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Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches In Car: 2019 Guide

roach infested car

​Is your car infested with roaches?

Well, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t, would you?​

Read on and get rid of roaches in your car fast!​

A large chunk of our efforts is usually spent fighting roaches in our homes, restaurants and hotels. While we do this, some of these deadly pests take a ride in our cars, while feeding on our food drops, magazines and car mats.

Hosting pests in your automobile makes it easily possible for them to spread in areas you visit. This makes it a priority to equally engage your efforts in eliminating roaches out of your car.

How to get rid of roaches in your car fast?

If you are in the hurry and simply want to quick solution for your problem with roach infested car, here are the best ways:

The following are some of the top rated products for killing roaches in car in 2019:

advion syngenta cockroach gel bait

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait 1 box (4 tubes) – the pesticide contains indoxacarb as its active ingredient which eliminates roaches even in cases of extreme infestation. It is mainly applied in crevices and hidden habitats.



1. It is generally safe to people and pets

2. It is non-repellent making it highly effective

3. Suitable for all roach species


1. It’s potent nature makes it potentially dangerous if not handles carefully

2. The cost remains relatively high for a bait category of pesticide

combat small roach killer bait

Combat Max Defense System Brand, Small Roach Killing Bait and Gel, 12 Count – The bait is conveniently placed in roach nests inside your car. It has a food smell that attracts roaches making them feast on it hungrily. The active ingredient (fipronil) kills roaches within a few hours.



1. It is highly effective

2. It does not need monitoring

3. It already exists in small units making it easy to place.


1. It is dangerous to children and pets

2. The attractive smell may lure dogs or domestic birds.

harris roach killer spray yellow

Harris Roach Killer – this is used as a fast solution to a roach infestation. It is best used in crevices and hidden areas.



1. Does not produce poisonous vapor or odor

2. It can be easily spread making it effective

3. There are no stains left after spraying.


1. Spraying may interfere with normal breathing

Pesticide Precautions

Inevitably, one may find him/herself requiring a pesticide to completely eliminate roaches. Pesticides provide a sure and quick way of dealing with the roach menace. Conversely, some household pesticides have their dangers, especially to pets or children.

Highly toxic pesticides can be lethal if ingested. It is, therefore, important to consider the safety of your children and/or pets whenever choosing a pesticide.

Most pesticides give information on how poisonous the product is.

A NO SIGNAL packaging would mean the content is relatively safe. CAUTION sign means the content has a low or moderate effect if mishandled. POISON or DANGEROUS POISON means the content could be lethal and possibly cause death in the event of being ingested or entering the body.

While choosing which pesticide to use, you should bear in mind the following types:

Surface Sprays – They are mostly used as preventive cockroach killers. Surface sprays have synthetic pyrethroids which affect their nervous system leading to paralysis and eventual death. Others affect their growth hence inhibiting their life cycle.

Baits and traps – Also provide long-term control but are more effective if used together with a spray. They also affect the nervous system causing dehydration followed by death. There are three types of baits in the market today namely bait stations, granular baits and gel baits.

Knockdown sprays – They are normally used for their quick results. They kill

individual roaches. Knockdown sprays do not offer a complete solution as some roaches don’t die.

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Roach infested car facts

Cockroach’s preferred natural habitat makes it one of the dirtiest and most dangerous pests around human being. Most roaches are known to cause diseases or harbor disease-causing germ.

  • The following are some dangers carried by cockroaches residing in your car.

1. They crawl through dirty environment then walk into our packed food in the car. As a result, they defecate on it leaving hair, dead skin and empty egg shells. There is a high risk of contaminating your food with bacteria and germs at this point.

2. By-products from roaches are known to contain allergens. These are allergic causing agents which may be harmful especially to unsuspecting children.

3. In some instances, these allergens may cause asthma, posing a danger to an already asthmatic person. Cockroach allergy can be severe and even life-


4. In cases of food poisoning, areas infested by roached stand a high risk of accelerated new incidents. Roaches are known to carry bacterium salmonella which causes typhoid.

