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How to Choose a Glass Greenhouse

Though gardening is a popular hobby, it is often difficult to grow plants in the garden due to a number of reasons. Often nonseasonal weather, like heavy rainfall or snowfall can damage the fruits and vegetables. Also pests like birds, rats, mice and insects can eat the seeds and seedlings, making it difficult to grow any plant.

Hence many gardeners are preferring to grow their plants in a greenhouse where the plants are protected from pests and environmental damage. A glass greenhouse is preferred by amateur gardeners since it is more durable, yet many would like to find out how to choose a glass greenhouse for their garden before taking a decision.

Greenhouse size

One of main factors which has to be considered while choosing the glass greenhouse is the size of the greenhouse. This will depend on the area available for growing plants in the greenhouse. Usually the greenhouse will be placed on the ground, and the gardener has to decide the ground area which will be covered. The height of the green house will depend on the plants which are being grown. If only seedlings are being grown in the greenhouse, a smaller greenhouse will be adequate, while if larger plants are grown, a bigger green house will be required.


If the greenhouse is not properly ventilated, it can get overheated during the warmer months of the year in summer. This could make the plants wilt and in some cases die. During winter, it should be possible to retain the warm air so that the plants do not freeze.Hence it is necessary to ensure that the greenhouse is properly ventilated so that there is enough air being circulated in the greenhouse. There should be vents in the greenhouse at the base to let the air in and at the top to let the heated air out. It should be possible for the gardener to open and close the air vents based on the weather and other factors.

Type of glass

Though standard glass is more durable than plastic as a greenhouse material, it is not very strong. It can break if stones, hailstones or other hard objects will fall on the glass greenhouse. Hence based on the environmental conditions, the gardener should should choose the type of glass accordingly. For example tempered glass is stronger than standard glass. In some cases, multiple layers of glass may be used for additional strength and insulation. While clear glass is usually used for greenhouses since it allows sunlight in, it is also possible to used frosted glass.


Another important factor which has to be considered while choosing the greenhouse is the customization offered. Since the greenhouse is expensive, it is often designed to maximize the area available for growing plants and seedlings. For example many of the greenhouses have shelves where addition plants can be grown.

Taller shelves may be required for larger plants. In some cases, extension kits may also be required. The design should also make it easy to repair the greenhouse if part of the glass is damaged, the glass should be replaced easily and at a low cost.