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10 Best Battery Powered Mower 2017: Reviews

battery-powered electric push lawn mowers guide

Picking the best lawnmower to meet your needs can be a tricky brief, which is why I have produced my breakdown of 10 best battery powered mowers that are currently on the market in 2017.

Battery powered mowers are the way of the future. Lighter and quieter than their petrol driven cousins, they also completely do away with the long tackled problem of unreliable priming.

Picking one can, however, be far from simple. There are just too many options now on offer to have a hands-on try with each and every one.

Fortunately, you can fall back on the fails and successes of someone else to learn what is on offer out there. My hope is that this will enable you to make an informed decision, no matter the size of your lawn or budget.

The reason I have done this is not purely because I love a good lawn mower, it is to hopefully save you a little embarrassment. When I was mowing my lawn a couple of summers ago, I knew my blades were blunted and in need of a good oil. Much to my later embarrassment, though, I powered on through.

Crushing the mower into the turf as hard as I could to try and cut the grass nice and fine. What I didn’t see, was a little pothole in my lawn. So as I approached it and waved to a neighbor across the street, my mower went down, I went up, and the rest is history.

After a full two and a half somersaults over the handle, I landed flat on my back, with my face as red as you can imagine.

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I want you to avoid the same hilarious fate, so without further ado, here is my breakdown of 10 of the best battery powered mowers out there:


The GreenWorks 25302

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The GreenWorks 25302

GreenWorks are a solid brand, around for years and known for making great quality, durable mowers, that will do the business for most gardeners.

With the 20-inch cutter being driven by a powerful 40 V battery pack, you won’t have any difficulty cutting down the thickest of growths. Even if you drive it over some small twigs you won’t feel a thing, so in that regard it is great.

You can adjust the height as standard, between 7 different options. Perfect for protecting your lawn from the sun during those hot summer months by letting it grow out slightly.

The handle is easy to hold and puts minimal taxation on the wrists and the forearms. All that aside, what I really love about the 25302, is the small turning circle offered by how light and easy to direct the mower is. Perfect for effortlessly sweeping across your lawn in minutes.

The Ego Power+

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EGO Power+ Lawn Mower

A great high-end battery drove mower, the Power+ is the proven way to shape and manicure your lawn in any way you please.

The 20-inch blade is driven by a robust and powerful 56 V battery pack. Simply charge up the easy to use battery back, and let yourself loose in the garden. With 5 Ah of juice and a 55-minute runtime, you will be able to mow virtually anything off of a single charge.

Collecting the clippings is easy. With three methods to choose from: rear, side, and mulching. This gives you great variation in the feel of how the mower drives. Plus you can add the clippings to your mulch or compost pile, the quick and easy way to fuel your garden naturally.

SerenLife PSLCLM60 Cordless

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SereneLife-PSLCLM60When you think of the SerenLife brand, you think of solidly built mowers that will stand the test of time. The PSL is just that, with its 20-inch cutting blades and powerful 36 V removable battery you will be able to do most things that a high-end mower can do without breaking the bank.

One thing you will notice is the great number of cutting heights compared to many more expensive mowers. Her you get 6, spread over a range of 25 – 75 mm, a wide range perfect for nearly every gardening need.

Weighing in at nearly 40 lbs the PSL is a little on the heavy side for a battery drove mower, you can find lighter if you are looking for superb levels of comfort during extended sessions.

The Worx WG782

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The Worx WG782Worx’sspeciality is making premium grade mowers, for easy to afford mid-range prices. The WG is no different and is able to offer an impressive 40 minutes of continuous running time off of a single charge. The motor is nothing but the best: powered by an innovative 24 V battery pack.

You get the full suit of 3 different cutting methods that the other premium mowers on this list have, as well as the full range of different cutting heights.

All that in a package that boasts a mighty impressive 10,000 sqft of cutting in one go, and you are surely one step closer to finding your dream mower.

What you are buying here, is not a bunch of gimmicks, but something that will last far longer than mowers half the price. If you have the money to spend, then you won’t go far wrong with the WG.

The Black & Decker CM2040

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CM2040 40V

A great brand with a wee respected name, B&D have been around for years. They make great high-end mowers at prices most consumers will stretch to once they know what is on offer.

The motor is on the powerful side at an impressive 40 V of Li-Ion power. Giving you more than enough kick to spin the 20-inch blades though just about anything you may encounter.

What I really like is that the handle folds right down. This might not seem like a big deal, but a surprising number of mowers don’t have this functionality. They either fully detach which is a pain when you what to grab it and use it straight away. Or they don’t fold at all and are a nuisance to get into the boot of the car.

