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4 Recommended Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

Are you having sleepless nights due to pests infestation in your house? Pets like rats can be dangerous animals. They can contaminate your food, destroy your property, and can even cause electrical fires. What’s more, rats, droppings and fleas can carry diseases, which is a particularly dangerous threat to health. Therefore, it is vital to get rid of them.

At the same time, rats can be quite difficult to get rid of, because they can inhabit many areas like near bushes, wood piles, trash cans, to ceilings, insulation of walls, crawl spaces, under bathtubs and cupboards name other places.

If you have noticed the signs of rats presence in your house, including droppings; insulation bites or you find contaminated food, then it’s time to know you have intruders. Rats and mice often multiply, so you’ll have to be vigilant in looking for rat control methods to remove rats from your home.

Here are four common ways on how to get rid of rats

1. Traps

Traps can be an excellent way to get rid of rats; simply place bait traps with peanut butter, dried fruit, or cheese on rat paths and wait to collect trapped rats. Experts recommend that you set the trap at a right angle near walls where you suspect rats pass through, with the side of the trap lure pointing towards the wall. Always use gloves and use a plastic bag to discard the trapped rodent to prevent the spread of the disease.

2. Rat poisons

Usually, it’s not recommended to use poisons because they are less direct methods of killing rats. A poisoned rat may have time to crawl before it dies, so you will not always be able to find it right away. These dead rats become a breeding ground for diseases and bacteria.

Also, poisons may be a serious threat to the health of domestic animals, wild animals and children and should, therefore, not be preferred unless you pick up the very best rat poison

3. Biological methods

The biological pest control method can be used to control not only rats but also other home pets. For example: in the case of rats, you can put a cat to hunt those disturbing rats. The intention of the natural or biological pest control method is to eliminate pests with minimal damage to the natural surrounding.

4. Use of glue

The glue used to trap rats is smeared on glue boards. Foos is put at the center of the board to attract any rat that will pass by. Once a rat comes to eat the food, it gets stuck on the feet and mouth. The glue is usually sticky such that it can never let the rat escape unless you come to remove. Though the method is not the most humane way to get rid of rats, it will work.


Ensure after you get rid of rats from your home they never come back. Block any holes that you have outside your home. Rats love cellars and attics, so make sure you check these two areas carefully.

Cement, with metal chips, works well. It will also help if the outer surface of the blind hole is smooth so that the rats have nothing to hold on if they try to bite the hole again. Make sure that outside the house there are no debris (which rats can use as a shelter), food (close trash in containers) and water. It becomes a pet free zone to enjoy life.