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Extra Large Medicine Cabinets for modern bathroom

extra large medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets such as large medicine cabinet, wall mounted medicine cabinet and a medicine cabinet without mirror are becoming quite popular nowadays.

People are choosing these medicine cabinets for their unique qualities, which make them handy additions to the bathroom.

A large medicine container can be an elegant addition to your bathroom décor. A wall mounted medicine cabinet, on the other hand, can be cost saving because you can mount it yourself. It comes with a simple DIY manual, and there is no need to hire a tradesman.

As well, a medicine cabinet without mirror comes at a budget-friendly price, unlike the mirrored version. You do not need to let toiletries clutter your bathroom for fear of bringing into your bathroom something that does not compliment your décor or is quite costly.

An experience I had recently inspired me to choose this as my topic. I moved into a new apartment that has a large spacious bathroom, with ample lighting. There was no medicine cabinet in the bathroom. A friend suggested I buy a storage organizer.

My friend opened a medicine closet would not easily blend well with the furnishings in my bathroom. I personally prefer to have a medicine cabinet.

I did some research and found a large medicine cabinet that compliments the under sink color in my bathroom. I choose to acquire it. It was a wall mounted cabinet and I hooked it up in my bathroom myself. I liked the fact that hanging up my medicine cabinet was not labor intensive. It is a sturdy version and the door closes tightly with magnets. Guests have said my medicine cabinet looks great.

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Who is large medicine cabinet for?

large medicine cabinet with mirror

If you want to add more style to a spacious bathroom, think of a large medicine cabinet. They are usually well crafted and have unique styles, ideal for improving bathroom décor.

But you may not be looking to affect the décor of your bathroom. In this case, you can go for a wall mounted medicine cabinet or one that has no mirrors.

A medicine cabinet without the mirror can be a particularly low profile and functional.You would want to go for a medicine cabinet if storage organizers are not your fancy. Also if you are not one to improvise storage for your toiletries, and clutter in the bathroom drives you crazy.

Medicine cabinet characteristics

medicine cabinet with wooden accent

Medicine cabinets come in various sizes, shapes, colors and specifications. You can find one crafted from quality steel, aluminum, copper or wood.

Depending on your budget, you can find a cabinet with unique features such as LED lights, a freezing compartment for medicines and products that are affected by higher temperatures and safety locking.

The space available for a medicine cabinet determines the size of the one you will buy. Do careful measurement of bathroom space to determine just the right size of the medicine cabinet. You will find medicine cabinets are available in all sorts of sizes. This will make it difficult to get the right fit without first taking proper measurements. You can find some in sizes less than 16” width, while the large ones measure from 40” width by 30” height.

You may not have to spend too much on a medicine cabinet if you are a budget shopper. Some are available for just slightly above $50. But if you want a large stylish medicine cabinet made of top quality materials, you would have to part with anything up to $6400.

In the past, people generally prefer recessed medicine cabinets. These were mainly preferred because of their aesthetic value. They do not jut out of the wall like their wall mounted counterparts. But this is slowly changing as the wall mounted ones are now coming in more elegant designs.

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I found it very difficult to get any information online, on this topic. I had to really search everywhere to find anything tangible. I’m glad I found some information. In conclusion, I would like to point out that to get a medicine cabinet without the mirror can be very hard. This is despite the fact that they are now very popular.

That said, bear in mind that whether you choose a large medicine cabinet, a medicine cabinet without the mirror or a wall mounted medicine cabinet, you will be getting a most modern solution to unclutter your bathroom.

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