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Large Wood and bamboo cutting boards for your kitchen

large wood cutting boards

Large wooden cutting boards are very useful and such cutting boards are quickly replacing plastic cutting boards. As an alternative, people are also using large bamboo cutting boards in their kitchens.

Some time back, government health departments were insisting on the use of plastic cutting boards. They were supposed “more sanitary and hygienic” than wooden cutting boards. However, there was no evidence supporting this claim.

Many people consider plastic to be cleaner because it is non-porous and water cannot seep into it. After a while, the plastic boards will have cuts on the surface and hence become more difficult to clean.

This was my predicament which ultimately made me value wooden boards than plastic boards. The plastic boards would soon get scarred and bits of food would get stuck in the crevices.

It was always difficult to wash the board even with bleach or a thorough cleaning session in the dishwasher. There was an urgent need to find an alternative. With fire in my belly, I started looking up large wooden cutting boards and researching about their benefits. I soon came to the discovery that wooden boards actually killed bacteria that cause food poisoning such as Salmonella.

Plastic cutting boards have no such benefits. And the wood works regardless of whether the board is old or new. Bamboo cutting boards also have been proven to have anti-microbial powers. I was now convinced that a wooden or bamboo cutting board was the answer to my problem.

Who is large Wood/bamboo cutting board for?

large bamboo cutting board

Any household can benefit immensely from a wooden cutting board. If you prepare large amounts of food e.g. a family of five kids or you own a restaurant, the large wooden board would be ideal.

Did you know that plastic, ceramic and glass cutting boards will make your knife blunter? These cutting boards will dull your knives and force you to use more effort to cut vegetables, meat, and other foods. By using more force, scarring the board with knife marks is now imminent. A large wooden or bamboo cutting board will be safer for your health as well as your knives.

If you are concerned about odors, it is reassuring to know that rubbing it with some vinegar or half a lemon will remove odors. A wooden cutting board should be washed in lukewarm water with soap. This should be done more regularly if they are being used in a restaurant to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

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Wooden Cutting board characteristics

large wood cutting board

Large wooden boards will usually have a length of 18” to 22” and a width of between 12” and 16”. You can also get a square one where the length is the same as the width. Wooden boards come in different thicknesses e.g. 0.75” to 1 inch thick.

A butcher block will usually be thicker and you can find some being more than 2” thick. Extra large wooden cutting blocks of about 24” X 20” are rare but do exist. Choose between an array of grain finishes to find one that you like.

Depending on the size, grain and design of the large wooden or bamboo cutting board, you can get anything from $24 to $300. Some high-end large bamboo and wooden cutting boards used by chefs have small rubber pads on the bottom side fixed by screws. This prevents the board from sliding and trapping moisture under it.


Finding good information for large bamboo cutting boards was harder than I thought. The most information concerned the more popular large plastic ones and excluded the large wooden cutting boards.

Some boards have engravings on them for decorative purposes. Others are decorated using a laser for a smooth but stylish look. You can check out some local businesses and find a high quality handmade wooden cutting board with a finish and grain that you like. I personally did this and found an awesome wooden cutting board which could also be used as a serving board.

A shallow depression at one end could hold grapes or cut fruit as I chopped and also served. The secret to having a wooden cutting board that also functions as a serving board is to have a design which hides knife marks and scuffs. Choose a color that can conceal these or find a board that is specifically designed for this purpose.

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