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The Basics Of Cactus Feng Shui

  • July 30, 2018

There was once a married couple who loved cacti.  They had cacti all over their living room and there were different sized plants and different types.  All of the cacti were looking very good. The placement of the cacti was in harmony with the overall look of the room and was very subtle.

However, one of the people in the marriage complained that he was itchy, nervous and irritable often without any obvious reason for this.  To make things worse, his partner was also on edge for no reason.  Their living room seemed to be a place of conflict instead of a room for harmony and cooperation.  Understanding the basic principles of Feng Shui could help this couple because their plants were causes an imbalance.

The Cactus Plant

There is no way of knowing why the couple would have placed all of their cacti in the living room, but this is not actually important.  The important thing is that they would need to relocate every cactus plant from their living room.  If this was impossible, the majority of them should be moved.  This is due to the fact that in Feng Shui the cactus is known to bring bad feelings when it is placed in the wrong location. 

What Was The Problem With The Cacti?

Plants will generally bring positive Feng Shui into your home.  However, the cactus is different as it is something specific.  There is no denying that they are nice plants that have a strong protective energy.  In fact, Yin energy is accumulated in cacti because water is stored in the bodies of succulent plants. 

The problem with cacti is their needles.  These are sharp objects that resemble thousands of tiny arrows that shoot directed energy into the space around them.  This is the reason why you have to carefully consider the placement of cacti in accordance with Feng Shui.

Why You Should Not Place Cacti In Your Living Room

When you have a living room with good Feng Shui, it will be a secluded and calm place where you will be comfortable, able to relax and rest.  If you incorporate cacti all over the room, you are being poked constantly by their sharp points.  This is why you should not have cacti in the room unless your living room houses your fame and reputation quadrant. 

What Are The Other Placements Which Are Not Favorable?

There are others areas where you should avoid placing cacti.  This will include close to the entrance to your home or outside of the main doors.  The only time you should consider this is when you have nuisance or difficult neighbors and you want to keep them away.  In all other cases, you will want the area around your entrance to be as free as possible to allow refreshing and new energy to come into the home.

You should also avoid cacti on your office desk.  When you do this, you will be chasing away all of your potential business partners and customers which is generally something that you want to avoid.  There are other tips for Feng Shui for your office desk that you should know about.

Cacti should also be left out of the kitchen as you do not want your food to taste bitter.  When you have cacti in the kitchen, they will emit negative energy during your cooking which needs positive and happy energy.  This negative energy will transfer to your food and will eventually transfer to the people who eat the meals you make.

Your bedroom should also be free of cacti as this is not the best place for them either.  You will want your bedroom to somewhere you can open up in and be intimate with your partner.  You do not want your energy to be pricked in any way while in your bedroom.

Bathrooms are also rooms to avoid as you want to be at peace when you are there.  However, there is an exception to this.  This will be made clear when you look at where you can actually place a cactus in your home.

Where Should You Be Placing A Cactus According To Feng Shui?

If you want to have cacti in your home and good Feng Shui, you need to place the plant in the fame and reputation quadrant of your home.  This is the area of the home that you have dedicated to what and who you are as well as what you bring to the outside world.  In Feng Shui, the fame and reputation quadrant should be fiery and bright with colors such as red, orange and yellow.

When you put your cactus in this area of your home, you will be symbolically protecting both your reputation and your career.  This corner of your home should be directly across as seen from the main entrance. 

The Only Exception

There are some exceptions to the rules when it comes to cacti.  According to experts in Feng Shui, if you have a bathroom in the Northwest part of your home, it will be an exception.  The bathroom should generally be in the North direction.

This is due to the fact that North is water and bathrooms should be there.  However, if the bathroom is in the Northwest or any other direction, a large cactus can be used to alleviate the problem this causes. 

Now, you might be wondering what happened to the couple from the start of the article.  They were reluctant to change anything at first because they did not think that their problems were related to Feng Shui.  However, they eventually rearranged their placement and the peaceful atmosphere in their living room returned.

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