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Cheap Air Conditioner: 2017 Reviews and Buying guide

4 affordable ac units

With rising temperatures and obstinate heat, air conditioners have become a must.

There are many other cooling devices too in the market but one cannot stop thanking the inventor of air conditioners for the relieve they provide in the scorching heat. These are a loved possession of almost all who live in tropical areas.

With increasing demand there has been a boom in air cooling devices and with that have come up different kinds of air conditioners incorporating latest technology to suit your cooling needs.

With so many options to consider, picking on a correct option may be difficult hence we provide you with a complete buying guide that comprehensively answers your every query regarding what, how and where to buy air conditioner.

But before we go further check this short video below on how easy it is to install your portable air conditioner:​

Review of cheap air conditioners of 2017

After going through various necessary features of a good air conditioners let's review some of the cheapest models that provide good service in affordable price. As I mentioned before there are numerous  models available in the market that provide good cooling without weighing heavy on your pockets. Here we have compiled a list of cheap ac units that are certainly a good buy for an average budgeted family.

Kenmore 70051

This small unit is fully loaded with features of a standard air conditioner. It is one of the best affordable window air conditioner that serves you long without any trouble.

kenmore under 100 dollars ac unit white

Product features:

· With a BTU output of 5200 units, serves its cooling purpose quite well.

· Comes with three different fan speeds and cooling option thus you can customize it as per your need.

· Has inbuilt sleep mode and energy saving mode smart technology that makes it energy efficient and economic in long run.

· The added features like 24 hour timer and filter check indicator makes it one of the best air conditioner in the low price range.

With so many smart features, Kenmore 70051 is quite an impressive model in low price range that effectively cools small rooms. The only loophole is the loud beep sound it makes when you change the controls, but that can be neglected for its other awesome features. Kenmore series guarantee great quality in affordable price, you can easily find a range of cheap window air conditioners under the $200 by Kenmore that provide great cooling.

GE 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote

GE is a known name in appliance industry that provides for innovative devices for almost every need. Its range of cheapest air conditioners is certainly a tough match for the contemporaries. GE 6000 BTU 115-Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner is one such product that accommodates great features in limited price range under $200

window ac unit with remote white

Product specification:

· The 6000 BTU output is fairly good for cooling standard room space quickly.

· Comes with electronic digital thermostat and a remote control for easy operation.

· The three different fan speeds and cooling options give it great versatility.

· Works smartly and proves to be energy efficient, as it temporarily shuts down its fan and compressor on reaching certain cooling level.

· The filter light indicator lets you know that filter needs cleaning.

· It uses a refrigerant which does not cause ozone depletion.

GE 6000 BTU 115-Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner is definitely a smart and cheap buy. Loaded with smart features it supersedes all your cooling expectations. Further, it is environment friendly that makes it safe to use.

Honeywell CL201AE Portable AC Unit

If you are looking for a cheap portable air conditioner that effectively cools down your room temperature without affecting your electricity bill then Honeywell CL201AE is definitely a great choice.

indoor ac unit under 200 dollars grey

Product features:

· Works very well in cooling smaller areas.

· It is a non compressor model thus it cools down the surroundings naturally with comparatively low energy consumption and thus has a little or almost no effect on your electricity bill.

· This model has an ice loading compartment at the top, and a water tank with a fill door for great comfort and convenience.

· Comes with smart features like low water alarm and indicator.

· As it is portable you can carry it wherever you wish to without any need of permanent installation

Honeywell CL201AE Portable Air Conditioner with its smart features and less power consumption is a good option under $200. It is a wise buy if you live in dry regions, however if humidity level is high the air conditioner may not prove to be much effective as it does little to remove moisture from the air.

Haier HPB10XCR 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Again, if you are looking for a cooling variant perfect for a standard small room, Haier HPB10XCR 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is the best buy for its good quality cooling mechanism that lowers the room temperature rather quickly.

haier portable ac setup

Product features:

· It occupies much lesser space and effectively cools an area upto 250 square feet.

· It is a self contained device with easy maintainence.

· Comes with three different speeds and three variant cooling options, thus you can easily customize it to your own specific cooling requirements.

· It is also provided with dehumidifying feature that makes it suitable for humid weather conditions too.

To sum up, if you are looking for an inexpensive air conditioner then Haier HPB10XCR 10000 BTU Portable unit is a good pick, suitable for smaller areas. Its different cooling modes and dehumidifying feature put it above other portable units in the similar price range.

Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1

Equipped with smart features and a quick cooling mechanism Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 is a good option if you are willing to spend a little bit more but still under $300.

frigidaire grey ac unit with double fans

Product features:

· Product has BTU output of 8000 units that in itself speaks clearly about its cooling ability.

