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Recliner Reviews 2018: Best Recliner Chair To Buy Now

man sits comfortably on power recliner chair

We all work incredibly hard nowadays, so when you do finally get the chance to come home and relax you deserve to do so in comfort and style.

A recliner chair is a throne, and it’s the gravity defying cloud that lets you drift into the realms of blissful rest.

You owe it to yourself to make sure you have the perfect chair for the job. Whether you’re looking for something to just take a load off or you need something that soothes and helps you recuperate aches and pains, we’ve put together a list of the best reclining chairs on the market and where to buy them.

7 Best Recliners Reviews of 2018

Recliner Genius Massage Chair – top ergonomic recliner chair reviews

black ergonomic recliner chair with massage


We’ll start off the list as we mean to go on, with the most luxurious and comforting experience available. The Recliner Genius Leather Massage Chair ticks every possible box on the list and means you can sink into a dreamlike state of comfort.

The ergonomic design allows for perfect positioning. The 360-degree swivel means it can take pride of place at any point in the home and the heated seats deliver a premium pampering experience.

The luxurious brown leather is both stylish and hard wearing. The feature that really lets it stand head and shoulders above the competition though is the 8 point massage function.

Not only can you put your feet up and lay back into serious serenity, but you can also kick on the massage and close your eyes as the chair goes to work kneading out those aches and pains. You’ll feel like a Roman god with an army of hand servants waiting on your every whim.

Did we mention it also has cup holders, meaning once you’re settled you don’t have to move? There’s also a rocking function to gently cradle you into sleep. This is a chair that provides next-level luxury for an incredibly affordable price. 


  • Great ergonomic design
  • 8 point massage function will give your beck, lumber, and legs the right relaxation
  • Adjustable for the armrest
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Durable and steady, made for intensive use
  • The best leather will provide the finest comfort


  • Leg rest can break down after a while
  • Too small for a bigger man (not recommended for people over 6’5’’ and 240 lbs)

La Z Boy Recliner Reviews – great outdoor chair

green patio recliner chair


Sometimes it’s not just in the lounge or the living room where we want to sit comfortably. This chair is perfect for a conservatory, outhouse, patio or outdoor environment.

The resin wicker means it can handle the weathering of slightly harsher conditions and won’t let you down anytime soon. It is stain resistant, rust proof, and color fade proof.

Available in a selection of color schemes the simple and stylish design should fit in well with any location you choose to set up this pew. Whether sitting back and enjoying a beer on the porch or chilling out poolside, this chair provides just as much cushioning as an indoor chair whilst having the strength, capacity, and versatility to take you outside the usual comfort zones and explore new realms of relaxation.

What this chair offers is freedom in placement and means you can think a little outside the box when you’re designing your relaxation station.


  • All-weather chair – because of quick-drying cushions which are covered with polyester for a more comfortable feeling
  • Frame is made from steel
  • Special recliner system which offers you three different positions
  • Solid production and durable


  • Quite uncomfortable, maybe it is too tough made
  • It has a little padding in the seat cushion. It should be thicker

Catnapper Recliner Reviews – Gibson Lay Flat

woman on catnapper gibson berry


When simply stretching out and resting isn’t enough, you need a Catnapper chair. You can quickly and easily go from sitting reclined to laying flat if the mood takes you or when it’s necessary to catch some Z’s.

Not only does this chair function as the perfect portal to the dream dimension, but it’s also a somewhat social and friendly thing to have in the house and can perfectly work as a guest bed of sorts.

The Catnapper Gibson is made from smooth suede providing a soft and welcoming surface, and it’s perfect for those moments when you want to spend longer in the chair than just a couple of hours. If you’ve ever woken up on leather after an accidental nap you’ll know how sweaty it can be, so suede is an incredibly welcome variant.

This chair is sturdy, well put together and surprisingly light for what it is. It’s beautiful and wide and is a firm fixture in any room you choose to deploy it in.

While the company’s tagline is “designed for comfort, built to last” there are a few customer complaints that the chairs deteriorate a little quicker than expected. This could be due to frequent everyday use or not treating or looking after the materials, but it’s something to bear in mind.


  • Double function recliner – you can choose between a lay flat recliner or a swivel glider
  • Available in four different colors – berry, walnut, sage and mocha
  • Wider seat area and the seat box is made from steel
  • Micro-Denier suede will give you extra comfort


  • Not so durable like manufacturer said
  • A bit pricey

Perfect Chair – Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews

zero gravity leather recliner walnut finish


When they call this the perfect chair, they’re not lying. It looks like something out of Star Trek; it’s beautifully designed and almost impossibly functional. It requires no levers to go from sitting upright, to recline, to lay back. The ingenious and ergonomic design is truly a feat of engineering.

The control rests neatly into the chair design itself and is easily accessible. The twin motors provide a smooth and elegant range of comfort and control. It has several safety features such as a backup battery that returns the chair to an upright position in case of a power outage.

When this chair says it allows the user to experience zero gravity, it really means it, it’s the closest you can get to feeling like you’re floating effortlessly unassisted through water or space, which also allows your feet to be above your head and improve circulation and blood flow.

