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5 Best Rated Leather Sectional Sofas For The Money

  • September 5, 2017

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enchanting brown leather sectional sofa

I want to share with you some options for the best leather sectional sofas that you can buy on the market today. We are going to be reviewing sofas on Amazon based on price, quality and customer reviews. We’ll start with the most expensive and move from there. I hope to provide at least one option that will fit everyone’s budget and provided space.

Most Comfortable Modern Sectionals of 2017

1. Amax Leather Kennedy

We are going to start off strong with a sofa of complete luxury. This leather sectional looks stunning no matter where you place it. We are talking about the Amax Leather Kennedy which is 100% real leather in dark brown. The whole sectional consists of five pieces and takes up quite a bit of space. This is top grain, hand finished leather that will cost you $4,394 USD but will be worth it for the perfect quality that you will be getting.

This rich hand finished leather also features diamond tufts and brass nailhead trims. The hand finishing gives the sofa a multi dimensional look.

People love this couch because it can fit everyone, and it is visually appealing for your home. It’s a clean and modern look, but it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of all the leather sectionals meant for relaxing areas. You won’t find any cup holders or secret storage compartments here.

2. Amax Leather Loveseat Sofa

The next sofa we are loving is also from Amax but it has a very different look. This is a smaller sectional that has a softer finish in a beautiful caramel brown. For just over $3,000 USD you can get the loveseat and sectional. Along with the other Amax sofa, this one is hand finished as well, which gives every piece a rich and unique look.

The springs in this sectional are guaranteed to provide you with the maximum comfort and zero sag. The seat cushions are filled with down feathers. They also have a foam core that is double wrapped. Your comfort was definitely on their minds when they created this sectional.

3. Classic Traditional Leather – our most comfortable choice

The next sofa on the menu is a large classic and traditional two-toned bonded leather sofa that has multiple reclining points. This sofa is key for relaxation. This is the kind of modern sectional that your friends and family will not want to get up from. Hold the ultimate movie night, or super bowl party with this sofa.

This is a very large sofa, so you need to make sure that you have the appropriate space for it and the cost of this one is $1,099.99 USD. That’s why we are making it number 1! This is a sofa of luxury. It features storage under the armrests, so you will never lose the remote control again! As well as two cup holders. I think that this might be your most comfortable sectional option.

4. Reversible Sectional Espresso

Number 4 today is a more affordable bonded leather option. We are going to look at the Bobkona soft touch, 3 piece sectional in the espresso finish. This sofa is a little bit smaller than the one before it, with a detached ottoman that you can move you anywhere you would like.

This handsome leather sectional fits 3 people very comfortably, and features two accent pillows. It has an area that extends so that one can lie down on it. The ottoman also doubles as a storage container so you can put movies or extra blankets in there, so they stay out of your way.

This sectional will cost you only $497 USD, however keep in mind that it may be shipping in more than one box and arrive at different times. You are then going to have to assemble this in your home. The entire weight of this sofa comes to 97 pounds, so make sure that you move it gently over hardwood floors that may scratch. Keep in mind that this sofa is on the cheaper side of the ones that we have looked at so you have to know that the quality will not be as nice. However, if you take care of this sectional and always treat it right, it can still last you a while.

5. Modern Bonded Leather Couch – Amazon Bestseller

This modern sectional sofa is a number 1 best seller on Amazon. It’s modern black color and bonded leather make it look amazing in every space and it is extremely easy to clean. The cost is $259 USD. It has a hard wood frame and is reversible in style. To assemble it, all you have to do is screw on the legs. The nice thing to help this comfortable sectional to fit in any space is that the end ottoman can be moved around to any side of the couch, or detached altogether.

The only downsides to this couch is that it is pretty low to the ground, meaning if you are super tall it may not be the fit for you. The other downside we found to this sofa was that the fabric tended to rib a little easy.


In the end it seems like the best sofa option, depending on your budget and space of course, is going to be the 3rd sofa that we talked about. It is about halfway between the prices of them all and it still seems to be of amazing quality as the first two. Plus, it has some amazing add ons like the storage areas and the cup holders. This comfortable leather section is going to be the one you stay the happiest with. Your friends and family are always going to want to be at your house for the party’s, just because they will love the comfort.

However, whatever your budget is, anyone of these sectionals would be amazing, for all their own reasons. If you want luxury and you have a very large space to fill, then the first one is going to be your best bet. It is high quality and will last you a very long time. You can trust that both of the Amax sofas that were listed will last you.


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