How To Choose an Artificial Grass Supplier

How To Choose an Artificial Grass Supplier

Choosing the right artificial grass supplier can be a very daunting task. Most people usually end up making poor decisions and have to incur further expenses in maintenance. Here are some amazing tips you could use to find the best artificial grass supplier.

Types of artificial grass offered

There are a number of artificial grass suppliers out there and they offer a wide variety of artificial grass. As the buyer, you should know the types of artificial grass offered by a supplier before you select them. The best way to do this is to inquire about the varieties available and request for samples. A good supplier should be able to provide you with all their available samples.

This way, you will never choose an artificial grass you do not like due to lack of alternatives from the supplier. After getting the samples, check them out one by one and if the supplier has some appealing ones, then you could single them out and pick the one that is more alluring to you. 

Industrial standards

No matter which occupation a supplier is working, there are always standards set to ensure that consumers get the best out of the products being supplied. In our case, we need to ensure that the supplier meets the ISO 9001 and synthetic turf council guidelines. The guidelines ensure that only quality artificial grass is supplied to consumers. If a supplier does not meet these standards, then it would be wise to look for another supplier.

Moreover, with our environment being ravaged by pollution and global warming, it would be appropriate for you to ensure that the environmental safety standards are met as well. This shows your grass has been tested for harmful substances. You can confirm this through the ISO14001 environmental standards. 

Grass installation services

As simple as grass installation may look, it can turn into a challenging task and so is very advisable that you get a qualified installer. You should know if your supplier offers installation services and if they do check how qualified they are. A proper install will go a long way in ensuring that your artificial grass lasts longer. A supplier who is able to supply and install the grass can be a very good pick for you.

This is because many of them have done the job for quite some time and so they are very experienced in the field. They will be able to get those perfect edges and even give maintenance advice afterwards.

Durability and warranty

Artificial grass installation should be looked at as an investment and like in every investment we always look to get the most out of the product. You should always inquire about the durability of the artificial grass from a supplier. A durable grass should be able to last for several years and hence can be considered a good investment. 

It is also important that you select a supplier who offers a warranty. A buyer with a warranty can be able to call the supplier and have his grass looked at immediately in case of any problems. A person who has no warranty stipulated in the sale of the product will have a difficult time getting the supplier to come and check on the grass. 


The one thing we all know about price, is that it varies from supplier to supplier. Doing a thorough check on the internet can help you save some extra cash. It is however important to note that most prices vary due to quality. In choosing artificial grass, quality should prevail over price. You first have to check the quality of the grass among different suppliers, and then compare their prices.