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Flexzilla Garden Hose 2017 Review: Is It Best Flexible Water Hose?

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A garden hose is must-have outdoor equipment for you, since it can be used during gardening and in washing your vehicles and some other activities as well.

If you want to have a beautiful, and bountiful garden, a nice green lawn or a dirt-free car, a garden hose is an important tool for you to keep your property looking at its best and Flexzilla garden hose proves that purpose.

Flexzilla Water Hose Review

Kinks are annoying things that can bother you when you use a garden hose. Often, you may have to remove those bends manually. Some hoses are made up of plastic material, which may result in the leakage of the harmful chemicals that are toxic to us.

Leakages in hoses are another big issue that should be taken care of, as they lead to wastage of water as well. You can avoid these common problems by selecting the right garden hose and this article will guide you through all these steps.

flexzilla drinking water safe hose

Finding the perfect garden hose that fits your needs will most of the time be a challenging task for you. Various options are available for you to choose from and there are minor variations between garden hoses. You might tend to go with the cheapest one. However, these minor differences can determine whether you find a good quality and durable hose or not.

Your garden hose should be lengthy enough to reach across your entire garden or atleast more than half of it depending on the area size; it should be easier to move, flexible, and durable enough for longer use and lightweight, so that even elderly persons can use it. Flexzilla garden hose meets all the necessary features needed for a great hose. Let us discuss why it is the best hose among the others.

Product description

Most of us buy products without adequate knowledge and without considering usage instructions. These mistakes may lead to serious consequences. With regards to hoses, we should consider whether it is safe to be used with drinking water or not.

We may use the hose to hold drinking water from a container or faucet, so safety should be considered seriously. Flexzilla garden hose is even drinking water - safe because the material it is made of is free from harmful chemicals.

Flexzilla is an innovative hose that is made up of high quality Hybrid Polymer material that ensures superior flexibility and comfortability.

It features zero-memory, so it has the ability to lie flat on the ground perfectly wherever you place it and will move freely according to your intended direction. It does not form kinks easily and can be easily coiled or rolled after usage.

Flexzilla provides great all weather flexibility including sub-zero conditions.

Hose is abrasion-resistant, that is, it has the capacity to withstand abrasion. This feature enables the hose to maintain its real shape.

If a hose is having kink memory, you can expect the same bends at the same place of the hose whenever you use it. Flexzilla comes with a special inner core design, giving it superior kink resistance. It has no kink memory which allows it to be laid flat and coiled back without any difficulty.

The hose contains male and female fittings made of aircraft aluminium that is anodized. Anodising is used to increase the layer of oxide in the fittings, further adding to its durability.

The lowest temperature it can tolerate is -40 degree Fahrenheit and it can be usable up to 150 degree Fahrenheit.

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Biggest advantages

  • Flexzilla garden hose is abrasion-resistant, so it will retain and preserve its shape even after prolonged use. Kinks will disturb your watering as they block the flow of water. The hose comes with its inner core with rib design, which gives flexibility and kink resistance.
  • Your hose will be in its regular shape and will allow you to move freely while using it; it will coil freely. The strength of a garden hose is often measured by its burst pressure; this is the maximum pressure at which it may get ruptured. The Flexzilla garden hose has a working pressure of 150 PSI which is well below the value of rupture thereby making it one of the best garden hose available in the market.
  • According to users, this garden hose is highly flexible, does not develop kinks and is lightweight. With weight within 7 pounds, it is considered to be the the lightest hose available in the market today. Elderly people can enjoy their gardening time with no problems whatsoever.

Something against it

  • The aspect to consider here is its low working pressure. To use a sprinkler or a nozzle, the recommended burst pressure should be at a minimum of 350 PSI, whereas the Flexzilla garden hose has only 150 PSI. Thus, the working pressure proves to be both an advantage and disadvantage.

Where to buy

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flexzilla drinking water safe hose


I think the Flexzila is a great garden hose which should last long for at least 5 to 10 years. It is durable enough due to its polymer material and inner core design. All of advantages make it a must-have for your garden activities.

But remember to increase the life of your hose it needs to be rolled up and placed properly after each use.

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