· This window air conditioner can work effectively well in large areas of around 350 square feet.

· It comes with an energy label and is thus much more energy efficient and also lighter compared to its contemporaries.

· The remote control with an in built thermostat is another unique feature provided in the air conditioner.

As I have already mentioned, if you are ready to spend a little bit more Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 is worth the money you invest in it. It truely values your money. Equipped with numerous built in features like sleep mode, 24 hour timer, high BTU output and great efficiency

So this was our list of cheap ac units that come in much affordable prices and give you great cooling. These are reviewed to be best among the range available in the market. These cheap wall air conditioners or portable air conditioners do not compromise on quality, hence shed off your worries and choose the one that you find most appropriate.

Buyer's Guide

Before you step out to buy an air conditioner for yourself or replace the old one do delve into the basic know how of what a good conditioner must have. You definitely want one that provides efficient cooling on long term basis thus invest in something that is worth a buy and not some product that you regret on later. So, before you begin your hunt it is advisable to look at some of the features of a good air conditioner:

Cooling Capacity: How cool it can make its surroundings?

The air conditioner's cooling capacity is measured in BTU, that is, British Thermal Units. So when buying an air conditioner know what BTU output will be required for efficient cooling. The BTU requirement varies as per the area you want to cool. The larger the area the more BTU output will be required, however standard number ranges from 4000 to 20,000 units.

Your air conditioner's main goal is to keep the temperatures down hence BTU output is a critical number to consider. However, do know that too high number may not effectively dehumidify your room and a lower number may not work efficiently towards its goal. Thus choose what may be standard as per your need.

Energy efficiency: Will the air conditioner be economic in long run?

The major issue with air conditioners is the power consumption. The foremost thing that comes to your mind after installation of an air conditioner is the rising electricity bill, yes your worry is not absurd as air conditioners are heavy appliances that consume much power.

But if you look in the market there are variety of models that claim to be energy efficient. There are different energy labels and certificates that authenticate the power consumption of air conditioners. These smart air conditioners might be a little pricey but are economic in long run.

A Cheap model may empty your pocket with hefty electricity bills thus make a wise choice by opting for an air conditioner that efficiently consumes power. Do check out the energy star rating of the air conditioner to know how much energy efficient it is.

Space matters: What area the air conditioner is needed to cool?

Definitely you would want an air conditioner that proficiently cools your room in less time. Thus, you should know what area a specific model can cool efficiently keeping in mind the location and climate of your room. A large capacity air conditioner with higher BTU output is suitable for cooling larger and much heated up areas quickly.

Know your surrounding and its climate as a direct sun facing room would require much more time to cool down than a room with no direct falling sun rays. Choosing an underpowered air conditioner may result in your appliance working incessantly throughout the day and thus increasing your bills.

Louvers: What kind of louvers it has oscillating or movable?

Louvers movable or oscillating help to guide air and regulate it evenly throughout the room. Window air conditioners have oscillating louvers that function to blow cool air in every direction and are thus preferred for proper regulation of cool air in the room.

Cleaning provision: Does it has proper cleaning mechanism?

Modern air conditioners allow for easy cleaning while some claim to have self cleaning mechanism. Regular cleaning of your air conditioner is must for it to work efficiently. Thus buy one that provides for easy cleaning of its channels. Also some latest air conditioner models brag about additional air purification features and ionic self cleaning process.

Tackles Humidity: Does the air conditioner have dehumidifier functionality?

Dehumidifiers are preferred for their additional functionality of removing moisture in the air. These work to provide you comfortable and calm days even in humid seasons. Thus if you live in areas with high humidity level then look for dehumidifying feature in the air conditioner.

Smart and intuitive: Is it smart with digital electronic controls?

Technology has improvised every thing around us and so is the case with air conditioners. Every new model comes up with controls that make its operation easy. Digital displays, WiFi technology, smart temperature sensing with inbuilt 24 hour clock makes your air conditioner much more than a simple cooling device.

Price tag: what is the cost of the air conditioner?

How much the air conditioner costs is a prime query of every buyer. Smart sensing latest models may be a little expensive but there are numerous models that are cheap yet loaded with array of features. The cost of your cooling device includes its installation as well as operation cost. A wise pick would be one that has a low cumulative cost


I hope our buying guide and review list helps you buy the best ac units at affordable prices. Market is flooded with different kinds of models that brag about their cooling abilities but remember that the cooling greatly depends on the climate of your room, hence same air conditioner can provide variable results in different climatic conditions.

Also, while installing the air conditioner make sure its output unit does not face sunlight directly, if possible keep it in shade, this can effectively cause a temperature change of 5 to 10 degrees. Thus, do your research properly before buying and installing the air conditioner for maximum efficiency.

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