Top 25 Cool and Unique Bunk Beds For Kids and Toddlers in 2018

25 Coolest and Safe Bunk Beds You Will Love

kid sleeping on creative bunk bed

If you are searching for cool bunk beds for kids to buy in 2018, search no further, because this article will cover all the necessary tips about bunk beds. It will also help to answer some important questions that have been bordering some people about kids’ beds.

Why do you need bunk beds for your kids? Majority of our homes have very limited space to accommodate many beds. With bunk beds, you can maximize your room space to make it look amazing and stylish.

To make this article more comprehensive and interesting, we shall be answering some frequently asked questions when it comes to unique bunk beds for kids and toddlers.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Bunk Beds For Your Kids

Before buying a bed, there are some things you need to understand. What is the age of your kids that are needing the beds, what materials are used in making the beds, and how large do you want the beds to be. Putting all these in mind will assist you in making the best choice of bunk beds.

What size are bunk beds?

There are different sizes of bunk beds, and they also have different configurations. We have the full over full, twin over twin and twin over full. Of all these types, the most common is twin over twin. This is not to say that the other two options are not common.

  • Twin over twin bunk beds

Just as we have a normal twin bed, but this time, we have another stacked on the first one. Usually, these bunk beds come with stairs to climb to the top bed. Although there are varying sizes of twin over twin bunk beds, the average size is 68” x 42” x 80 (HxWxL). This kind of bed is awesome for sleepovers or kids sharing the same room. The bed can comfortably accommodate one sleeper on each level.

  • Twin over full bunk beds

In this case, a standard twin bed is stacked upon a standard full bed size. You can use this kind of bed in kids’ room, as well as in the guest room. With twin over full, you are sure of comfortable sleeping space without overstocking the room.

  • Full over full bunk beds

For full over full bunk beds, you have a standard full bed stacked upon another full bed. Although the sizes of these beds vary, the average size is about 68” x 60” x 80” (HxWxL). With this size of bunk bed, each level can accommodate two sleepers comfortably.

Materials for Bunk Beds

The two types of materials for making bunk beds are either metal or wood. Both materials are okay but also have their disadvantages. So you need to be aware of their disadvantages when choosing the one that will be best for you.

  • Wooden bunk beds

For wood bunk bed, different types of wood are used for its construction. It could be pine, cherry, or any other hardwood. One of the good things about wood bunk beds is that they come in different design, giving your home the cutest finishing ever. Wood bunk beds are sturdy and durable, meaning they will last for a long time. Although it could be really difficult moving them around due to their heavyweight.

  • Metal bunk beds

The frame of metal bunk beds is usually made from tubular metals and appear lighter than the wooden type. Also, they are cheaper than wood bunk beds. But the issue with them is that over time, they make a squeaky sound. This kind of bunk beds have sleek styles, making them suitable for modern design style.

What is a loft bed?

Unlike bunk beds, loft bed has just a single bed. But this bed is well elevated from the floor level so that the space below it can be used for other purposes. A loft bed is perfect for kids who like to get “sleep high” feeling but prefer to have just one bed in the room.

When were bunk beds invented?

History has it that the Egyptians first used primitive bunk beds. These beds later became popular in European countries in 1400 – 1500. Also, military bases all over the world use this kind of bed.

Where to buy bunk beds

You can buy bunk beds from the traditional furniture stores around your home or order one from online stores such as Amazon. Most people prefer the former option because it can be done from the comfort of your home.

How high are bunk beds?

The height of a bunk bed depends on the room you want to use it. Between the ceiling and the top bed, leave a space of about three feet to prevent bumps. It is also advisable to leave some space below the bunk to give the room a beautiful design. Having said all these, a typical bunk bed should be between five-and-half to six feet tall. The bunk bed stair should also be strong and easy to climb by kids.

Bunk Beds Reviews and Recommendations for 2018

Here Are Our Unique Bunk Beds For Kids:

Zinus Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin

Zinus are mainly bunk beds for small rooms and are made of metals. If you are looking for beds for 6 years old, this bunk bed is what you need. Although tender kids can use the lower bunk, the upper bunk should be for kids of 6 years and above.

The bed has a quick lock system which makes it quicker to assemble. It comes with two ladders on both sides which makes climbing easy. Most people prefer this bunk bed for kids because it is convenient to sleep on and compact in size. The dimensions of this bed are 76.2” x 41.3” x 60.8” (HxWxL) and weighs 92.9 pounds. It comes with amazing steel support, thus box spring is not needed.