5. In rare occasions, some roaches are known to get into people’s noses and ears especially in a deep sleep.

6. Some roaches are also known to bite human beings as they sleep.

Due to the dangers posed by cockroaches to you or your children in your car, it is important to know how to choose the best roach killers in the market.

That means understanding them in order to effectively win against them. To ensure such a success, one needs to understand the following about these pests.

1. How they come in – Roaches can easily find their way into your car through a number of ways: from your garage, picnic areas, other cars, parking area, dirty luggage and books or food from your house.

2. Ideal environment – Your warm car mat, engine area and bonnet, worn out seats, old magazine and books as well as the dashboard area provide a conducive environment for hibernation and mating.

3. Reproduction and Multiplication – Roaches reproduce very quickly. In a few months, your car can be harboring hundreds if not thousands of them. With enough food and shelter, females are capable of laying eggs rapidly.

4. Hibernation – Most roaches are naturally nocturnal. They sleep during the day and mate as they feed in the dark. This makes them extremely evasive. Visible cockroaches during the day is a sign of high if not severe infestation.

5. Low information – Cockroaches have specialized survival mechanisms that involve good hiding techniques, egg protection and speed of movement. Without proper information, your attempts to eliminate them would be less effective. This requires the right material, pesticide and tools to eliminate them.


  • In some instances, roaches may infest your car beyond your control. However, it is always important to ensure you don’t provide the right conditions for these roaches to hide and breed. This can be achieved by ensuring that:
  • Your car is always at its cleanest conditions. Make the car as bare as possible to eliminate the warmth and crevices used for hiding.
  • Regularly remove the carpet and vacuum the car. This is best done by a hand car wash. This is to ensure their flexible tools can reach the tight corners of the car.
  • ​Ensure that everyone carries their luggage from the car always. This is to keep away books and other clothing materials that could provide a source of nutrients for cockroaches.
  • Avoid eating or serving food inside the car as these potentially keeps cockroaches in your car well served. You can barely control food crumbs from falling off making it possible for roaches to find food. Therefore a no eating in the car’ rule would be the most effective.
  • ​Ensure that any water in the car is not left open. Roaches can easily survive at minimum food and lots of water. Likewise, always ensure your mats and carpets are completely dried at the car wash.
  • The dampness would form a good habitat for roaches. Block off all spaces that may provide an entry point for these creatures.

Cockroaches facts

Cockroaches, popularly known as roaches are some of the most repulsive household pests known. Any sight of these nuisance creatures equals being branded a dirty person. Scientifically, they are identified with different names. Periplaneta americana (American Cockroach) and Eurycotis floridana (Florida woods cockroach) are the two most common American roaches known. Others include the oriental cockroach, Pennsylvania woods cockroach and brown-banded cockroach, all found in America.

Their preferred habitat are dark, squeezed, warm and moist areas inside the houses, restaurants hotels and even cars. Some of them also prefer sewers and decaying areas like basements or garage. In most cases, roaches will feed on anything including plants.

However, some species prefer eating starchy, sweet and floury food. Others also enjoy eating organic matter, garbage, book bindings and even non-organic matter like nylon stockings or mats. As a result, leaving food crumbs on the mat of your car or house provides a delicious source of food and shelter.

Roaches are naturally nocturnal creatures preferring to sleep during the day and wake up at night. It is in the silence of the night that they mate as they forage for food. Most roaches are social, preferring to live together in groups.

Primarily, they communicate through a chemical compound called pheromone found in their droppings. The resulting odor attracts roaches together in eating or sleeping area. Generally, roaches are known to survive on little water and without food for months.

That is why they are able to easily hibernate during winter. During this time and in autumn, there is minimal development. Ironically, roaches would only survive for only a week without water. This makes water very essential part of their survival.

While average roach size is less than 5 cm, some species grow as long as 7 cm and 8 cm long with a weight of up to 30 grams. Most roaches lay eggs that take a few hours to hatch. It takes about four months for the egg to develop into an adult. In some cases, some roaches give live births. A healthy cockroach will live for one year.

During favorable conditions, a female will produce between 300 to 400 other roaches. One interesting roach phenomenon is that some females only need to be impregnated once to lay eggs for their lifetime.



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