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7 Best Raised Garden Bed Kits To Buy Now

wooden elevated garden bed

Many gardeners have raised garden beds as their favourite gardening choice. The reason is not far-fetched: such gardens help save yard space and are more productive than the conventional gardens that are sown in the ground. What is more, you have less weeding to do since the plants have the opportunity to grow close together and conserve space, giving little room for weed to grow. Also if you are into this topic you can find the best greenhouse for your budget here.

If you are a skilled gardener, you can easily build one with a DIY guideline with just a hammer and some other carpentry tools. However, the DIY is not the preferred choice for many people for a couple of reasons. If you don’t want to follow the DIY route you can get someone else do the hard work while you purchase your favourite elevated garden beds online from reputable online stores.

Best Raised Garden Bed Kit 2019 Reviews

If purchasing it online is your choice, that’s cool. There is a clause: there are tons of such beds on the online market space from different manufacturers claiming to have the best garden kits. This makes it difficult for some people to make the right decision when shopping for such beds online. As a result, some have lost their hard-earned money through the purchase of sub-standard garden bed kits that has nothing to offer them than disappointment and sheer waste of money. In order to spare yourself such mistake and the attendant heartache, I will lend you a helping hand by giving you the list and reviews of the top elevated garden beds you can buy online in 2019.

Infinite Cedar Raised Garden Bed

elevated cedar wood garden kitCHECK AMAZON PRICE

The infinite cedar garden bed comes in 2 different sizes to give potential buyers options to choose from. The garden bed is manufactured by using the Western Red Cedar wood that is known for its long lifespan. Without any carpentry tool, you can assemble the bed in a couple of minutes, making it the preferred choice of many farmers who have little or no time to spend assembling a complex garden bed.

The bed, one of the best cedar raised garden beds, is also durable and has rot-resistance ability. It is made of material with an enviable and second-to-none in quality. You can also benefit from superior strength that makes it a dependable garden bed for home use. Without nails or screws, you have nothing to worry about the possibility of deteriorating through rusting parts.

Generally, the bed is easy-to-use, stable, long-lasting, and lightweight. With no chemical treatment, but all natural, this raised garden bed is a bargain.


· Easy to assemble.

· Long lifespan.

· No rusting parts.

· Affordable.

· Superior strength.


· Thin wood.

· Small corners.

· Budging ends.

Cedar Craft Raised Garden Bed

cedarcraft elevated garden bed overviewCHECK AMAZON PRICE

The CedarCraft raised garden bed kits is a beautiful garden bed that can be used anywhere. With this bed, you can expand your raised garden bed as you want due to its multiple expansion options.

If your gardening plan includes planting highly productive plants, this raised garden bed kit offers the perfect environment for growing them. So, growing your favorite deep root veggies, flowers, herbs, and tomatoes will be fun and hitch-free if you use this bed kit that is made with cedar.

Another high point of this garden bed kits is that it can be assembled in a few minutes, even without any tools. It is also made from the reputed Western Red Cedar without any artificial treatment. It is insect-resistant and is also rot-resistant too.


· Easy to assemble.

· Inexpensive.

· Rust resistant.

· Multiple expansion options.

· Good for growing deep root herbs.


· Smaller than some other beds.

· Not too thick board.

· Not for short farmers.

Greenes Fence Raised Garden Bed

greenes bed kit viewCHECK AMAZON PRICE

The raised garden is made in the United States from insect-and rot-resistant cedar from the North America. To make the wood as natural as possible, it is made of 100% pure wood without any artificial chemical added.

Without any working tools, you can easily assemble the garden and set up your garden without seeking any professional assistance. You only need to slide the bed’s boards into the corner joints so that the garden frame can be secure and strong. After setting the frame on an outdoor space, add the desired soil and start gardening. That is how gardening with this raised garden bed is without difficulty.

If you have the Greenes Fence Raised Garden Bed, your gardening worries are over. You can freely express your gardening desire without breaking your bank to acquire a big piece of land with one of the best garden kits. The cedar garden bet kit is untreated, natural, and unfinished so that it can maintain its naturalness.


