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6 DIY Tips to Add Value to Property without Breaking the Bank

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Think spending $10,000 overhauling the bathroom or $50,000 remodeling the house is the only way you can add value to your home?

Well, the answer is not really. Increasing your home’s value doesn’t mean spending large amounts of money, especially if you don’t mind putting in a little sweat equity.

Why should you break the bank when there are plenty of DIY projects you can do? If you want a nicer place to live or plan on selling, there are some tips you can use to add value to your home without going deep into your pockets.

Work on the driveway


Start by cleaning off oil stains. If needed, you can also repave your driveway. The driveway is one of the important areas of your home’s exterior. It gives potential buyers an insight of what they should expect from the property. A driveway should be free from cracks and stains and pleasant to the eye. If your driveway holds one car and you have extra space, you can find ways to expand it to suit a multi-car family.

Do some landscaping


The entrance is inviting and the driveways looks great. What about your garden and lawn? Do they look neglected? If so, it is time for the exterior approach trifecta. Always make sure you seed any blank spaces on your lawn and your grass is cut to an attractive height. If you have a garden, pleasant flower types should be used to fill it and make sure bushes are well-shaped. All you need is a DIY tutorial on landscaping and you will be good to go.

Update fixtures


Doorknobs, light fixtures, curtain rods, outlet covers and switch plates are usually overlooked. However, you can make some major upgrades using a few bucks. For example, attractive outlet covers and metal switch plates can cost as little as $5 a piece but can transform an older home to something newer.

Decorative curtain rods and light fixtures may cost more. Despite this, you can use a the right can of spray to make an inexpensive piece look elegant. When you are in the process, makes sure you choose items in finishes and colors with broad appeal.

Increase square footage visually


The value of your home is dramatically affected by its size. Keep in mind that square footage is not the only space that counts. How a room feels or visual space also counts. The trick is to make every room in the house feel larger. To let light in replace heavily closed draperies with vertical shutters or blinds. A sunny room always feels more open and larger.


Adding a large mirror in a room will visually double the space. Last but not least get rid of clutter. The more plain old stuff, furniture and clutter you have in a room, the more likely it will feel cramped. Store your clutter out of sight by adding an attractive shelving unit to an underused space. Such units are affordable and available in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your preferences.

Stain or paint kitchen cabinets

Stain or paint kitchen cabinets

You should purchase new cabinets. This will save you money when compared to buying custom (pre-fabricate) cabinets and installing them yourself. If you are up to it, you can save more money and work by staining or painting your existing cabinets.

For instance, white cabinets are easy for future owners to repaint should they want something different, don’t usually go out of style and they brighten a room. For this to work you will need to thoroughly clean the cabinets so that residue such as grease does not ruin your work. This idea can also be used to spruce up your bathroom cabinets.

Remodel the bathrooms

Remodel the bathrooms

When it comes to what impresses buyers, bathrooms are another major deal breaker. Buyers will want to see bathrooms with plumbing free of corrosion and leaks, great fixtures and nice flooring. If applicable, consider redoing the cabinetry and make sure bathtubs and showers are not out of date.


It is always good to remember the value of a home can be increased by making improvements. The value can also depreciate when you ignore the small things. Do a walk around on the interior and exterior of your home whenever possible. Looking at it through the eyes of buyers will help you know where repairs and improvements are needed. Doing the improvement or repairs by yourself will save you a lot of money.

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