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The Best Rat Killer 2018 – Ultimate Guide

best fast rat poison

Rats and mice are some of the most repelling household pests you would want in your house.

They are larger in size than other house pests making them an eyesore and potentially destructive.

So you probably agree with me when I say: You should at least know the best rat poisons available on the market in 2018.

And this article will surely help you find the best rat killers which act very fast!

Inevitably, it is us human beings whom rodents  prefer as friends. The big question would be: why do rodents prefer living near human beings?

Both human beings and rodents are mammals. In effect, this means our body observe the same principles of functioning. The type of food we eat is also similar hence the reason they prefer living near kitchens and food galleries.

Apart from the nuisance, they can cause you a dozen problems including the following:

  • They can cause havoc to harvested or growing crops
  • They usually break house codes as well as wiring
  • They are known to transmit diseases
  • They at times cause ecological damage

What is rat killer?

Rodent killing substance, also known as a rodenticide is a chemical used for killing rodents. It is made of metal phosphides, anticoagulant, and maybe a little dose of vitamin D. Some rat poisons are lethal after a single exposure while some require more than a single exposure. Also, some work for a longer period while others for a short period.

Besides being toxic to rodents, rodenticides can also affect humans, dogs, cats, or any other animals that scavenge on dead rats.

How does rat killing substance work?

Rat poison, basically fights vitamin K in the rat’s body system and gradually depletes it to zero level. This vitamin is essential for blood clotting. When they eat the poison, it goes to the stomach but does not start reacting there, so the rat will not barf. The poison starts reacting when it gets to their bloodstream and gradually weakens their immune system. It may take up to 3 days before they lose all vitamin K. This leads to tears and rips inside the animal’s body, thus causing the rat to die of internal bleeding.

How long does rodent toxin take?

Since there are different types of rat poison, it takes different time for each of them to react. Some respond immediately, while others take some days to react. It is best to buy the one that takes some days because these rodents observe the first rat that eats the poison to see if it reacts to the food. But when it takes more than one day, they hardly trace the cause of death.

What is the best rat poison available? - 5 top rated rat killers of 2018

If you are in the hurry and want me to get straight to the point, I listed below the best rat killers on the market which help you to get rid of these nasty rodents once and for all!:

Here is comparison table of the reviewing products

Farnam Just One Bite 

farnam just one bite rat poison

This is arguably the cheapest of the rodenticides found on Amazon.

While the price is attractive and effects quick, the packaging makes it potentially dangerous especially to children.

With such an attractive packaging, children are susceptible to ingesting it. It may also be confused with dog food in some instances.

Its highly effective poison makes it lethal if accidentally ingested, especially unknowingly.

We Liked:

  • Great price
  • Doesn't smell
  • Very effective
  • Can be broken down into smaller pieces (use gloves)
  • Kills other pests as well (squirrels, skunks, chipmunks etc.)

We Didn't Like:

  • Dangerous for children and pets
  • Rats have terrible odor when they die


decon rat bait 4 count

D-CON rat poison is an already mixed bait that does not require any form of mixing prior to usage. No need for extra preparation, all you have to do is to place them on targeted areas in a rat-infested location. They are highly effective and simple to use.

It is best used in places that are hard to reach such as under the sink, under the couch, on high shelves, inside closets, and inside the refrigerator. This rodent killer is highly effective on rodents, including warfarin.

We Liked:

  • Can be used in multiple locations
  • Highly effective for killing mice and rats
  • ​2 Ounce trays can handle large areas that are rodent infested
  • It can kill in just a single feeding
  • Can kill Norway rats and resistant house mice

We Didn't Like:

  • It is expensive

Go-Green Rodent Bait

gogreen humane rat pellets

Go-Green pellets are produced in the United States and they are designed to make a huge impact in combating rodents of all kinds. This powerful rodent fighter is in pellet form, and are made from the combination of peppermint, rosemary, clove, cinnamon and lemongrass. They are biodegradable products that are eco-friendly which makes them safe to use in controlling pests.

Go-Green repels rodents of all types and it is simply used by spreading the granules in rodents infested areas. They produce immediate results and can be safely used in pantries and kitchen.

