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Discover The Best Chainsaws with these Tips

  • August 2, 2018

You will find when looking for a chainsaw the difference between a good one and the best one on the market is huge. Since that is the case we have a list that will help you find the saw that is your perfect fit.

Work out the correct chain direction

These used to be tools only a farmer or logger would need, but now your everyday homeowner is using them for getting firewood, cutting trees or making rustic looking fences. The selection of chainsaws has followed this trend as well and that can make it a challenge to find your next chainsaw. Since that is the case, we have this list that will clear up some of the confusion you may have. Here are the questions to ask before you go to the dealer.

What level of experience do I have with a chainsaw?

How many times per year will I probably use the chainsaw?

Is the wood I am going to be cutting a hardwood or a softwood?

How large are the trees I will probably be taking down.

Are the ergonomics of the saw important to me?

Do I need to get any extra safety features put onto the saw?

What kind of ease of service is present with the saw?

Is it easy to get to the air filter and plug?

How easy will this saw make putting on a chain or replacing the chain?

Can the chainsaw get heated handles to use in winter?

Make out you work out the correct chain direction

Size factors

One major issue with a chainsaw is the size of the saw. This is often seen in the displacement and the engine power and here are factors to consider.

How good you can use the saw. You will want to use a smaller saw if you have to get around a lot of tighter spaces. If the saw is too heavy will it cause you to have an early fatigue in your arms and hands?

Types Of Trees And Wood Type. If you are going to cut down the trees then you will want to consider a larger saw, but definitely a larger saw is you are going to use it a lot on oak or other hardwoods. If you get a model that is too small it will easily wear out quickly.

How long is the guide bar.

If you are looking at this you will notice it is determined by the tree, but also how experienced you are. If you are good at handling the saw, then you should have a couple of different bar lengths so you can swap out depending on the tree size. The shorter bar will be less weight and easier to move around for bucking the tree. If you have a longer bar then you will notice it works for larger trees.

The Major Types Of Chainsaw

The professional saws are meant for the most performance and best comfort. These are often used by full-time users and have heated handles available.

The all around saws will have a lot of the same features as a professional saw, but have a lower performance level. These are meant more for people who would be cutting firewood.

The consumer saw is very easy to use and will be meant for people who do not use the saw except for cutting limbs at home.

Then you have tree care saws who are used by the arborist who take care of the trees.