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How To Buy a Perfect Lawn Mower

Whenever you own a yard or lawn you just need to cut the grass from time to time. You can do it by your own or by hiring the lawn maintenance company. The cheaper option long term is to buy a lawn mower.

However before the purchase there are some things to consider. First and foremost you need to determine the size of your lawn and the landscape of your yard. This way you can easily determine the type of your lawn mower and amount of money you need to invest. After little bit of research you can easily find the perfect mower for yourself.

What To Look For Before Buying a Lawn Mower

Here are several most important factors:

Lawn Size

If you yard is 1/2 acre or less the best choice is push lawn mower. If you yard is bigger than that the riding lawn mower is your best bet. Using anything other than riding lawn mower will get you tired very quickly especially if there is hot out there. Sitting on riding tractor is way more fun anyway.

Type of Terrain

This is very important factor so don’t neglect it. If you have flat and clear terrain the usual push mower is good especially mulching push mower. If you are a homeowner who is not that lucky and has small bumps and hills your will be much better off with a self-propelled mower. This kind of mower uses engine and help you tremendously with the task at hand.

Additionally if obstacles like rocks, beds, fountains are present you might consider a zero-turn mower. This kind of machine can much better navigate around the obstacles.

Mower Power Supply

Lawn mowers can be manual, electric or gas-powered. Among electric ones you can find corded and cordless machines. Gas and electricity have pros and cons and it’s all up to you what you choose at the end.

Gas-powered lawn mowers are usually very powerful and can last you for a very long time. This is the biggest advantage over the rest of the models. There are also cons like high maintenance, more frequent repairs and fuel consumption. Some people also don’t like cords attached to these mowers too.

On the other hand you have electric mowers which can be very convenient to use due to being cordless. They are also much quieter and easier to master. The biggest disadvantage is that they are not so powerful as their gas counterparts.

Size Of The Deck

Deck size determines the blade width on your mower. Basically it means the bigger your deck the wider your mower will cut grass. You can find mowers with deck sizes varying between 20” and 70” but for most people the 30” to 60” is more than enough. If you want to save time just buy a wider deck but only if you don’t have any obstacles present like trees, fountains or rocks.

The rule is as follows: small decks are much easier to manoeuvre but need more passes on the yard whereas wide decks cut very quick but only at open space.


Riding lawn mowers are for homeowners with big yards (more than 1/2 acre). You can sit comfortably on top of the machine with steering wheel and cut big areas of grass. But this type of machines are very expensive and start from $1000.

Push lawn mowers are manual machines and they require your muscles and momentum to cut through grass. This is hard task during the summer. The advantage of the push lawn mowers is the price, for about $200 you can find really good models.

Self-propelled lawn mowers differ from the push ones by having an engine and more power for banks and hills so they require less of your muscles. They are a bit more expensive though.

Electric lawn mowers are the most convenient, quiet and the most eco-friendly options available. People love them for easy maintenance. The cost is also quite low.