  • It is cost effective
  • Easy to assemble
  • The quality of the bed is great
  • Kid-friendly


  • It becomes too squeaky over time

Storkcraft Caribou Hardwood Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

caribou model

The Storkcraft Caribou is a space saving kids bed that is made of high-quality materials. It is constructed from environmental-friendly rubberwood that is known to withstand the test of time. If you like, you can configure the bunk bed into 2 separate beds.

The ladder has four steps and well-guarded with guardrails. This stylish bunk bed meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards, and its durability makes it outstanding. This bed has different finishes which gives you the option to choose the one that matches your home design. The product is backed by 1-year limited warranty. It has dimensions of 78.4″ x 42.6″ x 58.3″ and a weight of 120 pounds.


  • Great two boys bunk beds
  • Excellent quality and designs
  • The assembling directions are easy to follow
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • It is great for the price


  • No drilled holes for the ladder hinge, making it somewhat difficult to screw

Dorel Living Brady Solid Wood Bunk Bed for Kids, Twin Over Full

Our list of bunk beds for kids will be incomplete without talking about Dorel Living Brady bunk bed. These bunk beds twin over full are suitable for up to three kids in a room. This bunk bed can be configured into 2 separate beds, 1 full and 1 twin.

The bed can accept a mattress without the support of box spring. It also comes with guardrails for maximum bed support. Assembling this bed takes less than an hour and the ladder can be fixed in one location.

The dimensions of this bed are 69.5” x 79.2” x 64.8” and has a weight of 135 pounds.


  • It is durable and sturdy
  • Instruction manual is easy to follow
  • It has a modern look design
  • It is kids friendly
  • One of the cheapest twin over full bunk beds


  • Drilled holes are not perfect in some cases which may make assembling time consuming

Donco Kids Sturdy Low Loft Bed

Donco Kids Low Study Loft Bed
Price: $503.92
Price Disclaimer

The Donco Kids is a full-size loft bed with desk. It is suitable for children that are transiting from being toddlers to kids. These bunk beds with storage are designed to give maximum comfort to kids. It is made of pine wood which is known to last for a reasonable period of time.

Assembling this bunk bed is not that easy because a lot of things need to be configured to get it functional. The ladder is fixed in one location and the bed has guardrails to protect kids from rolling over. The dimensions of this bed are 79” x 43” x 41 and a weight of 180 pounds.


  • It has lots of components to keep your child busy
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is perfect for kids of all ages
  • The ladder is easy to climb


  • It takes more time to assemble because of its numerous components

Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed

You might have come across Oeuf Perch bunk bed reviews at one point, but it will be nice to talk about it here. Oeuf Perch bed are no doubt the best bed you can find on the marketplace, but with a high price tag. These beds are compact enough to provide room for kids’ play and further furnishings. Oeuf Perch bed are low bunk beds which makes them safe and easily accessible.

There are different configuration options to achieve with these beds; you can have a separate standalone twin bed and a loft bed. Finishes are water-based and non-toxic, and it is free from VOC health hazards. The angled ladder comes with safety tread to ensure the Perch is safe and sturdy.


  • It has an amazing design
  • It takes lesser time to install when compared to other bunk beds
  • It is made from durable materials
  • It is safe and sturdy for kids


  • It quite expensive
  • Makes some squeaky noise after some time

Here are Our Cool Bunk Beds For Toddlers:

Mission Staircase Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds in Merlot Finish

The Mission Staircase is a cool bunk bed for 3 years old or below. It is well designed for safe and easy access to the upper bunk. This cool bunk bed is made from solid wood and has rich merlot lacquer finish. What makes this bed unique is that it comes with a mattress that is ready to use immediately after installation.

The bed can accommodate 8″ mattress, making it safe for use. Also, the Mission Staircase bunk bed meets or exceed CPSC and ASTM specifications. So if you need cool beds for toddlers, this bunk bed will be a choice for you.


  • It has a beautiful look
  • It is quite easy to set up
  • It is safe, sturdy and firm
  • It comes with nice storage
  • The wood used for construction is solid and strong


  • The bottom of the drawers is not too thick
  • The steps are bit steep for tender children

Bedz King Stairway Twin over Twin Bunk Beds with 3 Drawers

bedz king model

Bedz King is arguably one of the best producers of twin bunk beds for toddlers. This fun bunk bed can be configured into 2 separate standalone beds. Instead of using a ladder, this cool bed has built-in stairway for easy access to the upper bunk.

