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Cool and Unique Kitchen Gadgets Of 2017

unique gadgets for your kitchen

With the fast paced improvement in science and technology, there are mind blowing new inventions making the headlines every other day. This has made significant impact on almost every aspect of human life, with no exception in the field of cooking. In fact, a number of cooking methods and kitchen appliances have already started to look very outdated.

The introduction of many cool kitchen gadgets has been playing a huge role in culinary development throughout the world and experimenting with new dishes has become just another passion.

These quirky kitchen gadgets are a huge boon to anyone, be it a chef or a house maker. You can try out gourmet recipes right at home, whip up delectable desserts in just a few minutes and prepare scrumptious snacks in less than a minute. You will no longer dread the kitchen even after a rough day. Technology has indeed made life so much easier. With the right selection of some cool kitchen gadgets, you can easily turn your kitchen into your favorite room in the house

Reviews Of The 10 Cool And Unique Products From Amazon

Here is our list:

1. Stove top smokeless indoor grill BBQ

stove top smokeless grill black

You can now prepare great tasting grilled food without all the hassle and mess that comes with using a barbeque. This indoor barbeque come with a stainless steel drip pan which supports the barbeque grill. The drip pan collects all the juices from the grilled food, thus allowing you to prepare the perfect dry grilled food in a very short time. It is used over stove tops and is not very bulky, so you may also use it for outdoor picnics. The grilling surface is coated with a non stick surface. This ensures that the food does not stick to the grill even when used on high heat. This is one of the best kitchen gadgets for preparing healthy wholesome meals for average sized families.

If you are a health freak, then this may just be the perfect pick for you. You will no longer have to depend on oil frying or broiling. The drip pan can also be filled with water to steam cook vegetables. You will not have to waste hours in the kitchen anymore. This indoor grill allows you to cook great tasting food while keeping all the flavor and juices intact.

The non stick grilling surface makes both the cooking and cleaning easier. You will not have to deal with stubborn grime and stains. Cleaning it gently with hands will avoid scratches, thus making the cookware last longer. If maintained properly, this gadget may last for years.

Pros  the grill is used on stove tops. So you will no longer have to deal with the ash and smoke from traditional barbeques.

- It is very lightweight and portable

- Cleaning is not at all a problem

- Greatly reduces the cooking time

Cons – it is only suitable for grilling small sized portions.

- While using it, you need to be extra careful so as not to knock it off the stove.

2. Hamilton Beach 25460A gourmet sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach 25460A black silver

Now you don’t have to run down to the café every time you crave those scrumptious grilled sandwiches. This Hamilton Beach sandwich maker allows you to make great sandwiches right at home. It has non-stick grilling surface which makes it easier to remove food after it gets cooked. The griller also comes with power and preheats lights which will let you know when the machine is ready for use. The best part however is that it comes with a floating top which makes it appropriate for sandwiches of all thickness. The griller has enough space for 2-3 sandwiches at a time.

You can prepare great tasting healthy sandwiches with your own choice of fillings. There will be no need to flip over the sandwich as it will grill from both the sides. What more, you can also use it to make quesadillas, bruschettas and pizzas. This may be one of the coolest kitchens for making quick snacks and fun lunch packs for the kids.

Pros – the machine runs on optimum power.

- It can be folded over for compact upright storage.

- The top grills heats faster than the bottom grill, resulting in uneven grilling

- The bottom grate is not removable, which makes cleaning difficult

3. Hamilton Beach shimmer finish slow cooker

Hamilton Beach slow cooker red

This is one of the newest kitchen gadgets for slow cooking. The lock tight lids ensure that no spillage is created during cooking. You don’t have to stay guard while your meal is getting cooked. The container has a capacity of 5 quarts, making it perfect for parties and large families. You can cook whole chicken and ducks at a time. So if you are tired of eating the same meals day in and day out, try this slow cooker for a change.

Pros – cook large amounts at a time

- The removable container is dishwasher safe. Hence, cleaning is not a hassle.

Cons – the clip lock surely holds the lid in place but will not keep it from leaking if you use it while transporting.

4. Chef’s knife sharpener

Chef’s choice knife sharpener silver

This is one of the newest kitchen gadgets that can find a place in every kitchen. It has tough sharpeners that can sharpen kitchen, hunting as well as survival knives. It has rubber feet and will not damage the surface that it is placed on. The closed body and the separate handle ensure that no accident is caused while using it.

Pros – it is completely safe to be used at home

- Gives razor sharp knife

Cons – may not be applicable for thick knives

5. Instant Pot multi-function pressure cooker

Instant Pot multi-function pressure cooker black silver

This instant pot will definitely be a life saver if you find yourself struggling to prepare dinner after a rough day at work. Out of all the unique kitchen gadgets making it to the market, this surely tops the list. The cooker has multiple functionalities and combines a number of cooking pots like steamer, rice cooker, frying pan, and slow cooker, all into one. This will be a great pick if you are looking for ways to avoid clutter in the kitchen the compact storage and the great design will also make your kitchen look more attractive.

