Star Shower Laser Lights: 2017 Review of Motion Lights Projector

Star Shower Laser Lights: 2017 Review of Motion Lights Projector

star shower laser lights package

Are you a decorative individual who likes colorful outdoor events and creative interior decorating?

Are you tired of string lights and the tedious process of setting up?

The Star Shower Laser Light is just what you need to bring creativity into your home.

Bring the starry night into your living room or garden and enjoy a dreamy experience with you and your loved ones.

Star Shower Laser Lights Review?

Here is a short video overview of our product:

This is an innovation that revolutionizes decorative lighting.

It is a laser operated lighting device that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Think Christmas lighting, but without the annoying wires and breakable bulbs.

This device showers your home and garden with thousands of starry lights that can dance around the room or freeze in beautiful dazzles. They consist of red and green holographic stars that are weather proof.

star shower laser projector

Product Description

  • The Star Laser Light Shower is easy to use. It comes with an 8-inch outdoor stake that is connected to the ground for outdoor lighting and a 6.25-inch indoor base for indoor lighting.
  • It automatically turns on at night and off during the day.
  • It comes in two color sets, red and green and you can rotate both colors or only turn on green.
  • The package comes with the light, stake and base.
  • The laser light covers approximately 3,000 sq. feet.
  • Product dimensions are: 4.7x7.5x10.5 inches.
  • The product is weather resistant and can withstand low temperatures of up to -35 degrees Celsius and high temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius.

These amazing lights can be used by anyone especially during the festive seasons like Christmas or Thanksgiving. String lights can be quite a handful; from installation to storage and care. The Star Laser Light Shower comes in handy because it is laser operated so no tangling wires and breaking bulbs. Storage is also easy with no damage whatsoever.

Customer Reviews

Users have given Star Laser Light Shower five-star reviews based on their experiences. It has saved them the time and cost of installing string lights and that is the biggest win. It gives hoses in dark areas amazing illumination and children compare it to a fairy-like feel. The fact that it can light up trees and bushes is an added advantage and is considered the best buy for use during outdoor events.

However, like any other product, the Star Light Laser Shower had some negative reviews. Users complained that:

  • There are not a variety of lights as they would have liked. The only available colors are red and green.
  • Lights are not as many as advertised. Users had to buy two sets to get the coverage they desired.
  • Some lights stop working within a week. For some users, the red light stopped working, while for others, the green set stopped working.

When it comes to functionality, however, the lights serve their purpose. Their easy installation and scope of display has given it popularity among users. Having the stars magically rotate is particularly a fan favorite.

Pros and cons

The product has desirable attributes that help serve their purpose and undesirable qualities that users would like to see tackled.


· It is easy to set up and the set-up itself does not take much time.

· The stars projected shine bright

· It is a beautiful and fun way to decorate your home for the festive season

· It is energy efficient.

· It is weather resistant

· It is great for both indoor and outdoor display.


· The lights come in only two colors; red and green

· The stake provided is not very strong and can break quite easily when it is placed in the ground.

· The device can easily be stolen

General overview

The Star Laser Shower Light sounds like a good investment for the festive season and for events. The rotating stars are a creative idea to effectively use the light for a magical feel. The fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors is an added plus, considering most string lights work in the house or on the building of the home. The laser lights can be illuminated on trees and bushes and this is particularly attractive.

Installation is not time consuming, compared to string light installation. All you need to do is plug it to an AC and voila! Enjoy the dazzling beauty of the laser lights.

I have dug up some interesting points to note as we use these lights just to ensure safety and effective functionality.

I. This is a laser product. Laser is not good for the eyes. Never stare directly at the laser lens for a long period of time.

II. The longer the distance of the projector from your house, the less bright the stars are so I would suggest setting up the projector close to your house for full brightness. This applies to any projection you want the lights to illuminate, for example, trees and bushes.

III. Consider pointing your laser lens as far away from the sky as possible if you live within 10 nautical miles of an airport.

IV. The product covers a distance of 3,000 sq. feet. If your house is bigger than this, then consider getting a set of two.

V. If you are outdoor and using an extension cord, use one that is weather proof. Extension cords are not designed to be used in water so you will need to consider this before placing one outside to connect your device.

VI. Theft is normal, especially if your yard or garden is exposed. To avoid your laser shower device being stolen, take it down at night before going to bed if it is not in use and return it the next day. After all, the set-up is very easy and no hassle will be involved.

VII. The laser star lights project on any surface. Do not limit your area of display to the house only. Project it on trees and flower bushes as well and experience the beauty of this diversity.

We hope this review helps you decide if Motion Lights Projector is worth your time. 

star shower in action

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