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Keeping Lawns Looking Well-Manicured by Trimming and Edging

A beautiful lawn is a welcome site for visitors and guests. It adds valuable appeal on the property and provides a refreshing scenery for homeowners, neighbors, and visitors. Achieving a perfect looking lawn is possible with basic lawn care such as monitoring weed growth and eliminating them, watering, mowing and feeding them as scheduled. Aside from these, edging and trimming lawns also gives that elegant finish to your turf.

Trimming and edging can be likened to a manicure or polish after cutting and cleaning the fingernails. It smooths out any rough edges and gives an elegant polishing touch to the landscape. But trimming is different than edging, and homeowners need to understand which is which for them to apply the right finishing touches for your lawn.

Edging and Trimming – Which one is which?

Before pulling out the tools and starting creating the look that you have in mind, it might be best to understand what is edging or trimming first.


This finishing method is when you define the line between sidewalks, driveways, curbing or any hard surface and a growing area like a garden, flower bed or the lawn. This is achieved by creating a vertical line between the two elements. You can use a spade or edging tool, but others use a string trimmer for this.

Edging creates a crease-like line that separates the growing and non-growing surfaces. When done properly, edging helps limit weed growth in these crevices or cracks. It also gives a smooth and formal appearance to the landscaping work.


Trimming the lawn refers to the removal of weeds and other growths in areas where the lawnmower cannot reach. This includes the wisps of grass on the side of the fence, house, and other structure. They definitely look chaotic and trimming will give a uniform and trimmed look to the landscape.

A string trimmer is a great tool for this work, but if there is none, hand shears can do it too. Trimming jobs are also done around trees and tight corners of the lawn.

How Often Do You Need to Do Trimming and Edging?

How often to trim and edge the lawns and gardens depend upon your personality. There are people who feel that trimming and edging should be done every after mowing. Others schedule these activities every third time they mow or whenever the lawns look like it needs a more uninformed and polished look.

Tips for Easy Edging and Trimming

Whether you choose to trim and edge your lawns every after mowing or only when necessary, it should be done effectively.

  • Be sure to use only the best tool for trimming lawn. This will avoid any strain or injuries on your hands, elbows, and wrist. The right tools will also help you get the job done faster and better.
  • Do check your trimming and edging tools regularly to ensure that they are well-oiled, shard and in functioning condition. Have some extra string for the trimmer so that you can replace the spool when it runs out while you are doing the job.
  • Practice safety measures when doing edging, trimming or any other lawn maintenance tasks. Wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from flying debris and always store tools away from children’s reach.

Trimming and edging are part of good lawn maintenance and they make your lawns look elegantly polished. Knowing the difference between them and how to do each task is very helpful when you need to delegate the tasks to other people or to a professional lawn maintenance company.