The design and incredible attention to detail means the chair is perfect in aiding with recovery from an injury or for looking after existing ailments. This is perfection in the form of a chair and worth every single penny.

The only real drawback is that due to the chair’s design it has to be placed quite far away from the wall in order to properly utilize the reclining function, something to think about if you’re trying to save space.


  • Built-in control panel – offers you to store two different memory settings
  • Excellent range of recliner’s motion so now you can put your legs above the heart to improve your blood flow
  • Helpful with deep breathing and an excellent aid for the post surgery convalescents
  • Battery back-up so you don’t have to worry about a power outage – this feature will restore the chair to an upright position
  • Dual motors – you can adjust back, and leg rest independently


  • No real issues with this product, but it is not for low budget buyers
  • Tested to 285 lbs

Classic Traditional Bonded – Leather Recliner Reviews

brown 2 seater leather recliner


Some people like to take their me time on their own, but if you have someone in your life to snuggle up with this is the love seat for you. This double recliner means you won’t have to fight over who gets the best seat in the house. It’s a wonderfully well put together and affordable option that falls somewhere between sofa and chair.

The leather is easily looked after, and the sofa is sturdy and well lasting. It’s incredibly firm and will take care of your posture, which also means it won’t degrade or develop rust over time.

The chair is cleverly designed and the recline function moves forward before back meaning you don’t have to keep the seat super far away from the wall in order to use the reclining function to its full extent.

All in all, this is a fantastic and cozy two-person recliner. The chair comes in both two person and three person variants, however, the three person sofa still only has two reclining chairs so if you want to keep it a squabble-free loveseat, we recommend the two person design.


  • Available as a one, two and three seater set
  • No sweat and skin sticking – soft leather and a matte finish will give you extra comfort
  • Nice reclining mechanism for a sleep position
  • Good quality for a price
  • Easy assembly


    Cheaply made

    Not durable – some parts can break down if you use it consistently

Relaxonchair Redesigned Massage Heating Chocolate – Power Recliner Reviews

chocolate power recliner with massage


The first thing you might notice about this chair is that it looks like you’re strapping yourself into a robotic suit. Every limb and extremity are encased in plush material and secured into place.

This may seem counter-intuitive to relaxation, but we assure you it’s not. This is another one of those space age chairs that rockets you straight into the new century of comfort and relaxation.

With the heated seats and air conditioning too you can be sure of cool regulated temperature. The comfortable material means you’re not going to want to leave anytime soon, but it’s the full body massage that’s going to send you into another plane of Zen, it’s not just about feeling nice though, this chair is clinically tested and does a genuine job.

It can soothe your aches and pains, and look after your joints after a stressful day’s work whilst simultaneously improve circulation and blood flow.

Unfortunately, the price tag matches the chairs premium design and quality it’s definitely at the upper end of the market, but you do get what you pay for and it’s well worth the investment.


  • Multi-function massage chair
  • Good quality made
  • Remote controller for an easy use
  • Zero gravity – puts your feet on the same level  as your heart to provide better relax
  • Full body massage and stretching
  • Special heaters for a lower back


  • The chair is wider than a typical household doors, so the main problem is to slip it in your room
  • A bit pricey, but you will get a great relaxing and massage chair for your money

HomCom Leather Massage Recliner

brown leather rocking recliner with heating


Offering many of the same mod cons as the higher end models, this is an economic, ergonomic chair that won’t break the bank. Beautifully and simply designed for comfort and ease of use it capitalizes on the finest all of the mod cons.

Offered in a range of different colors it will fit in with any decor and the simple to use targeted massage programs and heated cushioning ensure it will always be an absolute treat to sit back and take a load off.

The smart stand allows the chair to rock and also to spin 360 degrees, which means you can position it for versatility in any spot you choose. It has cup holders limiting the need to leave for any reason and the remote is well designed and easy to use.

It’s relatively compact compared to other models and will fit into your lounge with ease. The utility and versatility of the chair is what puts it in our top picks, however other customers have complained that it can’t stand up to frequent everyday use and begins to creak or deteriorate, whilst we didn’t notice this ourselves it is something to be aware of if you’re looking to buy the chair.


  • Five different massaging functions
  • Focal areas for a better massage
  • 360-degree rotation
  • High and low speed
  • Special heaters if you feel cold
  • Very cushy and soft


  • The company doesn’t offer return shipping cost details
  • Electrical components can corrupt after the intensive using
  • Some users say it seems like you are leaning forward all the time


Whether looking for comfort, massage, style or sleek simplicity the range of recliner chairs offered has never been better. When looking for the right chair, it’s important to think about which functions, specifications and mod cons are most important to you.

Are you looking for something for comfort alone, or a chair that will improve your health and ease those aches and pains with scientific levels of massage and posture support? What size chair do you have room for? Where is the chair going to live? What are you looking to spend? Use these chairs as a launch pad and have a browse for yourself.

These are some of what we believe to be the finest chairs on the market. They are beautifully designed to provide relaxation on a scale you’ve only ever dreamed of. With chairs this comfy you can dream a little bigger, probably whilst snoozing, fully reclined, in any room of the house you choose.

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