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Get Some Luxury with Extra Large Bathroom rugs

extra large bathroom rugs

Extra large bathroom rugs are the vogue now. Unlike in times past, bathroom rugs are now a sought after item. The essential part they play in bathroom décor is what is making them quite popular.

The bathroom rug is what cushions you against skidding on the wet bathroom tiles. It is also placed in front of a sink to prevent discomfort and cold from the bare floor and to offer support. Bathroom rugs are available in very many different colors, textures, and sizes.

Many people have more than one bathroom rug. Changing the rug is what changes the look of the bathroom.

Recently, an incident happened that inspired me to write this. I attended a bathrooms accessories expo and saw this bathroom rug. It was so large and with the exact colors that would compliment my bathroom décor, I knew I just had to have it.

I carried it home and when I rolled it out on my spacious bathroom, it just fitted like it was always meant to be there. The ambiance in my bathroom totally changed. I had to go back and check out what else was available and purchased a few others.

My bathroom now has this luxurious, cozy look. The oversized bathroom rugs I bought have made such a huge difference to my home.

Who is oversized bathroom rug for? 

large bathroom rugs

People with large spacious bathrooms would be interested in the oversized bathroom rugs. Instead of worrying about slipping in your titled space in the bathroom, I would suggest an extra large bathroom rug.

Also for those who are a little paranoid and worry about mildew and fungi growing on their bathroom floors, an extra large bathroom rug might be a good idea. These have properties to protect against such growth.

Also, like in my case, bathroom rugs are a welcome compliment to bathroom décor. If you are looking for something chic, stylish or even ethereal, you can achieve it with your bathroom rug.

When buying a bathroom rug, ensure you purchase a good material. The best material is cotton because it is highly absorbent and also dries very fast. With such a material, cleaning and drying can be done by machine, which makes it easy. This removes the risk of wetness affecting the rug and causing microorganisms to grow.

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Bathroom rug characteristics 

woolen bathroom rug

Bathroom rugs are an elegant finish and are also highly functional. They come in various types depending on the material. There is woolen rugs, some of which are handmade and others machine made.

There are also natural fiber rugs, hair and hide rugs and synthetic rugs. The quality of these rugs is not the same and varies widely, as do their prices.

I checked out the prices of bathroom rugs and found out they vary with quality. Probably the least you can spend on an extra large bathroom rug is $24. The prices go as high up as $164. These oversized bathroom rugs are hard to find. I found popular vendors only had a few pieces remaining.

They come in various dimensions. The fairly large ones measured 35.4”X 59.1” inches.

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Similar Products 

bathroom mat example

Much as there is a big difference between bathroom mats and bathroom rugs, I realize confusion does exist between this two.

A bathroom mat does more or less what a towel does and is used for drying purposes mainly. It really doesn’t contribute to the hue and aura of the bathroom, the way a bathroom rug does.

Despite its aesthetic qualities and its functionality, a bathroom rug does have one downside. When it begins to wear, it does so from the bottom side. The downside of this is that it may lose its functionality before you realize what’s happening. Some vendors do recommend the use of a pad to cushion against this.


It has been difficult to find information about extra large bathroom rugs online. I really had to do a lot of searches. I must say I found something of significance. Do make use of this information here because it has been well researched. Forget simple mats. Change the style of your bathroom by changing the bath rugs. Go out there and get yourself some luxury oversized bathroom rugs.

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