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How To Buy The Top Rat Poison Product

Most farms, apartment buildings or homes have mice or rat problems. The best way by which these pests can be kept away are through the best rat poison. This requires heavy research of the available pellets, trays and traps for rats. It should be noted that rat poisons might be very effective but the animals they are meant to kill are also clever.

Buying guide

There are several factors that ought to be considered when purchasing the best rat poison, the main ones are as follows:


It is important to know the scope and size of the best rat poison that is available on the market. This depends upon individual needs, some might require large while others small. Therefore, getting a rough idea of quantity is vital.

•Kill time

There are certain types of rat poison that kill instantly while others do not. A consumer might want an immediate kill product or one that takes its time to kill i.e. up to several days. The kill time is usually given in days. Seeking a permanent solution is what should always be prioritized.


The ingredients are the core of the best rat poison as they determine its efficacy. This means that it is critical to determine the main ingredients that constitute the rat poison. There are certain ingredients whose strength is known and documented. A good example of rat poison ingredient classification is anticoagulants and non-anticoagulants. Common rat poison ingredients are diphacinone, bromadiolone, brodifacoum and bromethalin.


There are rat poisons that are formulated for rats while others for mice. However, there are some market brands that kill tow birds with a single stone. Make sure that the product you purchase suits your specific needs i.e. level of infestation.


Very few rats will just walk into a poison and proceed to consume it. The presence of a bait cannot be overemphasized when it comes to rats. Some very good examples of baits are peanut butter, cheese, cotton, vegetables, strings, bread, cereals and chocolate. Select the poison with the most attractive bait.

•Product weight

The product weight is partially correlated with the ingredients, this is normally provided in ounces. There are some consumers who are specific on the acceptable product weights. Usually, this is tied to portability etc.

•Delivery system

The best rat poison can be delivered in multiple ways. There those that are inside self-contained trays hence can be simply set out. Some rat poisons are available in form of pellets that ought to be placed in trays or traps. There are also bar rat poisons that can just be placed out on their own. This is a personal decision hence there is no bad or good delivery system.


The above insightful information clearly shows how to go about the process of selecting the best rat poison on the market for your specific needs. The efficacy of a rat poison is non-negotiable and that is what consumers should be most keen on buying.