going into your body.

A standard point of procedure for a vegetable garden is to mix in organic topsoil with compost and coconut coir or peat moss to create a thorough mix for the garden. Depending upon the quality of the garden, it could be three parts topsoil to one part compost. Really, it all depends upon the needs and condition of your garden.

There are even some garden mixtures that incorporate sand as well, with an equal mix of topsoil, compost, and sand. The idea is to increase the ability of the mixture to retain or drain water, allowing the vegetables to get the proper amount of hydration without getting too much or too little.

Topsoil can have a wonderful effect on a garden and can get plants and vegetables growing steadily with a boost of essential nutrients. It all depends on your gardening goals, but finding a mixture of topsoil and compost will have your garden thriving and producing some of the finest looking plants or vegetables that you have ever gardened.