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Popular Top 5 Dirty Hand Tools Reviews 2017

dirty hand tools gas log splitter

Life has been made easier and comfortable for us through the advancement of science and technology. In the past, we exacted so much energy and spent a huge amount of time to execute small jobs due to lack of sophisticated equipment. This has changed for the better.

Often times during winter months, we make use of wood to give our homes the warmth needed to keep our families comfortable. Getting the wood to be used can be made much easier through the help of dirty hand tools products such as log splitters. These equipment save us stress and time we’d have exhausted when we use an axe or other small tools.

Also, making our environment look neat and beautiful is made possible by using easy-to-use machines that make work faster and efficient. We don’t have to over stress ourselves or waste too much time to achieve some tasks.

The essence of this article is to introduce to you some tools that are needed by virtually everybody to make life easier and more interesting. But before we list these tools, let’s look at some factors to consider when making our choice.

Before buying Dirty Hand Tools

  1. Know your budget. This is a pre-determined factor for anyone that wants to buy an item. Before making any purchase, know the amount you are willing to spend and look for brands that fall within your range. But in most cases, you may have to churn out some reasonable amount to get the best product.
  2. Check for reviews. You may have somebody close to you that is using or may have used what you intend to buy. It could be a friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member. Getting opinions from them could be of great help to you in buying that item. For online purchases, visit online markets to see what people are commenting on the particular product. This will help you to determine the best product in the market.

Having said all these, we will be recommending to you the best hand tools that make work easier for us

5 Best Dirty Hand Tools To Buy

Dirty Hand Tools 1001711 Gas Log Splitter

log splitter overview

Among the log splitters available in the market, dirty hand tools log splitter is certainly one of the best. It is powered by a splitting force of 22 tons and a standard 6.5 HP engine. This high quality machine is capable of splitting any type of softwoods and majority of hardwoods.

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With a 10.9 revolution per second, you can be sure of a fast and neatly done job. It has both vertical and horizontal splitting positions that makes it perfect for all kinds of splitting. The handle is well designed for comfort during usage. Accessories include fenders, stroke reducer, large log table, 4-way wedge, and storage cover. It also comes with a cradle to firmly hold wood for splitting.


  • Can split thicker woods
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Offers high performance rate
  • Made of high grade material


  • May not be suitable for some hardwoods
  • Need to buy hydraulic fluid before use

Dirty Hand Tools Tine Tiller

tine tiller overview

Life’s easier and interesting when we have the right tools to get our jobs done. This amazing dirty hand tools tiller comes with a 6.5 HP standard engine and a 240 revolution per minute tine speed that makes work faster and more efficient.

This hand tool tiller has a 12″ diameter tire, a 10″ tilling depth and a 16″ tilling width to make work quicker and easier. It has an engine capacity of 0.6 liters, but no oil is included in it. You can be sure of a comfortable work period thanks to the well-designed and padded handlebar.


  • It comes with 6.5hp Kohler engine for reliable and efficient performance
  • It has a counter rotating tines to make work easier
  • It is made of high quality material
  • Comes with secured handle for safety
  • It is sturdy


  • The belt is not well engineered
  • You need to buy engine oil before using it

Dirty Hand Tools Gas Powered Generator

gas powered generator overview

This dirty hand tools generator is so handy, thus suitable for on-the-go activities or serves as a disaster ever-ready kit. It can be used for vacations, get-togethers, or on job sites. It has dimensions of 17"L x 14"H x 9"W. It produces very low noise volume of about 58dB, similar to what can be heard from street traffic.

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Comes with a USB power receptacle, one 12V DC and one 12V AC power receptacle. It can run for up to 8 hours at 50% load, and it is powered by a DHT 1.4 HP fuel efficient certified gas engine, making it reliable and efficient to use.


  • Ideal for vacations, get-together, or any emergency cases
  • Handy, light and portable to carry about
  • Made of high quality
  • Reliable and efficient


  • Produces some noise, but fair enough
  • Not suitable for long term use

Dirty Hand Tools 4-way Wedge Log Splitter

If you are looking for a tool that will help in splitting firewood quickly and with no stress, this is certainly what you need for the job. Dirty hand tools 4 way wedge log splitter is a powerful tool that has the capacity to split wood into four pieces with just a stroke. It comes with different sizes of log splitters that can be installed in minutes.

The sizes include 35, 28, 27, and 22 tons. It can be easily interchanged between 2 way and 4 way splitting. The wedge is made of high quality steel, and can also be sharpened. It has reinforced stripper plates that protect the hydraulic cylinder.


  • It can split woods easily and quickly
  • It comes with different log splitters for versatility
  • It can be interchanged between 2 way and 4 way splitting
  • The wedge is made of high quality steel for durability


  • Weld not too suitable for 4 way pines
  • The design can be improved

Dirty Hand Tools 3-Point Post Hole Digger

Dirty hand tools is known for making our work more efficient and easier, and that’s what this machine does. The 100498 Post Hole digger can be attached easily to Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractors. With this equipment attached to your tractor, digging of holes becomes so easy and simple to achieve. Each is made with heavy duty gear box, heavy duty drive lines, shear bolt protection and high strength 2" – 7/8" O.D. tubing. It comes with just the post hole digger, while augers are sold separately.


  • Made of high grade material
  • Attaches easily to Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractors
  • Makes digging of holes simple and easy
  • Can be detached and stored when not in use


  • You have to buy augers separately
  • Regular maintenance is needed for better function

What to look out for in these tools

  1. The purpose of use. There is a purpose to everything we do in life, that’s why it is the first on the list. There are different types of hand tools such as mowers, tillers, log splitters, etc. Although we need majority of these tools most of the time, there may be one that is urgently needed to carry out a task. If you are planning to do some planting in your garden, a tiller would help out a lot, if you desire to have a beautiful lawn, mower is what you need, or if it’s to use wood for woodwork, you need a log splitter. So you need to determine what job is needed to be done before planning for the hand tool to buy.
  2. What is the source of power for the machine? This is another critical factor to consider when buying an equipment as there are different powering sources. For hand tools, there are basically two sources of power; Electric and gas supply. Although both sources look great, most people prefer the gas option tool because you can exact great pressure on it when you encounter tasks that require effort to execute.
  3. The size of job to be done. Since these machines come in various sizes and capacity, you’d want to know the size that will work perfectly for you. Using a smaller equipment for a job that requires more sophisticated one will not only make your work slower, it may also lead to machine breakdown which would be a great loss on your side. So the machine you will use must be proportional in terms of function to the magnitude of the job.
  4. Brand. There are thousands of dirty hand equipment available on the market, and they are manufactured by different manufacturers. They may all carry out similar functions, but some are made of high quality materials and more efficient than others. So knowing the best product will be a plus for you (we will show you the best products so far in the market).


We can actually make our lives more interesting by employing the services of some sophisticated machines in carrying out some tedious task for us. Gone are the days when we spend too much time and effort in small tasks, dirty hand tools has made things simple by introducing some important tools for our work.

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