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How to Manage Your Landscape in the Early Spring in Antioch, CA

Although you may not have thought about the spring landscape, it has many advantages. One of them is reducing fuel costs, which are quite high today! Of course, you can cut costs by about 40 percent if you plan to act. One way is to prepare the landscape around the facility (west, east, and north) to avoid wind in the house. As they grow, the plants insulate their homes enough to reduce fuel costs! Before you start ordering these landscape plants and launching too many new projects, you need to look at what you can do at different times of the year in Antioch, California, and similar climatic conditions.

At this time of year, late winter and early spring are the times when you want to start looking for projects in early spring and summer and start plans that will bear fruit in summer and autumn. This is an ideal time to consider plants that will bloom and give a better appearance in a few months at the end of next year. You can also place certain plants and trees that will attract individual birds in the winter. Use, for example, those that produce brightly colored berries. Choose a plant that has a unique color, style, or shape. You may want a plant that has a unique bark structure to increase interest. Take blueberry viburnum, in which there will be many berries. This will undoubtedly improve your interest in spring landscapes and offer something unique in a boring spring wonderland!

Believe it or not, the next two to three months is the best time to think, order, and even plant things that really won’t appear until August or September. If you want to receive flowers in the fall, order them now and prepare your flower beds, then it is best to do this in March if you live in a drier climate, for example, in Antioch. Plant in early spring so that it is in the ground long enough before it blooms in autumn.

Throughout the year, consider adding flowering or shrubby trees to planting plans, they will have time to really take root and prepare well for the high temperatures in the summer months and freezing spring temperatures to avoid damage. The best winds are trees and shrubs with low crowns. If you plant greenery in combination with a wall or natural seed, this will “lift” the wind above the house. However, we do not plant perennials on the south side to receive heat from the sun at home.

In addition to ordering bulbs and other items at this time of the year and planning spring beds by seeking the services of landscaping in Antioch, CA from a reputable service company, you can also plant cacti indoors if you plan to add new succulents to your garden this year. Cacti or succulents can be a great addition to a desert garden and provide a great way to bloom, saving water, and avoiding the use of non-native plants in the desert. In late spring and early spring, gardening is applied even in desert areas. Make sure that you do what you need, or order the things you want to add to your summer and autumn garden, now and in the coming months, so that your garden is bright in late summer and early autumn.