We Liked:

  • It is eco-friendly
  • Offers a lasting solution to pest control
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Safe to use in kitchen and pantries
  • Can kill Norway rats and resistant house mice

We Didn't Like:

  • The pellets may look attractive to kids

Tomcat - Most Effective Rat Poison

Tomcat rat killer poison bait station
tomcat rat killer station sideview

It is arguably the safest rat killer poison gadget available.

Given its price on Amazon, the rat feeding station makes it a bargain.

However, the station slows down the speed at which the rats eat the bait since only a few fit in.

The station may act as a trap locking an already suffocating rat inside to its death.

The resulting bad odor would be disturbing.

Check this video on how to use a Tomcat Rat Killer:

We Liked:

  • Great gadget price
  • Comes with bait blocks
  • Each poison block can kill up to 3 rats
  • Weather resistant
  • Safe for cats and dogs
  • Poison monitoring through plastic window

We Didn't Like:

  • Dangerous for curious children
  • Rats have terrible odor when they die inside
  • Too small for squirrels

Havoc Rodent Pellets

havoc mouse and rat poison bait

The anti-coagulant is one of the best on Amazon despite its high cost.

The poison is less reactive to pets and human but effective on rats and mice.

The packaging comes with first aid instructions making it safer.

Additionally, the pellets are ready to use which reduce the likelihood of contamination.

We Liked:

  • All-weather conditions
  • Kills rats in single feeding
  • You don't have to remove bait from the pack (Rodents will chew through it)
  • Agricultural buildings friendly
  • The least dangerous for humans and pets
  • Kills other pests like squirrels, chipmunks, skunks etc.

We Didn't Like:

  • Dangerous for curious children
  • Rats have terrible odor when they die

Did you know that it is possible to formulate homemade rodent disintegrators? Yes, this is absolutely possible and they are as effective as any other you could think of. You don’t have to spend much to control rodents in your house anymore. I’ll be showing you an effective homemade recipe for rat poison.

Baking soda rat poison

Step 1. Wear your disposable gloves. Since we are talking about poison, it is important that proper safety measures are taken to prevent any harmful effect.

Step 2. Put 1 cup of cornmeal or flour and 1 cup of powdered chocolate or sugar in a container. Add 1 cup of baking soda and mix thoroughly until the mixture blends evenly. The chocolate or sugar (whichever one you use) will attract the rodents, while the baking soda will do the killing after they have consumed the mixture

Step 3. Look for jar lids and half-fill them with the rat bait made in step 2

Step 4. Search through the building to find where rat droppings are and put the baited jar lids in those locations. It is most likely that the rats will return to these areas.

Step 5Monitor the areas from time to time to see the outcome of the homemade rat poison. Once you stop seeing new droppings, watch out because what you will start seeing are dead rats.

Monitor the areas from time to time to see the outcome of the homemade rodent toxin. Once you stop seeing new droppings, watch out because what you will start seeing are dead rats.

Dog Eats Rat Poison - What Now?

Your dogs can be affected by eating rodent poison or eating rats that have ingested the poison. In any of the cases, a vet should be visited as soon as possible to save the dog’s life. Rat poison in dogs can be fatal if prompt medical care is not administered.

How does this affects your dog?

These toxins act as an anticoagulant by reducing the amount of vitamin K in the body. This vitamin is essential for blood clotting. It takes between 1 to 5 days for the vitamin K to be completely depleted, after which signs of sluggishness begin to manifest. Death follows immediately. So rat poison in dogs should not be taken lightly.

There are two types of rat bait; 1st generation and 2nd generation rat poison. The first generation drugs are those that work within a short period and require more than a single ingestion for them to be effective. The second generation drugs are drugs that work for a longer period and a single dose is enough to make the action fatal.

What are the symptoms to look out for?

If your dog eats rat poison, you may not see the effect immediately. How long does it take before you see the effect? It may take 1 or up to 5 days for the symptoms to manifest. If you notice any of the following signs listed below in your dog, visit your vet doctor immediately to save its life.

· Lethargy

· Bleeding from the nose

· Blood in the feces or urine

· Bruising beneath the skin

· Continuous bleeding from small cuts or wounds

· Pale gum

· Muscle tremors or seizures

· Lameness

· Vomiting and/or diarrhea

· Respiratory difficulties like coughing and rapid breathing

What to do if you suspect your dog has consumed rodent poison?