It also has three drawers close to the stairway. Bedz King Stairway bunk bed is constructed with tough Brazilian Pine and has a child-safe finish. It doesn’t come with a mattress, so you need to buy the mattress separately. The dimensions of the bed are 61″ high x 102″ long x 42″ deep, and it has a weight of 233 pounds.


  • It is made from real wood
  • It is worth every penny spent on it
  • It doesn’t take much time to assemble, thanks to the easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is very attractive to kids


  • Some users still find it a bit difficult to assemble

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds with Twin Trundle

bedz white model

This is another creative bunk bed constructed by Bedz King. Just like the previous Bedz King, this one can also be converted into two separate standalone beds. This bed is one of the best bunk beds for 5 years old and below, and it comes with a built-in stairway that makes it easier to reach the upper bunk.

It is made from Brazilian pine without mfd or particle board. The dimensions of this bed are 61” high x 102” long x 42” deep and it has a weight of 268 pounds.


  • The top bunk can withstand up to 300 lbs
  • It is super easy to install
  • Looks attractive to kids
  • Stairs can be used on both sides of the bed


  • Some customers complain of irritating fumes from the bed at the initial stage

Max & Lily Full over Full Solid Wood Bunk Bed

It will be incomplete not to mention this bed when writing on matrix beds reviews. The Max & Lily bed are unique bunk beds that are made of tough and durable woods. They are constructed from solid New Zealand pine wood.

What makes this bed special is that it can comfortably hold toddlers and kids. The top bunk can withstand up to 400 lb. The bunks are flexible and can be configured into 2 separate beds. The metal structural connections are stable and won’t loosen after some time. The Max & Lily bed has dimensions of 82” x 60” x 69” (LxWxH). The 14-inch guardrails help to prevent kids from rolling down.


  • Great bed for 10 years old kids
  • It has an extremely beautiful design
  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is constructed from high-quality materials


  • Even after screwing some holes are still visible

Coaster Home Furnishing Wrangle Hill Full Over Full Bunk Bed

The Coaster Home Wrangle full over full bunk is one of the coolest bunk beds available on the marketplace. It is constructed from solid pine and has an amber wash finish. This amazing bunk bed is made in the United States which makes it a trustworthy bed. The stairway and bed storage is sold separately. Coaster Home has dimensions of 80″ x 59″ x 64″ and has a weight of 100 pounds.


  • It is manufactured in the US
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • It has a cool design
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is worth the price


  • The exclusion of the ladder and drawers is a turn off for some customers

Dream On Me Day Bed for Toddlers

The Dream On Me Day bed is specifically designed for toddlers. It has dimensions 54.5” x 29” x 28.5” (LxWxH). This bed is one of the safest toddler bed you can get in the market. It is guarded by guardrails to prevent kids from rolling down and has a spacious storage drawer. The mattress support is made of wood. It doesn’t take much time to set up this bed.


  • It comes with guard rails for safety
  • It is easy to configure
  • The design is cool
  • It is made of solid wood


  • Some customers complained of poor packaging

Here Are Our Fun Bunk Beds For Older Kids

House Double Bunk Bed with Camouflage Tent

The House double bunk bed is an awesome kind of bed that is designed to give children the maximum fun they deserve while in their room. This bed is constructed just like a house, with camouflage tent to add beauty to the room. The House double bunk bed is made from solid pine and has a light grey finish.

It is a twin over twin bed that has a creative loft design. If you are looking for beds for 10 years old kids, this bed will be perfect for them. It has dimensions of 90” x 43” x 77” (HxWxL) and it has a pretty lightweight. The stairway is firm and sturdy to prevent any accident.


  • The design is highly creative
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The materials used are of high grade
  • It looks quite attractive to kids


  • The price is a bit high

Coaster Home Kids Furnishings Twin Loft Camo Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

This is another cool bunk bed that gives kids enough room to have maximum fun. It is a twin loft bed with a camouflage design and has a shiny green frame. This bed is suitable for both kids and young adults. If you need beds for 6 years old and above, this is certainly what you have to buy.

