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Platform Bed Reviews 2018 – Best Platform Bed To Buy

low profile modern platform bed

When you are looking for a new bed, there are plenty of bed types you can choose from. A platform bed can be a great addition to your bedroom because of his unique design and practical usage. Also, it can refresh your bedroom style and make your living space more comfortable and elegant.

What do you need to know about platform beds?

Platform beds contain a supportive surface occasionally made with slats, steel or solid panels, so you don’t need a box spring like with traditional frames. You can put any kind of mattress you want on a platform bed frame.

For those who want more space in their bedrooms, platform bed with the storage drawer could be a great solution. Not only you will benefit with more room, but you will get an excellent place to put away your clothes or anything else you need.

Platform beds can be found in all standard sizes: Twin (39 by 75 inches), Full (54 by 75 inches), Queen (60 by 80 inches), King (76 by 80 inches), and California King (72 by 84 inches).

If you have kids who want to share your bed, buying a platform bed could be a bingo. But you need to know that mattress doesn’t go with the platform bed occasionally. You will need to do some research and find a platform bed mattress reviews on the Internet to be sure you are going to find a mattress that will suit you and your platform bed.

Whether you pick a slatted or a solid panel model, you will find these beds to be well-constructed, durable and quite comfortable. Don’t be suspicious about steel model because they have a lighter and thinner construction. Nowadays you can find some other materials like particle board or a fiberboard, and they are less durable, but these beds will cost less.

Best Platform Beds of 2018

To help you find the best platform bed for your money, here is a list of platform bed reviews which we consider as the best choice you can make.

Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

white zinus platform bed queen size


This classic style platform bed by Zinus is available in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. It has ten wood slats as a surface which is a great support for any kind of mattress even if you want to put on some memory foam. The bed is fully upholstered and contains a headboard.

You will need no more than 30 minutes to put it together because the manufacturer took care of an easy installation. If you order this bed it will come in a one carton package and the frame; slats and legs will be found in a special compartment in the back of the headboard.

This particular Zinus platform bed does not contain a storage drawer, but it is tall enough, so standard storage boxes fit underneath, which is a huge selling point. We have inspected many Zinus platform bed reviews, and a majority of buyers are delighted with this product, so this could be the right platform bed for your house.


    Ten wood slats as a pretty solid surface so you can put on any kind of mattress you want

    Fully upholstered

    Easy to assemble, all parts will be in a special compartment in the back of the headboard

    Practical package – a whole bed gets into a single carton


    Doesn’t contain a storage drawer but it is tall enough so you can put some storage boxes underneath

    Legs are a drawback, after a while, the bed could start to collapse in the middle

Baxton Studio Marguerite Linen Modern Platform Bed

grey baxton platform bed king size


If you are looking to refresh your bedroom, this Baxton Studio Platform Bed could be a good choice because of his elegant and stylish design. It comes in only two sizes: Queen and King, but it provides a great comfort for your rest and sleep.

It has slats on a surface while the frame is made of plywood, hardwood, and fiberboard. Dark wood legs and tufted headboard are also included, but there are no storage boxes, and the bed is not tall enough to put some underneath. But you will get a great headboard which is very comfortable to rest your head or to read without pain in the neck.

You will need some time to install this bed correctly, but after that, you will notice how well-constructed it is. If you find it hard to do it by yourself, you can always take an assembly service to do it for you. Many users said it is a very durable platform bed.

We hope that these Baxton Studio platform bed reviews would help you with a selection in order to find the best platform bed for your bedroom.


    Great look – quite elegant and stylish

    Steady construction with very comfortable headboard

    Very durable

    Good quality for the price


    Doesn’t have any storage boxes and it is not tall enough to put some underneath – so if you need more space in a bedroom have this in mind

    Small plastic pieces which allow wood to come in can cause some issues

Platform Bed Nomad Furniture Mission

wooden nomad platform bed queen size


If you check Nomad platform bed reviews, the impression is that all buyers are pretty satisfied with this made in USA bed. With a simple but nice looking design, these beds are well known for their durability and robust construction.

The frame is made only from Red Oak and Hard Maple and then finished with the Danish oil which will protect the wood. Wood slats provide excellent stability for your mattress, and you will be surprised how easy to assemble this bed is. If you have some problems, there are step-by-step directions on a package how to do it. After you’ve finished the installation, check the production with a simple jump (it will survive).

This Nomad platform bed will be a nice add-on for those who like traditional, simple design. Even there is no a storage box; the frame is sufficiently above the ground so you can easily exploit the space underneath. Three sizes are available: Full, Queen, and King.


    Well-crafted platform bed, made from Red Oak and Hard Maple only, finished with Danish oil

    Sturdy, stable and very durable

    Easy to assemble and comes with step-by-step directions

    Perfect match for people who like simple, traditional design


    A bit pricey, but you will get great quality for your money

    No storage box, but still the plenty of room underneath

Zinus Faux Leather Platform Bed with Wooden Slats

black zinus leather platform bed queen


With his stylish and sophisticated design, this Zinus Leather Platform Bed will give a fresh and different look to your bedroom. It comes in one carton package with a leathered headboard and a low-profile footboard which gives this bed some luxurious looks. You can choose from three sizes: Full, Queen and King.

Wooden slats are well spaced, and that will bring you stability and opportunity to put on any kind of mattress you want. They are also quite strong and tough, so you can even jump on it and be sure nothing is going to crush. Assembly is a piece of cake, and you will need more time to get it out of the package than to put it together. The slats are connected in two sets already, but just in case you will get manual instructions how to do it.

Be aware of one thing – this platform bed is heavy, so if you need to raise it somewhere, you will probably need help. But this can be a beautiful detail in your bedroom around which you can organize other furniture.


    Steady and well-constructed

    Nice wooden slats, well spaced for more stability

    Beautiful design so you can arrange other furniture around this bed

    Assembly is a piece of cake (you will find manual instructions in a package)

    Leathered headboard


    Pretty heavy – if you need to move or raise it somewhere, you will certainly need a help

    Sometimes the middle leg will break


We checked a majority of platform beds on the market and if you compare these with etc. West Elm platform bed reviews we think this list is a nice proffer. You can select from a traditional designed to a modern, well-constructed platform beds and be sure you are going to love it. Many people stated that platform beds improved their living space and, also better their rest and sleep.

If you need a more space in your bedroom you should find a one with a storage drawer or just a platform bed which is tall enough to put a box and stuff underneath. Although you will need to buy a mattress separately buying a platform bed will cost you less than buying any other type of a bed.

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