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5 Best Tall Wood Storage Cabinets With Doors 2017

white wood storage cabinet with doors and shelves

As much as new furniture materials are being introduced to the market, wooden cabinets are still a popular choice for many households. The need for extra storage space has made the tall wood storage cabinet with doors and shelves a popular choice.

One of the immediate benefits of a wooden storage cabinet is the décor options it offers. You can choose a wood tone that is perfect for your house and blends in with other furniture.

Tall cabinets are also a good choice if you have more things to store. The shelves can accommodate bigger items and will keep the place more organized.

I came upon this problem when I started running out of storage space. Previously, I used a drawer cabinet storage but it was only good for storing smaller items. Being able to store small items was not good enough for me, I use stackable boxes a lot and the cabinet was no good.

A storage cabinet with shelves would make more sense. Another concern that popped up was the cubic space; the drawer cabinet had more storage space and I needed to compensate. A taller (and perhaps wider) wooden cabinet would be needed for my case of insufficient storage space. Thus, the tall cabinet with shelves and doors was a perfect fit for me.

Top Wood Storage Cabinets With Doors 2017

Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet

white elite cabinet with shelves


This 2-door cabinet is excellent to store your items in the utility room, office, kitchen, garage, or even bedroom, which makes it quite versatile tall wood storage cabinet with doors. It is made of laminated composite wood and white melamine doors, and it comes with a pair of adjustable shelves as well as with one fixed shelf.

The Elite Storage Cabinet is 65 inches high comes with metal handles on doors and soft-edged corners for extra safety, which is great if you have children. It is relatively deeper than most of the standard cabinets, and it’s quite roomy, so you can store all the suitable things and save a lot of space. The assembly is straightforward and not complicated at all, so you don’t need plenty of time to set it up, it will take you around 45 minutes to get it done.


    It comes with 5-year warranty

    A quite sturdy cabinet

    Easy to assemble

    Excellent utility cabinet, suitable for any room in your home

    The topper cabinet included


    Flimsy nails

    It may come with strong paint odor

Target Marketing Systems Tall Storage Cabinet

black target storage system


This cabinet is among the best tall wood storage cabinets with doors, and it’s perfect for laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen, excellent for storing extra towels or kitchen items such as plates and cutlery. It measures 23″ X 12″ X 48″ and weighs 46 Lbs. and it’s made of high-quality wood. The cabinet is relatively easy to maintain and clean, and it comes with a pair of doors and a smaller compartment on the bottom.

A quite durable and sturdy, this cabinet is easy to put together even though it comes with plenty of screws, it will take you not more than 90 minutes to assemble it. It’s perfect for organizing items thanks to its simple yet effective design. Although it can be a bit taller, you can put it on a platform to get the desired height.


    Perfect fit for studio apartment and other areas of the house including kitchen and bathroom

    Not complicated to assemble

    Relatively affordable price

    Simple and nice-looking design

    The red-colored one is particularly pleasing to an eye


    No magnets on doors

    Instructions aren’t very detailed and not helpful

SystemBuild Kendall 16″ Storage Cabinet

kendall white 16 inch cabinet


What makes this storage cabinet quite attractive is its width, which is narrow so it would fit smaller and tighter spaces such as laundry room or kitchen. It comes with three adjustable and one fixed shelf, so you can customize your storage as you wish. The ArmorCoat surface protection is an excellent feature because it will protect this tall wood storage cabinet with doors from water, scratches, and stains.

The quality is more than acceptable, only the back of the cabinet is cardboard, which is a bit of a downside. However, the shelves are very sturdy and are designed to withstand a lot of weight, which is great for various items such as heavy food jars and cans. That is extremely helpful if you have a smaller kitchen and you need space to store your food, but it also comes handy in the bathroom where you can put towels and other stuff in it.


    Spacious and good size

    A quite affordable price

    Not hard to assemble

    Excellent fit for kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom

    The white color brightens up the room

    Adjustable shelves


    The back of the cabinet is not very sturdy

    Cabinet can wobble due to lack of support

Sauder Double Door Storage Cabinet

brown homeplus cabinet with double doors


If you are on the hunt for a large, spacious cabinet, this model is one of the best wood cabinets with doors, thanks to its double-deep storage area, where you can put a lot of items. Furthermore, the adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf are behind each door, while it is made of Dakota oak, which is a quite quality material.

