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9 Smart DIY Upgrades to give your Kitchen a New Fresh Look

kitchen diy ideas

If you are looking to make some awesome DIY upgrades to your kitchen, then look no further.

Once you’ve worked your way through this list, you’ll be itching to dust off your tools and put your thinking cap on.

Whilst DIY is many people’s guilty pleasure, the last thing you want to do is rush ahead and make a mess of your beautiful kitchen.

The last thing you want is a wonky cupboard door on your new units, or a bothersome trip going all night that keeps you awake from a new set of taps that looked great in the showroom.

Take the time to do it right, and plan carefully what you want to do before you go crazy with the tools. Don’t be the guy who spent their Saturday afternoon with a mop and bucket cleaning up the kitchen floor like a certain unnamed author who (may have) managed to knock a hole in their water pipe and flood the kitchen last Xmas.

Nothing will put the loved ones off supporting your DIY endeavors more than destroying their beloved kitchen décor. After all, you need to keep everyone onside whilst you get to work, no matter how big or small the project you take on.

Who is this research for?

woman doing DIY

DIY is the perfect way to customize your home’s kitchen, without the large outlay of getting in a costly professional.

You won’t even need to get a spare key cut, make endless cups of coffee, or wait in all day for them to arrive. Just drag the tools out of the garage, put on some sweats, and get started.

What’s more, you can then look back at the end of the day with a beer or glass of wine and say “I built that”.

The ideal antidote to solve your kitchen malaise, young or old, professional or retired, is DIY. By re-jigging your kitchen you can breathe fresh life into the most important room in the house.

Whether your kitchen is brand new, a little dated, or has seen better days, these easy to follow tips are sure to make a fun and engaging project around the house, and all at a minimum cost so what are you waiting for!

Here is 10 Smart DIY Kitchen Upgrades:

Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet

tilt out trash cabinet diy 1

tilt out trash cabinet diy after

When your old one trash can cabinet pedal went off and you don’t like anything new just make one yourself! See source below.

Make Use of Chalkboards

chalkboards diy kitchen

Chalkboards can be used on a lot of stuff not only in your kitchen. Just be creative! See source below.


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Affordable ways to add value to your property

 Kitchen Utensil Holder

kitchen utensil holder

You can do this with just a towel bar, bamboo utensil holder, metal rings and small drill. How to:

  1. attach the towel bar to the wall
  2. drill a hole on top of a bamboo holder with a drill
  3. attach the holders to the towel bar with metal rings
  4. Done!

See source below.

Kitchen Window Treatment

kitchen window treatment diy

Have some spare coffee bags? So what are you waiting for?

See source below.

Hidden Cabinet Hack

hidden cabinet hack

If your sink area have a fake drawer panel and you have a lot of baking pans, well you now know what to do next! See source below

Organize Your Cupboard

kitchen cupboards diy

Yes, just take an action and organize your cupboard!

Flooring Backsplash

diy backsplash before


diy backsplash after

Make use of laminate floor tiles! It can make all the difference in the world to your kitchen!

Granite-Like Countertop

diy granite countertop

Well, it’s not really granite but who’s gonna know! With just a paint and simple trick you can get yourself a real deal! See source below

Fold-Down Spice Rack

Just fold it when you need it.


Old art box
Wood glue 
1-inch screws
½ inch screws
Small chain


Finding good quality DIY advice that you can rely on is more of an art form than an exact science. Don’t just google “Kitchen DIY” and take the top link. Just because it’s popular, doesn’t always mean it’s the best for your kitchen. The last thing you want to do is end up causing more harm than good, and then face a large bill to get a tradesman in to rectify your misadventures!

I’ve spent years filtering out the bodge jobs from the Mona Lisa’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few tricks of the trade in an afternoon. Take your time, don’t always go for the very cheapest solutions, and make sure the new style or fixture really matches what you want your kitchen to be.

Most important of all: if you’re going to try and fit new kitchen work tops in time for Xmas cooking, make sure you track your water pipes before you plug in your drill!


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