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Flexzilla Garden Hose 2017 Review: Is It Best Flexible Water Hose?

green flexzilla garden hose

A garden hose is must-have outdoor equipment for you, since it can be used during gardening and in washing your vehicles and some other activities as well.  If you want to have a beautiful, and bountiful garden, a nice green lawn or a dirt-free car, a garden hose is an important tool for you to […]

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Best Japanese Garden Hand Tools: 2017 Review

best garden tools from japan

There was a time in my life when anything made or engineered in Japan was considered a laughable joke when it came to quality. I mean, seriously, what was that funny looking car called Toyota anyway?  However, after over 40 years of adult living, owning my own home and understanding more about how the world […]

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Garden Tool List – Top 12 Tools and Their Uses

garden hand tool - cutting shears

Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb.  Luckily with enough practice and the right equipment everyone is able to take part in the rewarding activity that is gardening.  Being one of the most important practices of a self-reliant lifestyle, it is important to educate yourself on the problems that could arise while growing your […]

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How To Clean Rusty Garden Tools: 2017 Efficient Guide

lot of rusty tools

​A beautiful garden can enhance the beauty of your home exterior. To make your garden beautiful, you will have to maintain it properly. For the maintenance, you will need different types of the tools. Like the maintenance of the garden, you also need to take care of the garden tools for the durable result. Do you […]

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Sharpening Garden Tools: 2017 Guide How To Do It Properly

this shovel needs sharpening

If you need to prune your garden, you’ll get your pruning shears. If you want to cut your hedges back, and control overgrowth, you’ll get your hedge cutters.  Whatever you need to do in your garden, you’ll have a tool to help you.  If the tool is blunt or dull, it makes the job more […]

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