· Well-constructed.

· Easy to assemble.

· Solid frame.

· Natural materials.

· Rot-resistant.


· Doesn’t have a bottom.

· Could be bigger.

· Not as thick as some beds.

Steel Raised Garden Bed Kit

steel garden kit viewCHECK AMAZON PRICE

This is another raised garden bed that has all what it takes to make gardening fun and loving. This raised garden bed is durable and don’t rot. No matter the weather, it is designed to withstand it and not breakdown.

Like any other raised garden bet kits, it is also very easy to assemble so that you can get your garden up in no time and spend more time gardening than setting up a garden.

The advantage of this garden bed is that it promotes plant growth and makes it easy for the flowers to develop well. As such, you can set up your garden easily and start growing fruits, vegetables, and whatever you want with the best elevated garden bed kits.


· Durable.

· Doesn’t rot.

· Made for all weather.

· Easy to assemble.

· Lighter than wood.


· Flimsy.

· Irregular screw holes.

· Doesn’t hold dirt square.

Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit

metal garden bed kit viewCHECK AMAZON PRICE

I won’t do justice to this list without including the Metal Raised Garden Bed kit. Some of the major benefits of this garden bed include its ability to make provision for plant roots to breathe better and get the best water-draining platform to ensure the survival of the plant.

The lightweight bed also requires no tool for assembly. You can do that yourself without asking for any external or professional advice. By using durable metal to construct the bed, its long-term availability for use is guaranteed. That ensures that the bed will neither crack nor rot.

When looking for a bed that affords you the opportunity to experiment with different plants, you have got a reliable one with this metallic bed. As such, you can grow herbs, succulents, vegetables, flowers, strawberries, and any other plant of your choice.

It also boasts of an attractive design with an impressive dimension. That makes it a beauty to behold and an efficient garden bed kit you should considering buying for your home gardening.


· Lightweight.

· Durable.

· Attractive design.

· Easy and quick to assemble.

· Average size.


· Not ideal for composting.

· Cannot be stacked.

· Not thick enough.

Greenland Raised Bed Garden Kit

gardener raised bed kit viewCHECK AMAZON PRICE

The Greenland raised bed garden kit is equipped with clips for stacking. That is why it is considered a unique raised bed garden kit. It is designed specifically to make gardening easy and comfortable for home gardening.

This bed garden type is made from recycled materials and thus, you are contributing to a cleaner society with your environmental-friendly raised bed garden kit.

The installation of this gardening piece is relatively simple. You can assemble the kit without any tool or hiring the services of an expert technician. You just assemble it and add soil to starting your gardening promptly, without delay. That is another feature it shares with other garden kits on this list.


· Simple installation.

· Environment-friendly and recycled material.

· Great for the price.

· Sturdy.

· Affordable price.


· Loses shape over time.

· Easily affected by UV.

· Not ideal for relocation.

Gronomics Raised Garden Bed

gronomics elevated bed overviewCHECK AMAZON PRICE

This elevated garden bed kit is ideal for those who don’t want to bend while tending their flowers or herbs. It is unfinished with a rustic look. That, however, does not reduce its efficiency as a dependable garden bed kit for homegrown gardening.

The elevated garden bed promises to be very easy to assemble without using any tool. Its dovetail design makes it easy for the garden bed to slide together in a couple of minutes and thus remove any difficulty of assembly.

It is also made of Western Red Cedar without any other artificial addition. You can always count on this raised garden kit for the best home gardening experience. It is made in the United States with a soil capacity of 2.7 cubic feet. While it can’t boast the weight and size of some raised garden beds, it is still spacious enough for gardening.


· 100% natural material.

· Assembling is easy.

· Durable.

· For multipurpose use.

· Lightweight.


· Shipping locations limitation.

· A bit expensive.


If you have a passion for domestic gardening, you can reduce your worries by using any of these raised garden bed kits to make gardening fun and less stressful. While shopping for a befitting garden bed, choose any of the ones covered in this comprehensive review.

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