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Large artificial plants and trees for home décor

large artificial plants and trees

Unlike in the past where the only artificial plant around was a Christmas tree, large artificial plants, and trees for home décor have become quite popular. They even look like real plants and can be hard to distinguish two standing next to each other.

Artificial plants are very low maintenance and only need some dusting once in a while. Live plants, on the other hand, need to be watered, pruned and should also be placed in a location which receives enough sunlight and air. And not to mention littering your house as is the case with pine Christmas trees.

Artificial plants are a very good option for décor purposes in the house.In the past, I wanted nothing to do with artificial plants. The thought of plastic or silk to substitute a real life plant was one that I threw in the trash bin as soon as it came up in conversation or otherwise.

But then I moved to a new house which was darker than the previous one. My plants could not get enough sunlight and I kept worrying about them. I also thought of how much care they needed and soon I was looking for alternatives.

After some time, I saw a large artificial tree that looked exactly like a live plant. This spurred me to look for an artificial plant which wouldn’t stress me as to whether it’s receiving enough sunlight and warmth.

Who is this plants and trees imitations for?

oversized faked tree

A large or normal sized artificial tree is a good idea for most homes and any household can benefit from using it. An artificial plant will also need less care than a live one. There are some tasks you will not have to do like watering them, using expensive chemicals to care for the plant or opening the windows for air flow.

If you travel a lot or stay in the house for only a few hours a day, then an artificial plant can work great for you. Apart from aesthetics, these plants are able to improve your mood.

After years of research, it was found that indoor plants help us relax and become more productive. Although live plants clean indoor air, they have the same calming effect as artificial plants. You can also place them in any room in the house.

Live plants are particularly tricky to manage because having them in a corner will limit their light exposure; something you won’t have to deal with for artificial plants.

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Artificial trees characteristics

decorative large artificial plant

You can choose from an array of different “tree species” which will determine the size of the plant as well as the price. Some of the artificial trees you can get include Bamboo trees (with multiple stalks), Golden Cane Palm, Brookings Cane Palm, Capensia, long grass, Ficus trees, fig tree and even a Bonsai tree.

The prices vary greatly and you can find one for as little as $25. Most artificial trees will range between $50 and $300. The materials used can determine the price e.g. silk can be more expensive. Others have special features such as LED lights which can be switched on at any time but looks more dazzling at night.

The vase used can also determine the price as decorated vases and pots will cost more than plain ones. However, the artificial plant looks like the real thing and it is almost impossible to differentiate it from a real plant when placed side by side.

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I had to search high and low to get any useful information about large artificial plants and trees for home décor from the Internet. There is surprisingly scarce information about these amazing home décor options.

As for the larger ones, you can get a life-like tree which has the same height as the real plant. Some good options are the cane palm, palm tree, Ficus tree, olive tree, and a bamboo tree. You can use these indoor plants in your halls, living room, lounge or home office for calming purposes.

When you go to buy an artificial tree, you might find that the vendors also deal with live plants. This is a great place to shop because you can see the huge similarities that they have. I personally had to ask for help determining which was the artificial one. Play this trick with your guests and see their puzzled faces when you tell them that it’s artificial.

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