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Large decorative towel sets: new ideas for your bathroom

large decorative towel set with flowers

Large decorative towel sets are chosen for their cuteness, not their functionality. These decorated towel sets usually have a pattern, a design or embroidery incorporated into the fabric of the towel. They can liven up otherwise lifeless spaces by bringing them just the right color and tone.

Unlike ordinary towels, decorative towel sets are beautiful and an excellent addition to a room’s furnishings. I remember a recent incident that inspired this write-up. I always believed towels should be chosen for their functionality. As you would expect, I had this old little thing that never quite could wrap around me. But absorbent it was.

My bathroom has always been my sanctuary where I go and curl up in a corner when I need some time to think up issues. I would notice the family’s’ towels looking lifeless and dull. I often wondered what could be done to improve the ambiance.

I didn’t think a towel change was in order. Recently I found myself spending more and more time cloistered alone in the bathroom. I was working on a project and kept having all sorts of bottlenecks that needed focused thinking to resolve.

Suddenly, my sanctuary became a place I loathed to be. I thought I was sinking into a depression. My bathroom began to appear extremely dull, lifeless and unwelcoming. I mentioned to a friend what I was experiencing, and she suggested my bathroom was probably all those things I told her it was and insisted I do a makeover.

I was perturbed. Perhaps we change the tiles in there, I wondered? I don’t have the money for that, I informed her. A visit to my bathroom later, she suggested large decorative towel sets. I bought a few sets and my bathroom was transformed overnight.

The emptiness and space in my bathroom were filled up with vibrancy. Every other week there is this new look in my bathroom. I purchased a few large decorative towel sets, and I am super excited. Hubby worries I will move my office there.

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Who are the large decorative towel sets for?

luxury bath towel set

They are most usable by someone who has a bathroom or kitchen they want to spruce up and bring a tinge of luxury into. They can be used to contrast or to blend in with the existing décor and can be changed for a different feel’ ever so often.

This definitely does show their versatility and are an obvious choice for someone who likes to experiment with different kind of furnishings. Decorative towel sets are mainly used to enliven a space that could use a bit of color and furnish. Even when they come in one color, their cuteness and tone allow them to blend into space they are put in.

They are also used for their functionality as kitchen or bath towels. This definitely makes them handy for someone who values style and elegance. A large decorative towel set positioned strategically in the bathroom brings clean, cozy and stylish look to the room.

The decorative towel sets can be neatly placed on a rack with the decorations on all visible, bringing a wonderful mood to the room. They can also be hung in the room for the same effect.

Characteristics of large towel sets

perfectly hanged towel set

Large decorative towel sets usually measure 35” by 60”-70”. They are often used to cool off and curl up in after bathing and tend to be large enough to cover the whole body. They usually cost between $10 to $30.

Other types of decorative towel sets are such as luxury decorative towel sets. These are a bigger type of normal towel. They not only serve as excellent furnishings, they also are super absorbent, fluffy, thick and luxurious.

In the kitchen as well, decorative towel sets often times come with a loop to hook them up, for that all important display of their colors. Nevertheless, decorative towel sets are made with more consideration given to their cuteness, and not their functionality.

They wear easily, especially if used and cleaned often. The only ones that are decorative and stand up to much use and laundering are the luxury decorative towel sets.

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I must say getting good information online on large decorative towel sets was very difficult. I struggled to find something useful. But I must say it was worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Find some large decorative towel sets ideas here and go change your bathroom.

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