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Extra Long Twin Bed: Is this oversized frame confusing?

extra long twin bed

If you are on the lookout for an extra long twin bed, then you need to take some things into consideration.

As you may know, the size of the bed determines the mattress size. Too many people go to the furniture store and purchase a mattress that is either too big or too small for their beds.

Here, we are going to take a deeper look into extra long twin bed frame and the bed itself. Surprisingly, XL twin beds are some of the most confusing bed sizes for people. I experienced this scenario once and is the reason I took an interest in this topic.

My friend and I had taken off to the downtown stores to buy a bed. He had bought a mattress about a week earlier. The bed he ended up buying was an XL twin bed but the mattress he had at home was for a twin bed.

It was too small for the new bed and this brought along a number of complications such as buying bedspreads, sheets, mattress toppers and so forth. It also reduces the lifetime of the mattress as it can get worn out at the edges because it is not designed for that bed.

Who is the extra long twin bed for? 

xl twin bed capacity

The extra long bed is bigger than the single box bed which is the smallest bed size available. It is ideal for those who need to accommodate a tall inhabitant or an adult who will not be necessarily comfortable in a single bed.

If you wanted one for a bunk bed, then the XL twin bed might not be a good fit. Of late however, there are bunk bed designs where the lower bunk is a XL twin while the upper one is smaller. These designs can be perfect for a huge family and can accommodate both a child and an adult in the same room without consuming too much space.

This bed is perfect for one adult as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. But it may not be the most suitable for couples. The sleeping space will be very little when two adults sleep on one extra long twin. Therefore, you are better off using it in your guest room if you have one or the children’s bedrooms once they start outgrowing their bunk beds and twin beds.

Twin XL bed and frame dimensions 

Being a little bit longer than a twin bed gets it its name; extra long. The extra long bed is five inches longer than a twin bed. It measures 39” wide and 80” long while a standard twin bed measures 39” by 75” inch.

bed frame size chart

You can now see where my friend went wrong in buying a smaller mattress. The advantage with the twin XL bed is that it can comfortably accommodate an adult or a teenager and give them enough space to toss and turn.

You can also put two extra long size beds side by side to form a king size bed. This is not the same case for the twin bed because they are shorter. The downside is that it is not appropriate for couples.

XL Bed Tip

The extra long bed frame on the other hand is more difficult to find. Actually, this is one disadvantage with the XL size beds, there are not that many bedding or frame choices.

You can acquire a steel frame, or opt for a platform type. An adjustable frame is best. There are some options which come with storage space such as drawers and are good if you have kids in the house. Buying a good frame will ensure longevity and your bed can last for more than 15 years. As for the headboards, you can use the ones for twin beds and they will fit well enough.


If you decide to go for the extra long twin bed, you should be well prepared in advance. Ask your vendor if they also have the correct size of bedding for your bed. This includes mattress covers, sheets, blankets and comforters.

It is not a very popular bed size and you can miss some of these things at your local store. Some information on the bed is also difficult to find such as the extra long twin bed frame.

Finally, measure your bed first before buying the mattress. You don’t want to buy one that is too big for your bed and make your warranty void after it starts wearing out at the edges. Get the right size mattress and fittings for your bed by knowing the dimensions first.





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