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Cheap Bunk Bed Mattresses Reviews 2017 – Top Choices

metal bunk bed with blue mattress twin

Buying a bunk bed can be a double win – you save the living space, but at the same time you are sure there is sleeping space for everybody.

Bunk beds are not an expensive thing, they are just practical, and all you need are cheap but comfortable mattresses to give you a great rest and sleep. If you want to get the right one, then you need to pay attention to little things.

What do you have to check before buying a bunk bed mattress?

Before you spend your money, just check a few things about a particular mattress, you are looking for. Bunk bed mattress are usually made from traditional springs, of memory foam or a mix of these two.

Spring mattresses are more durable, but those made of memory foam are more comfortable than the spring ones, so maybe it would be the best if you choose a mix. You will get a memory foam comfort and the spring durability.

Here is our mattress guide if you want more information.

The second important thing is to select the right firmness for yourself. You certainly want it to suit you fine, so ask yourself what would you like – a soft one, medium or a firm one. A good sleep is essential so choose wisely.

Bunk Bed Mattress 2017

To help you find cheap bunk bed mattresses here is a list of some good offers on the market:

Zinus Sleep Master – Memory Foam Mattress

4 layers of bunk bed mattress


This Zinus mattress for bunk beds provides great comfort because of his special made foam. It has three different layers – pressure relieving foam, ordinary memory foam and 3 inches high-density foam. The traditional petroleum is replaced by the plant oil which will keep your mattress fresh.

If you decide to buy this mattress, be sure it is going to fit to your bunk bed. You will get ten years limited warranty, and a mattress will be delivered specially rolled and compressed, so you will know how well produced it is.

The dimensions of this Zinus mattress are 74 x 39 x 5 inches, and its weight is 20 pounds. If you like a thin and hard mattress, this could be an excellent selection. But if your bunk bed slats are far apart, the mattress could sink between.


  • Special made five inch foam with three layers
  • Ten years limited warranty
  • High quality for a low price
  • Good choice for people who like hard mattress


  • Pretty thin and if your bunk bed slats are far apart, the mattress could sink

Signature Sleep – Coil Mattress 

white spring coil bunk bed mattress


This Signature Sleep mattress works well on different types of beds and could be an excellent addition to your bunk bed. It has a 1.6 inch high-density foam on both sides, and in the middle, there are encased coils for extra comfort.

These coils are here to equally distribute your weight on the mattress so that it will guarantee a better sleep. Dimensions are 39 x 75 x 8 inches, and it weighs 42.9 pounds.

If you choose this mattress, it will come in one box with simple instructions how to use it. Many users described it as a middle firm mattress, and with 8 inches it should be.  The main issue with this product is durability. Don’t expect to last very long and don’t be surprised if you need a new one after a year or two.


  • Special made formula for a better sleep – high-density foam on both sides with encased coils in the middle
  • Middle firm mattress with a good quality for the price


  • Not durable. Many users need a new one after a year or two

Spa Sensations – Memory Foam Youth Mattress

affordable momory foam mattress for bunk bed


If you need a bunk bed mattress twin to better your sleep, this Spa Sensations product can be a pretty good choice. It is cheap but still solid made, and with only 5 inches high you can put it in a firm part. With a polyester terry cover, it will provide a nice feeling. A natural green tea is added to protect you from bed bugs and unpleasant odors. Also, the memory foam is heat sensitive.

Dimensions are 39 x 75 x 5 inches so that it will match any ordinary bunk bed. If you like a tough mattress, this is the one for you, but if you prefer softness, then you will find it too hard.


  • Cheap but solidly made
  • Heat sensitive memory foam
  • Polyester terry cover for a smooth feeling
  • Features a natural green tea to protect you from bed bugs and unpleasant odors


  • Pretty thin mattress so if you like softness this will be too hard for you

Mainstays – Coil Mattress

white coil mattress side view


With only six inches high this mattress provides a great soft feeling. Produced with a CertiPUR-US foam, it will give you a safe sleep, and a special polyester cover will provide softness. The dimensions are standard – 75 x 39 x 6 inches so it will match your bunk bed just right. This mattress arrives in a box that ought to fit in the trunk of a standard car.

But if you prefer more support for your body, you can find this bunk bed mattress pretty thin. Then it is better for you to buy 8 inches high one. When it comes to durability, this product could last for years.


  • Produced with a CertiPUR-US foam
  • Unique polyester cover for a more softness
  • Easy to transport or to move around the house
  • Solid made and durable
  • Good quality for a low price


  • Pretty thin, so if you want more support for your body, maybe it is better to find a thicker one


Finding an appropriate mattress for your bunk bed is essential, but even if your budget is limited, there are nice choices on the market. If you have a bunk bed with mattresses, but you aren’t satisfied, it is time to find a proper one and better your sleep. We hope that our list can help.

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