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How To Get Rid Of Moths in Moth Infested House: 2017 Guide

getting rid of moths

The fact that moths fly at night doesn’t make them any less annoying.

Would you agree?​

These insects are renowned for their diversity in shape, color, and size. They also come in various species. For example, the US alone has over 11,000 different species of moths.

Nevertheless, it’s important for you to learn how to get rid of moths. But getting rid of them is one thing and ensuring they never return to your house is the other.

Dangers of Moth Infestation in Your House

Below are main reasons you should not keep them around:

  • They eat clothes
  • They cause allergic reactions
  • They cause mucosal irritations
  • They contaminate food with their feces
  • They cause intestinal diseases

Getting Rid Of Closet and Pantry Moth

Closet Moth

There are numerous products in your house right now that you can use to get rid of these pesky insects. It’s possible for you to make homemade moth traps using fish oil or flypaper. The vinegar solution is equally effective at cleaning the kitchen and all closets in your house. Insert cedar into your moth-infested closets to act as repellants. After eliminating them from the closet, finish by washing your clothes and cleaning the space properly.

Preventing Moth Infestation in the Closet

As previously stated, you should not stop at removing the moths. Put the right measures in place to prevent future infestations. You can do this by taking the utmost care of the clothes made from feathers, fur or wool. Such clothes need proper brushing after every time you remove them, especially when you were outside. Keep your clothes as clean as possible too. Find ways of storing clothing properly. Check that the closet is well ventilated.

The market has some fantastic natural alternatives worth using instead of moth balls. It’s worth mentioning that moth balls are made from toxic chemicals. Apart from that, moth balls have a strong smell that they typically leave behind in your closet or on clothes. Some of the best natural alternatives you may use in preventing future moth infestation in the closet include:

Pantry Moth

Once you have checked and determined that your kitchen suffers from moth infestation, your next goal is to eliminate them. The task involves throwing away any food that’s infested. Next, set moth traps in different parts of the kitchen. Pheromone moth traps are highly effective at attracting and killing the insects. After that, throw the traps away after using them to capture and kill all moths in your kitchen.

With the infested foods and moth traps removed or thrown away, scour the kitchen thoroughly. A thorough cleaning is required here. Don’t attempt to clean casually. In the worst cases, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a top pest control professional. If moths consider your efforts at killing them insignificant and harmless, they will not be able to handle what the exterminator brings their way.

Protecting the Kitchen from Future Infestation

With the kitchen clean, feel free to institute measures that will keep it free from future infestation. Examining food sources frequently is highly advisable. Place all the bulk food items you buy in a freezer. Use air-tight containers for storing food. Seal all the cracks and crevices that are visible in your kitchen. Controlling the temperature as well as humidity within your kitchen will make this room uninhabitable for moths.

Sure Moth Killers

Amazon has plenty of solutions for anybody looking closet protection. The solutions are:

Zensect Moth Proofer Balls

zensect moth proofer balls 3 pack

These proofer balls are a better alternative to the foul-smelling, inflammable and toxic moth balls. They are well sealed to prevent direct contact with human skin or clothes. You know it’s time to change these balls when they begin losing their color and potency.

The beauty of these both balls is demonstrated in these pros:

  • The 3-month protection they give to your fabrics
  • They don’t leave any stains behind
  • ​They are also efficient and safe for use
  • ​They come with an efficiency indicator to inform you when to change
  • They come with a new and improved formula
  • They have a pleasant smell

A few of its cons include:

Mottlock Moth Traps

mottlock moth traps 3 pack

It’s safe to use. It’s ideal for hanging in wardrobes. Users are free to place it anywhere they notice moth infestation in the house.

Its pros:

  • Sweet smelling pheromone attractant
  • Slow release that continues attracting and killing insects many months later
  • Safe to use
  • Highly potent
  • Properly sealed with a highly air-tight outer packaging
  • Cheaper compared to fumigation

Its cons include:

  • It’s a pesticide. Therefore, keep it away from little children and pets.

Rentokil PS127 Insectrol Moth Killer

rentokill moth killer 3 pack

As the name suggests, this product is made by the world-renowned pest control company – Rentokil. It has some of the most impressive potency levels in the market today.


  • Perfect at killing moths, flies, and wasps
  • Provides the fastest way of controlling insects at home
  • Offers excellent results when used indoors
  • Ideal for getting rid of adult moths


  • Not perfect for applying on fabrics and carpets
  • ​Requires proper handling as it contains D-phenothrin and Tetramethrin
  • Can be quite toxic when breathed in

First and foremost carry out regular home inspection. The two places you’re most likely to find moths are the closets and pantries. Pantries are a favorite habitation for the insects, which are attracted to the grains and cereals found there. They also tend to stay in closets which have plenty of silk, wool and other types of fabric. A proper inspection will show you where the moths are and the level of infestation that requires immediate action.

Here is a video with pantry food storing tips:

Therefore, you now have the information needed for getting rid of moths from your house. Never again should moths make you feel like running away from your home.


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