The dimensions of this bed are 115” x 100” x 50” (LxWxH) and a weight of 132 pounds. Coaster is known for producing high-quality bed and this one is not an exception. The maximum weight the bed can carry is 400 LBS, which we think is pretty strong enough.


  • Offers rooms for all sort of fun
  • It is well built and attractive to children
  • Suitable for both kids and youth
  • It is made of durable and solid materials


  • Assembling could be somewhat difficult
  • Large room space is required

Deer Blind Loft Bunk Bed with Blue Tent

If you are looking for modern bunk beds that will thrill your kids to the fullest, the Deer Blind loft bunk bed will be a nice option. It is a twin loft bed that is made from durable materials and has a grey finish. It comes with a blue tent that makes it look like a mini house.

Assembling this bed is quite easy and you need the services of professionals. The ladder is firmly attached to the bed and has just 3 steps for quick access to the top bunk. Its lightweight makes it easy to move it from one spot to another.


  • It has a unique and simple design
  • It is lightweight
  • It doesn’t require expert to install it
  • It looks attractive
  • It comes with tent for cover


  • There is no space between the bottom bunk and the floor

DONCO Kids Louvered Low Loft Bed with Blue Tent

DONCO is a name that has built a high reputation in furniture making industry. They are known to produce high-quality bed that will stand the test of time. The DONCO kid louvered twin bed is designed to accommodate kids and even adults.

It is a low loft bed that is constructed from solid materials and has an antique finish. Only the lower bunk has the louvered tent while the top bunk is guarded with guardrails to prevent kids from rolling down. The bed weighs just 74 pounds, making it one of the lightest in the market. It has dimensions of 78” x 42” x 44”.


  • It has a beautiful finish
  • The materials used are of great quality
  • The tent will help to shield cold during winter
  • It is also suitable for youths
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is easy to set up


  • Only the bottom bunk is covered with louvered tent

Powell Princess Castle Tent Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

The Princess Castle twin bunk bed comes will a whole lot of features to give your child great fun. It is a cool bed that has slide attached to the bed. It is made from solid steel frame coated with white powder. Powell Princess has a loft design with a beautiful playground for kids.

The fabric ten is 100 percent polyester and the ladder is well-built to prevent any mishap. You can do the assembling at home yourself. The dimensions are 79” x 101” x 92” (HxDxL) and has a weight of 147 pounds. It doesn’t come with a mattress, so you need to buy that separately.


  • It comes with lots of exciting features
  • The design is exceptional
  • Materials used for construction are solid
  • Suitable for kids and toddlers
  • It comes in attractive colors
  • It is lightweight


  • Assembling it can be quite challenging

Play House Wood Bunk Bed with Storage Pockets

If you are looking for bunk beds with storage, the Play House bed has free pockets to store things. This twin loft-style bunk bed is constructed to provide your kids with playing ground as well as a good sleeping platform. It is made from pine wood and has a light grey finish.

You have to assemble it yourself after purchase and there is no space between the lower bunk and the floor. It measures 90” x 43” x 77” (HxWxL).


  • Materials used for construction are of high quality
  • Comes with free storage compartments to store things
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • Assembling it doesn’t take much time
  • It is worth the price


  • It is too skeletal
  • No space between the floor and bottom bunk

HOMES Inside Out IDF-BK628 Ringo Twin/Twin/Twin Children’s Bunk Bed

The Ringo Inside Out is a 3-bed bunk bed that has the capacity to accommodate more 3 kids. It is an unusual bed that has an amazing footboards and headboards. This bed has one of the cutest design of bed ever and provides enough sleeping space that can accommodate 3.

The ladders are strategically positioned to make climbing easier and faster. In terms of protection, there are guard rails to stop you from rolling down. The beds are spacious enough to accept even 10 years old kids. It measures 79″ x 43.5″ x 81″ and has a weight of 217 pounds.


  • It has triple layers to accommodate 3 kids
  • The beds have ample space
  • The ladders are strong and firm
  • The materials used are superb
  • It has an amazing design


  • It doesn’t come with mattresses, so you have to buy them

Here Are Our Safe Bunk Beds for Kids Recommendations

DHP Metal Frame Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

This is one of the safest bunk beds for kids available in the market. The DHP twin over twin bed has a sleek and space saving design. It can accommodate 2 twin mattresses, but you have to buy the mattresses separately.

The front ladder is slightly slanted to give additional safety. Both the top and bottom beds have guardrails that shield your kids from rolling down. The top bed can hold a maximum weight of 200 lb. while the bottom can hold 225 lb. 


