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Wall art paintings for your bedroom and living room

wall art paintings living room

Even with relatively new home décor styles being used (e.g. contemporary and modern), wall art paintings for living room and bedroom are still a popular way to decorate the walls.

You can solve the problem of having dead spaces in your living room by using a wall art painting. The textures of the painting cannot be matched with print and this sets them apart.

It is possible to get the painting on canvas, watercolor paper, and even wood. The choices in wall paintings are numerous and include rolling landscapes, bold paintings, graphics, a bouquet of flowers, portraits and so much more. And the best thing is, you will have unique artwork in your living room which you cannot see anywhere else.

This particular idea of using wall art paintings came to me when I started redecorating my house. I quickly discovered that there were some dead spaces on my living room walls.

Being the creative type, I got some chrome finish mirrors and hang them up strategically with decorative vases below them. A friend of mine came over one day and after congratulating my efforts, she advised me to try out wall paintings.

I went and got one which I replaced a mirror with and since then I was hooked. I now have enough wall paintings to make me look like an art collector; most of which I got at a bargain.

Who is wall art paintings for?

5 piece wall art painting

Artistic paintings on the wall can work for any type of home, regardless of the décor or style of the house.

This is because art pieces come in different sizes, styles, designs and colors. If for example, you have some a blank space on your living room wall which cannot fit a large painting, you can opt for a smaller one or a different shape such as oval.

Another reason why you should get wall art paintings is that they complement each other. There are some paintings where a single scene is divided into multiple pieces.

Others look great when placed next to each other to set a theme. This is great if you are an interior décor enthusiast.

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Wall art designs characteristics

The good thing with art is that there is no limit to the designs that are available. Common pieces include sets (set of 3, set of five), large rectangular pieces (e.g. 24” by 48”) which go over your couch, portraits, mosaic, abstract art, flowers, blossoms and so forth.

There are also different styles such as African, Aboriginal, contemporary art, Japanese, Islamic patterns, graffiti, Chinese, Indian art and also fantasy/ mythical art. The key is to get pieces that go well with each other.

Conversely, you can get a large piece of canvas art if you only wish to decorate one wall. As for the price, it really depends on the style and detail so there are no fixed prices. You can get low priced art from local artists and at the same time support them.

wall art design

Choosing the right style for your living room walls will be guided by the type of house you have. If your house is modern with modern equipment and furniture, then you should go for modern art. Modern art is all about space and you should use modern wall art and space them well.

Crowded wall art just won’t cut it for a modern style. If on the other hand, you own a Victorian style home, then you should go for traditional wall art and prints. Using heavy and ornamented frames is the way to go.

You can also get a frame that matches the wood tone of other furniture. Remember, a wall art painting should be the focal point of your living room and not a distraction or a break in the existing décor.

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Finding credible information about wall art paintings for living room proved to be an uphill task. Especially with a huge number of people insisting on using wallpaper to decorate your walls. I find this archaic and changing the wallpaper every now and then can be mentally tasking.

Wall art, on the other hand, is timeless and needs no repairs or maintenance. When you decide to buy wall art paintings, start off small and avoid buying too many pieces in a short span like I did. Unless you find a set that you like, you are better off buying one or two pieces at a time. At one point, my living room looked like an art gallery and I had to move some paintings to the other rooms.

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