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Best throw pillows 2017 to decorate your sofa – Top 3 picks

oversized sofa pillows

When it comes to soft furnishings, you cannot go wrong with oversized decorative throw pillows for the couch. They are a great choice if you want to change your living room décor or introduce more vibrant colors to space.

Best throw pillows come in different shapes and styles such as zebra print, lattice, and other unique patterns. Apart from being functional pillows, they are also an important piece of décor because you can easily switch them or change the color when needed.

I came upon this problem some weeks ago as I was decorating my living room. The idea was to spice up the living room with color. I had a tight budget so I didn’t want to go for expensive items and splurge all my money.

After much researching (and a bit of consulting), the idea of getting oversized throw pillows seemed solid enough. The decorative ones would definitely add some punch to the living room’s décor and liven it up a little.

Not to mention drawing attention from the otherwise dull couch. I also discovered that I could layer them to produce different styles. This definitely scored “versatility” points for my new throw pillows.

You may now ask: what is the best place to buy throw pillows?

Well, throw pillows on Amazon is the way to go!

Who is large throw pillow for?


large pillows for your sofa

If you are looking for a cheap way to decorate your house, then this is the product for you. Pillows are very useful and will still serve as décor.

The key to decorating using throw pillows doesn’t lie entirely on having a decorated pillow. Positioning and the layering of the oversized throw pillows will also count in using them as décor pieces.

A throw pillow is also great for people who own dull colored couches which give them a chance to work out the contrast.

Decorated and brightly colored pillows, for example, will work out for a black or dark brown couch. If you are an interior décor fan, then experimenting with throw pillows can definitely be exciting for you. You can even layer them on the bed to relax on as you read a book or enjoy your downtime.

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Oversized pillows characteristics

decorative couch throw pillows

The standard size for oversized throw pillows is 24” by 24” although you can find some that are bigger or a bit smaller than this.

There are also cylindrical pillows to be used on the couch alongside pillows of different shapes.

Many people will use the oversized throw pillows alongside smaller pillows. This is what we call layering.

You can have a layered design of up to three pillows where the pillows become smaller after each layer. This technique can be successfully used on the bed where the blend of colors complements the bedding.

Having decorated throw pillows does not necessarily mean going for elaborate designs or brightly colored throw pillows. If you have a solid colored couch, then decorative pillows are the way to go.

On the other hand, if you already have patterned upholstery or a patterned rug, adding patterned pillows will be too much. Instead, use pillows which share the same colors as the patterns on the rug. These pillows can be arranged in the same colors as the existing patterns in the room.

Alternatively, pick a color from a vase in the room and have the throw pillow in the same color. For example, if you have a sky blue decorated vase in the room, you can get a sky blue throw pillow for your couch. This will bring out the color of the vase and make the room look more vibrant.

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Best Throw Pillows on the market in 2017

Greendale Home Fashions Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Accent Pillows

grass color throw pillow overview


This throw pillow is one of the best-selling pillows on the Amazon.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor too. You can beautifully decorate your home with it, and it will fit in your garden perfectly. It is also UV-resistant – which makes it resistant to the sun’s rays. As such, it keeps the color from fading in the best possible way.

This one is made of 100% polyester – which makes it very durable. Polyester is a very soft material, and very easy to maintain. You can simply wash it because it dries quickly.


• UV-resistant – which makes it perfect for outdoor

• Long resisting color – fades less

• Machine washable – dries quickly

• Comes in various colors and patterns


• Better for outdoor

• Gets quickly dirty

Catstudio New York City Pillow – Geography Collection Home Décor

designer throw pillow large size


Very nice looking throw pillow, intended for the indoor. Refresh your memories on holidays, honeymoon or some other trip with its beautiful geographic décor. Hand-embroidered with care, this designer pillow will provide you ultimate joy in your moments of rest.

Its comfort guarantees a good rest, without any later pain in the back so that you can use it for sleep without any worries.

This pillow made of the pure cotton pillow cover, which makes it feel very comfy, that you can use it even for sleeping. Cotton is the greatest absorber so that this pillow would absorb all the sweat on the hot days. Also, cotton is an excellent insulator of the heat, so it provides you the best possible relaxation for the whole year.

This pillow is very useful and nice looking, but it may be a little too expensive for its kind.


• Non-allergenic – Cotton is the natural material. It does not irritate the skin, so it is perfect for babies or the people with sensitive skin

• Hand-embroidered entirely by hand (over 40 hours of work for each one!)

• Very comfy – Can be used for sleeping

• Nice looking – One of the best throw pillow designs


• Hardly washable – it needs long time to dry

• Folds often

• It does not resist color as much as polyester throw pillows

• A bit Expensive

Sweet Home Collection Plush Pillow Faux Fur Soft and Comfy Throw Pillow

black plush throw pillow pair


Amazon is the best place to buy throw pillows. There you can find this luxuriously designed pillow that can perfectly fit in your living room. A lot of various designs that you can choose – with beautiful designs and solid colors. This pillow measures 18 x 18″ – perfect dimensions that can fit almost anywhere indoors.

It is ideal for you if you have a dog or a cat because pet hair cannot stay on the pillow. Although, it’s hard to wash and it takes a long time to dry.


• Various designs

• Weatherproof material that will resist moisture and fading.

• Very durable

• Luxurious  pillow design


• Synthetic material may cause skin irritation for the people with sensitive skin

• Designed for indoor only

• Difficult to wash

• It may be difficult to sleep on it – shaggy pillow


Getting good information on the oversized decorative throw pillows for couch was very hard. I particularly had a problem getting to know the innovative ways that you can arrange the pillows for décor purposes.

Furthermore, finding a way to blend in the throw pillows with existing décor would prove to be a tall order. But all in all, it was worthwhile.

A word of caution, though. It is easy to get carried away and buy a lot of throw pillows; more than necessary. At one point I had so many pillows on my couch that it was hard to sit on it. You had to move one or two pillows away in order to sit comfortably. Avoid this by buying pillows for functionality first. As good as they look layered on the couch, they can become uncomfortable which beats the purpose in the first place.

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