Never take things for granted if you love your dog. Many of us have lost our precious dogs due to carelessness from our side. There was a certain time my dog ate rat poison, all I thought was just a minor allergic reaction that will disappear in some few days. To my utter disbelief, I started noticing some abnormal symptoms after about 4 days and I rushed it to a vet. It was so unfortunate because I lost the dog due to my belated actions.

So if your dog ate the toxins and you notice any of the symptoms above, take it to a vet immediately to save its life. Dogs are our friends, let's join hands together to stop this lovely and friendly creature from dying careless death when we have the power to control it.

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Read Before You Use Rat Killers

As you plan to eliminate rodents from your compound or house it is important to do the following:

  • Read the label instructions thoroughly before use
  • ​Store rodenticides out of reach of children
  • ​Choose carefully concealed bait point away from pets and children
  • ​Consider the least risky rodenticide to use at home
  • Understand the species of rodent you are dealing with. Check the picture below:

Signs of mice and rats – rodent droppings

rat and mouse droppings


Humane traps have been known to be methods of choice in dealing with this menace. While humane traps are rather safe to human beings and their pets, they are proven not to be effective over time. Inefficiencies of this method include the following:

1. Its inability to trap more than a given number of rats or mice depending on its size.
2. It is known to mechanically malfunction after a period of use.
3. The trap does not necessarily kill the rats, and some may escape when trying to kill them.
4. Some rodents are strong enough to escape from the traps.
5. Traps are time-consuming and take long to eliminate rodents.

Types of rat killers and how they affect humans and pets

Substances such as fish oil, molasses, peanut butter, ground meat, vegetables and grains are used as baits.

While the bait is meant to attract the rodent, children and pets such as rabbits, monkeys, cats and dogs may also be tempted to eat or inhale the poison. This could potentially have adverse or fatal consequences.

Rodenticides cause adverse effects when inhaled, eaten or put in touch with the skin of a human being or a pet. This is particularly due to the reactive chemicals used in making the poison compound.

The effects of this poisoning on pets and human beings may at times take while to its slow nature. Therefore, it is important to understand different categories of rodenticides in order to wisely consider the best poison to buy.

Rodenticides can generally be classified into anticoagulants, vitamin based and bromethalin.


Anti-coagulants are rodents poisons that contain chemicals whose action in the body take relatively long time. The effect may take up to 48 hours to be effective. The active ingredient in this rodenticide prevents clotting of the blood.

The poison may exhibit the following sign on your children or pet depending on the dosage ingested. Breathing difficulties, bloody urine, bloody vomiting, coughing and bleeding and other signs.

However, this rodenticide contains a readily available antidote called vitamin K1 taken between 3-4 weeks. Warfin and fumarin are some of the best-known anti-coagulants.

Vitamin Based

Also known as Cholecalciferol, it is composed of poison pellets that flood a rat’s system with soluble fats. It is faster and more dangerous than anti-coagulant taking up to a day to be effective. Too much of the vitamin in the system lead to excess calcium in the body.

This affects the central nervous system, kidneys, cardiovascular system and digestive tract. There is no known antidote if accidentally ingested. Only a variety of therapy treatments and aggressive blood monitoring up to one month is used.


This is the most lethal rodenticide which acts as a neurotoxin when ingested. The poison takes a few hours acting on the brain and the liver resulting in brain swelling. Shortly after the poison may cause tremors, paralysis, seizures and even death. Unfortunately, if a human being or a pet ingests, there is no antidote part from supportive care. Bromethalin is often found in mole rodenticides and rarely in rats or mice poison.

Aluminum, zinc, phosphides and Calcium

These are mostly found in mole rodenticides and on rare occasion in mice and rats baits. From four hours, the poisons normally release toxic gasses into the system causing bloating, vomiting and other abdominal pains.

The poison does not have a known antidote. For this reason proactive, fast decontamination is required if accidentally ingested as it may easily cause liver damage and shock or collapse.


The market has hundreds of rat and mice killers which are often effective on rats. While choosing what to buy, critically check for products that leave the environment safe for you, your children and pets but at the same time act the fastest possible way to get rid of your problem.


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