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How To Kill Ants In Your House With Natural Ant Killer: 2017 Guide

get rid of ants in natural way

Is your house infested with ants?

Do you find it really annoying to see those little ants crawling all around the house and especially the kitchen countertops?

Have you started getting paranoid with the thought of getting stung by an ant in your house?

If that is so, you are a part of a large group of people who are facing this problem every day and wondering how to get rid of ants.

There are a couple of things that you can do to get this disturbing and embarrassing pest out of your living arena. Either you spend hundreds of dollars on professional pest control services, you shop around to get a chemical or natural ant killer and do the job yourself.

Natural Ant Killers

Here are some natural ways that will deter the ants from entering your house and kill them as well.

  • Cinnamon – The smell of cinnamon is something that ants can’t stand. Spraying cinnamon powder or wiping a cloth soaked in cinnamon essential oil over areas where ants are mostly seen will keep them miles away.
  • Borax – When mixed with food jelly or sugar solution, borax could become the ultimate killing machine for ants that ingests the mixture. As they carry the borax mixed food back to their colony, the whole colony gets killed as they consume that food
  • White vinegar – Dilute some white vinegar by adding some water and spray the solution over places where you see ants. Not only will this kill the ants, but the strong smell of vinegar will also mask the smell trail that would have let other ants follow the worker ant.
  • ​Peppermint – Spraying peppermint essential oil or wiping the areas with a cloth soaked in that oil would give you startling results in eradicating ants from your house and your life.

How To Get Rid Of Ants with Best 2017 Ant Baits

There are many ant baits available in the market today that helps in killing the total colony of ants.

Application of these ant killers will not only ensure that you are getting rid of those ants which you can see but also those which remain hidden inside their mounds.

Some of the 2017 best ant killer products are described below.

Terro Ant Baits

terro liquid ant killer baits 2 pack

While talking of products to exterminate ants from your living space, the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits deserve a special mention. With this bait, all you have to do is to place the bait stations at a place where ants are spotted more frequently. The worker or foraging ants will consume the sweet tasting liquid bait, take it to the rest of the ants and thereby make them consume the poisonous bait, killing all them slowly and steadily. If placed at a strategic location, this would not only kill the worker ants but the whole colony of ants as well.

We Liked:

  • Kills whole colonies of ants, which means total annihilation of the ants that infested your house
  • Cost-effective solution for getting rid of ants
  • Effective for killing all common household ants
  • The chemical inside the bait prevents it from drying out and thus has a higher shelf life

We Didn't Like:

  • The process of killing the ants could take more time than anticipated
  • Not ideal for indoor use always, as it attracts more ants than before

Maxforce Ant Killer Bait Gel

maxforce bait gel 1 pack

Another noteworthy product for killing ants is the Maxforce FC Ant Killer Bait Gel, which is available in tubes. This easy to apply gel needs to be applied at places where the ants are mostly seen. This can be applied even in cracks and crevices that serve as gateways to the ants to enter your house from outside. The chemical bait gel gets consumed by the worker ants and taken back to its colony, where the rest of the ants consume it and get killed. Once applied, the gel can attract the ants for a period of two weeks, if Although chances are weak, but if the ants still manage to exist in your house post that, the bait gel needs to be reapplied.

We Liked:

  • Easy to apply gel available in tubes
  • Can be applied at tight corners and thin cracks where ants are mostly spotted
  • Can kill wide species of ants and kills all ants in the ant colony
  • Bait stays effective for a period of two weeks

We Didn't Like:

  • Bit pricey as compared to other ant killer baits available in the market
  • Total eradication of ants takes long time

Combat Source Kill Max Bait

combat source bait 6 pack

The Combat Source Kill Max A1 Ant Bait is yet another highly effective ant killer that is available in the market. It’s fast acting chemical formula starts killing the ants at their source faster than other products of its class. The benefit of using this product over sprays is that the sprays will only kill the ones which come out of their nest and are visible to you. With this product, you can kill all ants along with the queen ant easily and conveniently. All you have to do is to place the bait at places where ants are seen shuttling. The ants will eat the bait themselves, carry it back to their nest and pass the bait on to kill all ants in the colony thereby giving you a permanent solution to the perennial problem of ants.

We Liked:

  • Works faster than any other product
  • The bait chemical is harmless for children
  • Kills ants on 24/7 basis
  • Quite cost effective

We Didn't Like:

  • Needs to be placed in areas where there are no other food particles available. This could be difficult at times as kitchen is the common foraging ground for ants and you cannot keep a kitchen free of food particles.

Additional Ant Info

While you learn about how to kill ants in your house, it is good to learn about the different types of ants that invade your house. While there are many species of this social pest that wander around, the most common ones are carpenter ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants and the most common odorous house ants.

While most common natural ant killer techniques will be effective against the different types of ants, not all pesticides will be appropriate for each type. Thus while buying chemical based ant killers, you may want to check on the specifications properly.

Below is a great infographic about everything you need to know about ants​:

ant facts

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