  • Installing this bed is quite easy
  • It is strong and sturdy
  • Can withstand a considerable amount of weight
  • It is great for the price


  • It starts to make some squeaky sound after some time
  • Hardware can be improved

Walker Edison Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed

There are few safe bunk beds for toddlers that can be compared to Walker Edison Twin bunk bed. Why is this bed unique? The design is simple, yet attractive to the kids. This bed can be easily configured into two separate beds whenever you want.

It comes with supports slats, thus box spring is not needed. If your children’s room has limited space, this bed will help you maximize it perfectly. It comes with an instruction manual that directs you on how to set it up. For the mattresses, you have to buy them separately.


  • It is worth the price
  • Suitable for kids of all age groups
  • It is quite easy to install
  • It has a unique design


  • Materials are not of high quality

DHP Junior Loft Bed with Ladder

The DHP Junior loft bed is made from awesome metal. The frame is sturdy and it comes with a metal ladder for climbing to the top. Below the bed is a reasonable space for your kids to play. Because the height is short, it is ideal for tender kids. The weight limit for this bed is 200lbs. It has dimensions 50″ x 78″ x 50″ (LxWxH) and a total weight of 58.5 lbs.


  • It is ideal for small rooms
  • It is less expensive
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The design is cool


  • A bit difficult to set up

Camaflexi Panel Style Low Bunk Bed with Side Ladder

This is a twin over twin low bunk bed that has an innovative design. It can be modified to give you a perfect look that matches the room décor. It is made from 100% natural wood from sustainable sources. It comes with side ladder that is wider to offer additional support.

The bed frames are guarded by guardrails to prevent your kids from falling. Although it can accommodate 2 standard twin size mattresses, you will have to buy them separately. The dimensions of this bed are 58″ x 80″ x 46″ (WxDxH).


  • The design is attractive
  • It is made from solid wood material
  • It comes with guardrails to prevent falling
  • Extra-wide ladder for additional supports


  • Putting it together takes some time

KidKraft Little Doll Cool Bunk Bed

KidKraft Lil' Doll Bunk Bed
Price: $33.21
You Save: $26.78 (45%)
Price Disclaimer

When it comes to bed safety for toddlers, the KidKraft Little Doll first strike the mind. This cute little bed has a small ladder that helps toddlers get to the top bunk. It is constructed from composite wood materials with a high-quality finish.

This amazing bed for toddlers is sturdy and looks very attractive to kids. The dimensions of this bed are 20.8″ x 11.6″ x 17.5″ and has a weight 9 pounds. No matter how small the room is, KidKraft little bunk bed can comfortably fit in.


  • it is very portable and compact
  • it is quite easy to assemble
  • requires very little space in the room
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • It is suitable for only toddlers
  • The bedding is too stiff

Discovery World Furniture Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle, Twin Over Full

The discovery World Furniture bed is an amazing bed that is constructed of 100 percent solid wood. All products of Discovery World are tested to meet or exceed ASTM standard. It comes with slat kit which makes it ready to accommodate mattresses.

You don’t have to buy box spring or Bunkie board. You can easily separate the bunks into two distinct beds without causing any damage to the configuration. The dimensions of the bed are 78” x 57” x 66” and a weight of 188 pounds.


  • It doesn’t take much effort to set up
  • It is sturdy and strong
  • Quality of materials used are standard
  • It meets ASTM standard
  • It looks attractive to kids


  • The instruction manual is not too clear

Twin Over Full Mission Bunk Bed

The twin over full mission bunk bed is made of high-quality materials. It has a slat kit which makes it ready to accept mattresses. This bed can be configured into two separate beds – one full and one twin. Bunkie boards are not needed. CSPC and ASTM have rigorously tested the twin over full mission bed. It meets or exceeds all the safety requirement. The dimensions of the bed are 70″ x 30″ x 10″ and has a weight of 83 pounds.


  • It is constructed of high-quality materials
  • It can be separated into two distinct beds
  • It is quite easy to install
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • The instruction manual can be annoying to follow sometimes


Going through this comprehensive list of the best cool and unique bunk beds for kids will guide you in making the right choice. Your kids’ sleep should be a top priority for you and for them to have a wonderful sleep; the bed has a role to play. So carefully go through the list and pick one that matches your taste and budget.

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