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How To Clean Rusty Garden Tools: 2017 Efficient Guide

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A beautiful garden can enhance the beauty of your home exterior. To make your garden beautiful, you will have to maintain it properly. For the maintenance, you will need different types of the tools. Like the maintenance of the garden, you also need to take care of the garden tools for the durable result.

Do you want to know how to clean rusty garden tools and how to remove rust from garden tools?

It is easy.

You just need to know how and when to do it.

Most Important Thing To Remember

We normally forget to clean the garden tools after every use. When you take it for the reuse after a period of time, you notice rust on it and rusted tools cannot help you in any way to maintain your garden.

Hence, it is always important to clean the tools after the use to prevent the rust. Prevention is always better than the cure. You need to clean your garden tools with the brush, soap, and water after use. If you fail to do so, then you might notice rust after a couple of days.

How to maintain garden tools:

  • clean your tools after every use
  • make sure that you are removing all sticky residues
  • once these are cleaned properly, you can dry them and then rub down with the mineral oil
  • while storing, always hang these tools in a dry airy condition
  • if you keep these tools in the bucket or on the ground, then you will notice dirt and rust after a period of time

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But what if you just simply forget to do so?

Well, read on...

How to clean rusty garden tools - very simple methods

Vinegar is widely used to clean rusted garden tools.

The process will be simple. You just need to soak your garden tools in the combination of similar quantity of vinegar and water overnight.

In the morning, you can clean the tools with a steel brush. You need to rub the rust off in the circular motion until it is completely gone. Once it is cleaned, then you can use the soapy water to get back the original glow. Rinse your tools and then dry them properly. Finally, you can rub these tools with mineral oil.

You can also use strong black tea to remove rust from garden tools.

First, you need to soak the tools in the tea and then use a brush to clean the rust. You can use salt and lemon juice to clean rusts from garden tools as well.

You will have to prepare a solution of one part salt, one part water, and one part lemon juice. Mix them properly and then spray this solution on tools and leave it for a few minutes, then you can rub them with a steel brush. Once it is cleaned, rinse the tools and dry them properly.

It is always important to dry the tools perfectly to avoid the appearance of the rust. If you will not dry the tools after cleaning, then the rust will appear in no time.

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More tips here:

These simple methods are proven to work. Just follow them to get the best results.

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