The Worx WG770

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WORX WG770This premium mower is all about brute strength. Wave goodbye to the standard 24 V battery pack on your last mower, here you get a jaw dropping 36 V of power to unleash. It is no good having all that power if the thing is just going to cut so much it jams on you every two minutes.

Fortunately, Worx has developed what they call Intellect technology into this mower. Whilst that is just a fancy name for a mower that jams less, it really does do the business.

If you want a mower that will ride straight over your bumps, foliage, and fallen twigs, then you are onto a winner with this offering. Easy to hold handle, lightweight, suitable traction from the wheels, it really does have it all. A great option for those with serious money to spend on their mower.

The Worx WG708

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The Worx WG708You may not have heard of the 708 due to its more illustrious cousins in the Worx lineup, be ready to hear more and more about this mower over the next year. A 17-inch rotor and long-life 13 A battery pack come as standard, perfect for taming any lawn.

You get the full 3 options for collecting your cuttings, as well as adjustable mowing height and an ergonomic handle. I really like that the handle folds down flat against the body of the mower. It may not sound like an amazing feature, but it really can save you a couple of feet in the garage by making the unit more compact when not in use.

Also, check out the big differential between the from and rear wheels. Perfect for giving you both traction and control, in one easy to turn mower. A real standout option for any gardener on a tight budget

The Black & Decker MTC220

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MTC220Not everything you consider has to look the same as every other mower out there. Powered by a highly efficient 420 V-Li battery, you can mow for an extended period of time without the need to recharge. What is more, because of the small 12-inch rotor and innovative upright profile, you get a great multi-purpose gardening tool.

You get the total package of the trimmer, edger, and mower, all in one stylish package. One thing I especially like is the aesthetic. With no ugly petrol engine to keep cool, and no adherence to the traditional push mower layout the designs have been able to fit a beautifully molded plastic body over the top of the mower. This covered approach also helps to keep it clean and easy to service, especially when cutting wet or damp grass.

The Worx Lil’Mo

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worx lil'moThis lightweight and smaller profile mower are ideal for those looking for quick and easy, without putting any strain on their wrists, forearms, and lower back. At 14 inches the cutter is on the small side, but if you are looking to take your time or only have a small patch to keep preened, what more do you need.

With a 24 V cordless architecture and removable battery pack to build around, the design team has kept lightweight and stylish at the forefront of their minds.

Don’t confuse this with a low-grade budget model, however, it is merely catering to a smaller audience than other good quality mid-range mowers.

There aren’t many 33 lb units that will give you multiple cutting heights, multiple cutting collection options, and the ability to mow 6000 square feet before you need to charge it again. Don’t overlook the Lil’Mo just because of its small stature.

The Sun Joe iON16LM

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The Sun Joe iON16LMNo list of the top 10 mowers would be complete without a Sun Joe model. It is not about simply spending the most money, Sun Joe have been able to consistently offer premium performance for the mid-range money. A 16-inch mower will do the job for many people who would rather spend their hard earned cash on other things, and that’s absolutely fine.

You get an easy to remove fabric sack for keeping the clippings in, and a generous 2-year all-inclusive warranty. With a 6-position height adjustment and a brushless motor that makes it run more efficiently than many of its higher powered peers, the Sun Joe is surely worth a closer look.

It will do a great job for a number of recreational gardeners who just want to keep on top of a small patch of lawn in the front or back yard. I recommend you take a more detailed look if you are on a budget.

Final Thoughts and buying tips

There we have it, my rundown of 10 of the best lawnmowers for you to consider.

It can be hard knowing where to look, so hopefully no I have spent the time scouring the internet and local hardware stores you will have something to go on when you begin your search for the perfect mower.

Just remember, the best mower does not necessarily cost the most money or have the biggest range of features. The best mower is the one that best meets the simultaneous constraints of your budget, garden size, and expectations.

If you are small in stature, elderly, or just like the easiest ride possible, why not consider a battery powered mower, they are so light and so quiet. Anyone who mows regularly will tell you priming an engine is unpredictable and unreliable, why not avoid that altogether with a battery pack. The eco-friendly way to mow your lawn and leave it looking like it has been manicured to perfection.

Don’t take the above as gospel. Get yourself down to the local hardware store and have a look and feel at some of these mowers in person. You will be surprised how your preconceptions are shattered when you have the product in front of you.

So make sure to have a feel of the handle, take the weight, and if there is room in the display room try and assess the turning circle. After all, it is no good breaking the bank on a mower, only to find that it is too heavy and powerful for you to easily double back and swing around once you get to the edge of your lawn.

Most importantly of all, maintain your mower and look where you are going. It may make a good spectacle and anecdote, but you don’t want to make a habit of flipping over the handle. Take it from someone who knows!

Happy mowing people.

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