The instant pot comes with a cook book included, featuring many illustrated recipes that are compatible with the cooker. You will be able to prepare healthy wholesome meals in less than half an hour. You can try out interesting and different meals every other day, making both you and your family happy. Of all the best new kitchen gadgets, this deserves the most limelight.

Pros – the inner pot is removable and dishwasher safe

- Tripods can be used for cooking two food items at a time

- Cooks very quickly, thus saving a lot of time

- The cooker comes with a panel of settings that can be adjusted while cooking different food items

Cons – these cookers are not compatible with all sorts of recipes

- The texture of the food is different than normal cooking

6. Hamilton Beach 68330 ice cream maker

Hamilton Beach 68330 ice cream maker white

If you have a sweet tooth, then this machine is a must buy for you. You can prepare great tasting yogurt, sorbet and ice cream right at home, in less than a minute. This ice cream machine has a transparent lid, so you can watch while your treat is on the churn. This will also allow you to know if your dessert has reached the desired consistency. The chute has an open panel that can be used to add ingredients while the machine is still on the churn.

Pros – it is great for whipping up quick desserts for your kids

- You can have the freedom of choosing your ingredients

- Overtime, it will help you save up a great amount of money

Cons – the machine produces noise

- The moisture formation on the outer cover may create a watery mess on the kitchen counter

7. Big Boss oil less fryer

This is one of the unusual kitchen gadgets that have been making it huge in the market. It allows you to fry food without using any oil. It uses three modes of cooking, convection, infrared and halogen. If you love fried food but are trying to stay away from oil, then this is highly recommended for you. It is the best of all the cool cooking gadgets for frying food items.

Pros – it can cook frozen food, without any need for thawing

- It can also be used to create browning and crusting on food.

- It has a double deck thus cooking ore food in a single batch

Cons – the texture of the food is not the same as oil frying

8. Avanti Complete Compact Kitchen Refrigerator

Avanti Complete Compact Kitchen Refrigerator white

This is one of the unusual kitchen gadgets that can almost be termed as a mini kitchen. It is basically a kitchen cabinet with an inbuilt refrigerator, two stoves and a washing sink with chrome faucets. It is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets if you are dealing with small floor area in the kitchen.

Pros – it saves space

- Easier to maintain

Cons – the fridge makes noise

- The burners have a short cooking time, after which they automatically stop heating

9. Braun Drip coffee maker

braun brew sense drip coffee maker black silver

This programmable coffee maker comes with a large display panel and can be set 24 hours before use. The machine allows you to choose between strong brew and regular brew. It gives consistent flavor from the first to the last drip. The drip can be paused mid pour, thus avoiding spilling and mess.

Pros – it brews up to 4 cups at a time

- It infuses the flavors while striking the right balance

Cons – the machine gives away steam. So make sure that you have proper air circulation in the area where you are going to install it.

10. Cordless electric water kettle

Cordless electric water kettle ovente kg83 black

This is one of the best new kitchen gadgets that have made life a lot easier. You just need to pour in the water and connect it to power. Out of all the unique kitchen gadgets, this one is a must buy for anyone. It is made up of premium quality materials and very easy to use.

Pros – it shuts down automatically when the water comes to a boil

- Does not create a mess and can be placed anywhere you want


it is designed exclusively for boiling water and using it for cooking food items my damage the kettle

How Cool And Unique Kitchen Appliances Make Life Easier

Despite the love for food, many people often find themselves very unfamiliar to the kitchen. Yes, cooking can come off as a humongous task, especially if you only do it once in a blue moon. However, not having the expertise to stir up a meal does not mean that one does not love eating, everyone loves eating. In fact, eating can give you some of the best memories to look back on. it is a great way to bond and familiarize with people. You know how beautiful it is to share a hearty meal with your family and loved ones.

So if you find yourself grinding away at the kitchen, then it is time that you got hold of some top kitchen gadgets. These gadgets will not only reduce the cooking time but will also make you kitchen look very modern. Many new kitchen gadgets have multiple features integrated into a single machine, thus helping you avoid clutter. These are also very easy to clean and maintain. So if you invest wisely, some of these new kitchen gadgets may last you a lifetime.

If you are still using the conventional cooking methods, then there is every reason why you should get hold of the recent top kitchen gadgets. Even if you have had a rough day at work, you can save yourself with a delicious meal, cooked in no less than an hour. It can be a life saver if you find it difficult to make time out for the kitchen chores. Even preparing feasts will be just a child’s play, thus giving you more time to interact with your guests. These cool cooking gadgets may be the perfect way to entertain family and guest. You may also get hold of some quirky kitchen gadgets like chocolate fountains and ice cream machines to zing up your party deco and impress guests.

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