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Choosing The Best Round Dining Table For Seating Six People

round glass dining table for six people

Dining tables have evolved from bulky wooden tables to more stylistic tables with different materials uses as the top or frame and finishing.

A good example is the round dining table which is popular for medium sized households. The round dining table for 6 is a popular choice for those who are considering a round table design.

Here, we focus on the best dining table. It is suitable if you have less space to work with. Apart from this, it is also good for households with children because they lack sharp edges which can hurt them when playing.

Recently, I started considering the round dining table. It captured my attention because of the space that it would free up in my dining room. I previously had a wooden square table but the chairs wouldn’t back up all the way. The major reason for wanting it out.

The glass top round table also seemed a good idea to me because I had already started changing my décor. Having moved to glass furniture and décor, the glass table would blend right in. It also adds a modern touch to the house because of the metal legs and frame.

So what is the best place to buy this furniture?

I have found my dining table on Amazon:

Who is round glass dining table for?

rectangular glass dining table

Rectangular table – not so perfect for family meetings

A round dining table is a good option if you are looking to save some space in your dining room.

It can also work great for a rectangular dining room. With a square table, some people are closer to the wall than others if the room is rectangular. This might make conversation a bit complicated across the table as those closer to the wall might be uncomfortable.

If conversation is common around the dining table and is kind of a family bonding session, then it will be perfect for you. The center of the table is also equidistant from all sides therefore reaching for things across the table won’t be a problem. It also offers more space if you like working on the table or for playing games such as puzzles with the kids or board games.

Glass Dining Table Guide

As for diameter, the seating space you require will work as a guideline. Round dining tables come in different sizes but the most important is the diameter. It should be in such a way that there is enough walking space as well as seating space.

The room should not feel cramped. In this case, we want a round table which can fit 6 people. A diameter of 44” to 54” will be enough for a maximum of 6 people and a minimum of four.

wooden glass table for 6

If you anticipate more people, you can consider up to 72” diameter for 6 to 8 seats. Basically, if you go for anything close to 60” diameter, your room should be 13’ by 13’ to accommodate the seating and walking space.

You can choose from an array of designs for round glass-top dining tables. You can choose between metal, wood or modern and chrome for your table. There also are different types such as the pedestal table and regular four leg tables.

The same applies for round tables as it does for other table shapes. To get the best size, you have to measure the room. A good tactic is to use masking tape. Measure the required diameter and tape it to the floor.

After doing so, you should allocate space for the seats and also mark these areas. Walk around the plan and see if the space will be sufficient without making the room too cramped. Also consider the shape of the room as you don’t want some seats to be too close to the wall.

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To find information about this type of table, I had to go to the depths of the Internet including forums and discussions.

Typically, this is not a table with enough useful information. For example, if you have concerns about the table’s stability, you should choose the familiar four legs as opposed to the pedestal table.

Also, if you have a very small dining area, you can get a smaller diameter round glass dining table which has flaps that can be folded out to make an oval shape for more space. This can be ideal particularly if your round glass dining table for 6 cannot accommodate extra guests. It is also practical for holidays when there are more people around the house.

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