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Extra Long Twin Mattress: Is this Size for you?

Extra Long Twin Mattress - Memory Foam


Mattresses come in different sizes as influenced by the bed size; an extra long twin mattress for instance cannot fit in a twin bed. Although the mattress sizes vary with the manufacturer, there are the standard sizes that the industry follows to the letter.

The XL twin mattress will be the main focus of this piece and for a very interesting reason. Its measurements end up frustrating a whole lot of people who try to improvise. The twin XL mattress is longer than the twin but the same length as a queen or eastern king size mattress. Also, two such mattresses side by side are the same size as a king size.

Why Mattress Size is a problem?

Mattresses Dimensions

I actually stumbled upon this problem a while ago. My partner and I had two separate twin beds and we decided to push them together.

After a couple of days, I saw the need to buy sheets for the bigger bed and went right ahead to buy king size sheets. To my surprise, they were too big for the bed and they wouldn’t fit perfectly.

Only then did I realize that two twin beds don’t make a king size. It only makes a short king (since a twin is shorter than a king size or extra long twin mattress). Luckily, I hadn’t gone all out and bought comforters and blankets without foresight.

Who should try out an Extra Long Twin Mattress?

Being XL (extra long), it offers more convenience than a twin mattress. It is a great choice for adults or tall teenagers. If you are a parent and your child has outgrown their single bed, an extra long twin bed and mattress are a great way to go.

A twin extra long mattress is also great for a guest room. It does not occupy as much space as a full size hence leaves some space in the guest room which is usually smaller than the bedrooms. It also does not feel as cramped as the twin box for taller guests.

Extra Long Twin Mattress Dimensions

XL Twin Mattress Size

The XL twin mattress measures 39” in width and 80” long. It is 5 inches longer than the twin bed which is 75 inches long. Hence the name extra long.

This mattress is also the same length as a queen size and eastern king but shorter than the California King by 4 inches.

The extra long mattress can comfortably accommodate one adult. It can also hold an adult and a child although the sleeping space will be more limited. Another advantage is that you can join two XL mattresses to create a king size bed.

However, this bed is not spacious enough for a couple of adults. A king size, queen or double can work better. If the space you have allows it, go for a Cali king or a king size for two adults.

Mattresses type and price tag

An XL twin mattress goes for between $100 and $2000 priced according to thickness (mattress density), quality and special features. You can also get a memory foam XL twin mattress for enhanced comfort.

When buying sheets, duvets, comforters and mattress covers, you should be prepared beforehand by knowing the size. Also, king size beddings will fit two XL mattresses put side by side. You can buy two separate XL twin sheets and pillow cases, one king size flat sheet and king size blankets and duvets. Doing so will accommodate two mattresses put beside each other and make it look like one big bed.

Pocket Sprung vs Memory Foam

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket Sprung Mattress characteristics:

  • contains springs that are sewn into fabric pockets
  • mattress responds to your movement
  • doesn’t mould to your body shape the way memory foam does
  • not as warm as memory foam

Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Mattress characteristics:

  • it moulds to your body shape
  • extremely comfortable
  • will make you warmer at night
  • expensive
  • make it harder to turn over

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Mattress Pads and Mattress Toppers

Wether you want to improve the comfort of your mattress, or to protect your mattress from wear you can choose between a mattress topper and a mattress pad according to your needs.

mattress pad

Mattress Pad

mattress topper

Mattress Topper

Mattress Pad characteristics:
  • protect the mattress from stains and wear
  • covers not top and all four sides of the mattress
  • some pads include top layer for extra comfort
  • greater variety of choices than toppers
  • can be waterproof, heated or plush
Mattress Topper characteristics:
  • provides an extra layer of comfort
  • thicker than pads
  • adds a layer of softness to a firm mattress
  • some toppers are without securing devices


These days it is pretty difficult to get quality information about bed and mattress sizes descriptions on the web. I almost had to go to the library and unearth some of those Home Science books for reference. Good thing I got all the geeky stats.

And if you are still confused about the numbers, just grasp these few quick facts; an extra long twin mattress is 5’ longer than a twin (single) mattress, it is the same length as a queen, two XL mattresses make a king and finally, two twin mattresses make a short king.

Knowing the sizes can help you in planning your home. For example, if the stairs to the upstairs bedroom are too small to fit a king size, you can opt for two XL mattresses. Also, you get to know how much space you are left with in a room when you use a particular bed. You don’t want to find yourself squeezing a double bed into a small guest room which would be better off having an extra long twin mattress instead.

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