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Trundle Bed vs Bunk Bed – What Is Better

  • March 26, 2018

kids bedroom with trundle bed

Trundle bed Vs bunk bed, which is ideal? Well, both of them are. And they can help you save floor space as well. These two beds are different in terms of their design. But the concept is the same – to provide a sleeping area for two or more people.

Despite the space saving option, both still have their drawbacks. It is necessary to find out what these drawbacks are before making any financial commitment. Interestingly that is what this post is about.

Factors to consider before investing in a bed (Trundle or bunk bed)

Buying a piece of furniture is a long-time investment. It is something that you may not want to repeat in a short period of time. Before buying a bed, there are things you have to consider, these includes

  • Budget – Between a trundle bed and bunk bed which would be budget-friendly? Both have their different price tags and quality but go for what you can buy without leaving a hole in your wallet.
  • Durability – It is reasonable to invest in a bed that is durable. So ask to know how long the bed would last and the material used in making it. It might not necessarily last a lifetime, but you should get good value for your money.
  • Comfort – Before you invest in a trundle or bunk bed, find out which would be more comfortable for you or the intended user. Is the bed for children or adults? Note: if you are buying for a young adult or a full-grown adult, then consider the size of the bed.
  • Available floor space – Your available floor space will also determine your choice of bed.

Trundle bed Vs Bunk bed – Pros

Normally, trundle bed comes in different designs, styles and sizes. So if you are buying for a guest room or children’s room, you have to choose what will suit the available room space.

Sizes of trundle beds

  • Daybed
  • Twin bed
  • Full-sized bed

Sizes of bunk beds

  • L-shaped bunk bed
  • Trundle bunk bed
  • Futon bunk bed and more.

Trundle beds are great in situations where you need to place two additional beds in a guest bedroom and still maximize floor space. An amazing feature of the trundle portion of this bed is the pullout option under the main bed. Friends or relations can share the same room with your child without interfering with his or her original bed space.

Using the trundle bed for storage

Kids get messy at times and can litter everywhere with their toys, blanket, or other items. Unlike the bunk bed, the trundle portion of the trundle bed can be used to store these items. You can remove the mattress if not in use at the time and use the space created to store toys, blankets and other items that fit that space. This is something you cannot do with a bunk bed.

Compared to a bunk bed, you would need more floor space when you want to use a trundle bed because of the pull-out option.

Trundle bed Vs bunk bed – Cons

Trundle beds are great, but you need more floor space to enable others to move freely whenever the bottom bed is pulled out. Also, this kind of bed was meant for servants to sleep on, so they can easily be reached by their masters.

So if you are buying for your kids, remember that the one sleeping on the pullout portion might feel cheated or inferior. This can lead to disagreement over who should sleep on the main bed.

In the case of a bunk bed, the upper bank might be scary and challenging for a young child. Also, climbing the ladder at night when there is no light in the room.


Trundle and bunk beds are a great piece of furniture to have in a guest room or your children’s room. But the decision on which to buy can be difficult to take. Nevertheless, a bunk bed is an excellent space saver. It can also be mounted in a smaller room with a play area for your kids.