How to get Home Improvement Loan: 2017 Guide with Loan Calculator

How to get Home Improvement Loan: 2017 Guide with Loan Calculator

home renovation loan

A home improvement loan is a finance provided to someone, who wishes to renovate their home.

Everybody knows the amount of time and effort that’s required to maintain a house, keep it spic and span always, while also ensuring that all the spends stay within the budget.


However, what if:

  • you want to update your home?
  • you want to incorporate all the latest gadgets or install all the contemporary facilities?
  • you want to extend your balcony or modernize your bathrooms?

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What about the expenditure then?

This is when a home renovation loan comes into the picture.

It’s very difficult to bring about all these changes and not come face to face with astonishing expenses. Considering the financial scenario today, paying for all of this and doing so from your pocket in one go isn’t advisable.

Use a loan to have all your needs met, and still be able to repay the costs at your pace.

How to prepare?

Nowadays, loans are provided by most housing finance companies. These financial institutions offer varied selections to keep up with the diverse requirements of their customers.

No matter how expensive your renovation costs are or what kind of improvements you want to make to your home, there are loan options available to meet all kinds of needs.

That being said, we must certainly take a few aspects into consideration to choose the right type of finance.

One needs to, at all times, bear in mind that their EMIs should not be higher than what they can afford based on their monthly income and expenses.

Hence, a home improvement loan should not interfere with the usual monthly lifestyle choices.

Moreover, choose a loan tenure that you’re comfortable with, so that it does not stretch on endlessly for years. Always remember that extensive research is the key to assisting you with the comparison of all the home improvement loan options available before finally settling for anyone.

What are interest rates

Watch this short video below to understand what interest rates are:

Where to begin your research?


Lender terms

You can find a home improvement loan easily. But to find the best home improvement loan, an effort is required from your end. It’s ok to look out for the lowest interest rate but read out the other terms set by your secured loan lender.


It’s best to use a reference from your friends and others if possible for any relevant borrowing information. Let’s look at some points to deal strictly with such financing situations.

Specify your goal

Decide what your goal is out of borrowing this loan. Do you love to have a beautiful kitchen to cook or you like to have repaired your washrooms to have a bath and a fresh look to yourself to start the day with?

Put all the details on the table regarding your goal. Be specific in what you want. Because all that you want depends on the cost and hence the borrowing loan.


Your work needed to be done depends on how many contractors you may want for the project. Have a minimum of 2 or 3 involved with the project. And again a cost estimate is of importance from them so that you can justify the money you want to borrow from the secured loan company.

Look online

The Internet is a good source to find information on most of your questions. This way you can assess the home improvement company and lenders and details regarding the interest rates, the changes in rates, and any other extra costs.

Check out the interest offered from different home improvements loans on the small secured loans. Pen down the different interest rates along with the terms and conditions provided by each lender, so you know what you need to choose with your needs.

Time is money

Get hold of lenders who make the loan granting an easy process. You don’t want to go through a time borrowing your loan to improve your home and live your dreams quickly. Some may take a long process to grant you a loan. And some may just have easy steps to grant you the money you need. SO, choose your lender wisely.

how to get loan approval


The most common question regarding home renovation loan


What are the typical interest rates?

APR rates (The annual percentage rate – amount of interest on your total loan that you have to pay annually) largely depend on your personal circumstances and can be anything between 3% and 99% paid back over 1 to 25 years

What documents do you need?

  • age and residence proof (Passport, Driving License, Telephone Bill etc.)
  • bank statements or salary sleeps (usually last 3 or 6 months)
  • form 16 or income tax returns (last 2 or 3 years)
  • documents of the property

What to do if you have a bad credit or no equity?

It doesn’t have as big of an impact as it once did. You can still get a loan to improve your home. Don’t be scared and just try there are companies which might approve you.

You can apply below with bad credit (high success rate)

how to apply with bad credit

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Can you have more than one loan?

Yes, you can have more than one loan but bear in mind that multiple loans can lower your chance of being loaned to the amount you need. For example, if you need a $50k you might only get $5k


After your loan assessing has been completed. Select the ones you like to go ahead with. Refer a fewer websites for recommendations and comments for your favorite lenders. The best home improvement loan is the one that achieves more objectives than just a magnificent interest rate that needs to be paid.

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