It is a relatively heavy cabinet and will take some time to assemble it, so it would be great if you have somebody to help you with it or it may take up to four hours to get it done by yourself. Although it is a big cabinet, it will fit perfectly in the kitchen if you need space for a pantry, and thanks to its adjustable shelves, you can customize it however you like.

Although the material looks very nice, it will scratch easily, but if you use the furniture crayon, the scratches will be covered in no time, so you don’t have to worry when that happens.


    Detailed and illustrated step by step instructions

    Excellent value for the money

    Large and great to store various items

    It comes with Dakota oak finish

    Pretty and functional storage cabinet


    It scratches fairly easily

    It’s a bit tricky to assemble because of numerous screws and tiny parts

Sauder Cannery Bridge Storage Cabinet

sauder beige tall cabinet


This stylish piece of furniture is truly the great piece mostly thanks to its Lintel Oak finish. The hidden storage behind the doors is a remarkable feature, while six adjustable shelves will provide you enough space for customizing your items. Its dimensions are 77.1 x 17.4 x 5.2 inches, and it weighs 97 pounds, while the assembly is pretty straightforward, so there are no bigger problems when setting this beauty.

The Sauder Cannery Bridge can also find the place in your bedroom because of its beautiful looks, but it is most efficient in the kitchen as it can store plenty of food and appliances. The instructions are rather easy to read and very detailed, which makes it easy to assemble, even for the novice users. Sturdiness and the color are other great features, and unlike with similar products that can come slightly in different color upon purchase, this one is 100% correct.


    Beautiful color and high-quality material

    Detailed and quite helpful instructions

    Versatile cabinet, suitable for kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom

    It comes with adjustable shelves

    Sturdy and provides great storage space


    The back is made of cardboard, which is not very durable

    A rather expensive cabinet

Who is tall wood storage cabinet with doors and shelves for?

retro storage cabinet with doors

The tall shelved wooden cabinet with doors is perfect for people with a lot of irregular stuff to store. Any item that is larger than a standard shoe box will fit in a shelved cabinet.

If you have difficulty storing large items, then go and get one of these hot cakes. However, you should know that there will be more cubic space wasted than a drawer cabinet.

Storing irregularly shaped items will result in unused cubic “air” space and that will be the same case if you store smaller items that should ideally be in a drawer. Have a system to store things in your shelved cabinet such as stackable boxes for optimum use of space.

Shelved storage cabinet characteristics

tall narrow cabinet with doors and drawers

Most tall cabinets will have a height of about five feet or 150 cm. The width is usually about 30 cm and has the same depth in most cases. A depth of 30 cm is ideal for narrow storage cabinets because of the distance to the wall.

As for wider cabinets with bigger doors, the depth can even reach 40 cm. The width varies from 30 cm for narrow storage cabinets to 75 cm for tall and wide storage cabinets with doors.

With these dimensions, you can choose the type of tall cabinet you want. Ideally, this is one with enough space for your stuff after considering width and depth. There are also some cabinets that come with adjustable shelves which are a good idea if your storage needs are ever changing.

As for décor, you can choose from an array of finishes such as different paints, veneers, and laminates. There are also hand carved wooden storage cabinets if you want a more decorative style.

Even the tones of the wood range from light tones to darker ones that are leaning towards ebony. You can also get them in hardwood variety. And not forgetting the affordable pricing of most wooden storage cabinets.


The tall wood storage cabinet with doors and shelves is an elusive type of furniture on the Internet. Foraging for information on this type of storage cabinet is tedious but very rewarding at the end.

Some of the hardest information to find is the dimensions of the tall wood storage cabinet. This is mainly because of the varying sizes such as the tall and narrow cabinets that most people are used to.

Luckily, you are not limited to these low storage options as there are wider and deeper wooden cabinets.

Another tip when choosing a tall wooden storage cabinet is to take the future into consideration. When I was buying a wooden cabinet, I had a feeling in my gut that one day space won’t be enough. This led me to buy one with adjustable shelves that I could raise or lower according to the need.

Sure enough, I found that I needed to store smaller boxes in the cabinet and having fixed shelves would waste the cubic space. Lowering the upper shelves and would free up a lot of space for storing my stuff on the upper shelves.

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