Electrical Vs Charcoal Smoker: Which Is Better For You?

Electric Smoker Vs Charcoal Smoker Comparison

  • April 30, 2018

We all know the importance of having a smoker grill at home. However, the confusion has always been picking the right one out of the many brands and models in the market. This is precisely where you need an expert to elaborate everything to you. In this piece, we are set out to resolve the debate on electric vs charcoal smoker.

This is not to bluntly assert that one is better than the other, but to explain the specifications of each and then infer a conclusion through that. Better put, you’ll be more enlightened after going through this review.

Buying Guide

Before discussing which is better on electric smoker vs charcoal, there are some basic buying requirements you need to understand.  Your money should bring you ease and it is always appalling when you later discovered that you’d bought the wrong product due to your ignorance. Here are some specific features you need to pay attention to in order to buy the best smoker.

Budget size

Here, the debate is not on whether going for an electric or charcoal smoker, but knowing your financial capability. Yes, having a smoking grill is good but you should never go bankrupt for that reason. Be sure of how much you’re willing to spare for this equipment. If you can pay attention to details, you’ll find out that the best product is not always the most costly. Thus, your choices are guided by your financial power.

Capacity and Size

This is very crucial. Your family size and other engagements should dictate the size you’ll go for to you. If you’re the fun type, always throwing a party for all and sudden, then it is advisable you go for the bigger size. However, the ideal one for just a family is the one with smaller capacity.


There are a lot of improvements on a modern electric cooker and you should always be on the lookout to buy one with these commendable features such as sensors, time setting, temperature setting, cooking mode, etc. All these features were added to ease the smoking process. However, it is worth noting that the more features in a smoker, the pricier it will be. Hence, you need to understand the purpose of each feature and conclude if you need it.


Never trade quality for anything. If you just buy any smoker, there’s a high probability it will not be highly productive. A quality smoker saves you the unnecessary stress of consistent maintenance. Be sure of the company’s reputation before pitching your tent with them. Find out about the company and what customer reviews say about them.


This is more concerned with charcoal smokers. Usually, many of them are large and will need a spacious arena to be placed. If there is not enough space in your kitchen, a small model will be ideal for you. This is also applicable to those who plan moving it around on a regular basis.

Charcoal Availability

This is one of the headaches of users of charcoal smokers. In some parts of the universe, it is practically impossible to have charcoals throughout the year. In this instance, if you’re still going for the charcoal option, always ensure you buy them in bulk against ‘rainy days’.

Here Are 2 Great Choices For 2018

Masterbuilt Black Electric Digital Smoker

If you are looking for class and price, this is your best choice. Anybody who is a freak of smoky foods should make this electric smoker an indispensable companion. This grill has a topnotch design and a top controller. It has all the features one may be on the lookout for in a grill. It has a timer controls which gives you the opportunity of smoking and being engaged with other activities.

In addition, it has a convenient side-loading for chips coupled with a removable pan and air damper. For even cooking, this device is professionally set on a default state of 100 to 275 degrees F

Further, it is highly reliable and controllable.


  • It is very safe
  • Reliable and strong
  • Very easy to clean
  • It is user-friendly
  • It is very safe


  • Not convenient for conventional usage
  • A little bit complicated

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

This is another standard product we’ve picked in our review of electric smoker vs charcoal smoker. You simply need to read customers’ review about this product. It is a combination of offset smoker and BBQ grill.

Also, it has a main chamber and 290sq inch cooking surface. The height can always be adjusted to suit the purpose of the user at each point in time. It also has a clean-out door for easy cleaning.


  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Easy temperature control
  • Delicious barbeque taste
  • Easy cleaning
  • Price-friendly


  • Herculean task of flame maintenance
  • Difficulty with winter smoking
  • Requires constant check of oxygen level

Electric vs Charcoal Smoker: So Which One is Better?

Considering several factors, the electric cooker is obviously the better equipment. Electric smokers are undoubtedly the most popular. Talking of the size, electric smokers only require small space and the heat is not usually unbearable like that of charcoal smokers. Charcoal smokers are generally big in size and require more space, even for the heat too.

Then the smoking process, the heat that comes into the electric smoker always breaks; after it gets to some level, it goes off and then, re-energizes. However, that of charcoal is always consistent throughout the process. Also, in terms of flavor, charcoal smokers have also been adjudged the best. In fact, some people don’t like barbeques made with electric smokers; they aren’t delicious as they should be. The natural oil of the woods coupled with the low heat makes the charcoal option the best.

With all these said, the choice of which to go for on charcoal vs electric smoker is solely yours based on your needs. If you so desire speed with small space and size, electric is the best option but if it BBQ taste, then, charcoal is the ideal.

Gas vs Electric vs Charcoal Smoker

This is another point of comparison. Gas smoking is no doubt one of the best means to have the original taste of the smoked items. In fact, it is the ideal smoker for homes. It gives smoked items—meats, BBQ, etc their original flavor.

In addition, it has a high temperature than both electric and charcoal smokers. Also, the gas smoker is very portable than the other two. It is ideal for camping and can be used anywhere.


If you’re a smoked food freak, one of the best steps you can take in life is to buy a smoker. Fortunately, you now have the required knowledge on all the major types of smokers, you can now go for your shopping. With what you’ve read, we’re pretty sure you’ll make the best decision.