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6 Great Furniture You Wish You Had As a Child

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I know children’s furniture might seem like a weird topic for a grown woman to write about, so let me explain myself. Last week, I journeyed home to Manchester to visit my brother, his wife, and their five-year-old son. I hadn’t seen my nephew since he was two, so he had obviously changed a lot.

For example, he had mastered the art of using the toilet, which he told me about with the same enthusiasm my brother told me about his promotion.

Another thing my nephew did with enthusiasm gave me a tour of “his” house. I had already gotten a tour from my brother, but I hadn’t seen the house through the eyes of a child. I didn’t see what he deemed to be its best features, such as a skirting board on which he had proudly though incorrectly spelled his name.

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The thing my nephew was most excited about showing me was a chest of drawers my parents had given him for his birthday. It featured four compartments, two down and two across and parted in the middle by wooden bellows, giving the chest of drawers the appearance of an accordion.

Some might see this as an odd present to give a child, but my father is an accomplished musician and his grandson has long had a fascination with his accordion.

He loves that chest of drawers, and I would have loved to have one as a kid. I’d love to have one now! It got me thinking “What other cool furniture did I miss out on?” So I did a little of research and came up with this list of the most awesome children’s furniture on the market!

Who is this information for?

I’m sure those who share my interest in children’s furniture are not quite as sad as I am and are reading this to find some decor for their child’s bedroom and not because they want to imagine what their childhood would have been like had they had a race car bed.

The information in this article will broaden your interior design horizons and show you some truly unique pieces of hot furniture. The right piece of furniture will reflect your son or daughter’s personality, and in some cases, it might even shape it.

List of awesome furniture for your children:

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floating desk with storage for kids

This desk is a great space saver and quite a durable thing. DIMENSIONS: Height: 39.5 inches; Width: 42.25 inches; Length: 19.75 inches

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great storage bookshelf for kids

This bookshelf is extremely easy to set up and holds more books than you think it does. DIMENSIONS: Height: 24 inches; Width: 11 inches; Length: 25 inches

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great storage bookshelf for kids

This storage organizer with plastic bins is easy to assemble, sturdy and holds a great amount of toys. DIMENSIONS: Height: 34 inches; Width: 11 inches; Length: 31 inches

flip open sofa with minnie mouse(click for info)

This flip open sofa with Minnie will be your toddler’s favorite thing. Your dog will love it too! DIMENSIONS: Height: 26.3 inches; Width: 16.5 inches; Length: 15.2 inches

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Jake and The Neverland Pirates Flip Open Sofa

This flip open sofa with Jack is one adorable thing and will be constantly used by your son. Your cat will love it too! DIMENSIONS: Height: 26 inches; Width: 16.5 inches; Length: 15.2 inches

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Kids Wood Table with 4 Chairs Set

This wood table set with chairs is quite durable despite the look and can comfortably entertain even 4-year-old kids. DIMENSIONS: Height: 26 inches; Width: 22 inches; Length: 19 inches


And that concludes our look at the furniture you wish you had as a child.

Owing to their originality, a lot of these pieces were challenging to find. That may seem like a negative, but to me, it means you have the chance to give your child a totally unique bedroom and, in turn, a totally unique childhood.

If you are having a bit of trouble deciding which entries you should purchase – they’re all so cool! – maybe you should seek out some reviews of the ones which interest you. Ask yourself which furnishings your child would enjoy. Maybe even show them this article and get their input!

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