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5 Best Weed Killers For Lawns 2017 Reviews

what kills weeds permanently

Why you need the best weed and grass killer?

Weeds are a common problem for all those who love to keep their garden neat and clean. They are the most unwanted thing that you would like to have in your garden. They will grow in every corner and ruin everything they can and your plants and grasses will have to starve for nutrients.

There are clear reasons why weeds grow in our garden and we can surely take care of that, but sometimes we are unable to protect our garden and weeds grow at their will.

This is where the sprays, the chemical products, and garden tools come handy. You need to understand which one is a weed and what you must do to make sure your garden is protected from the unwanted weeds.

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Best methods to kill weeds

There are a few techniques for which you do not need to ask for some technical help. You can do it yourself. And there are chemicals that will answer your question:

What kills weeds permanently?

Use your hand

You can use your hands to pull those weeds up from the ground and make sure they do not grow back. For this, you will need to make sure that you keep a check on them regularly so that you can take care of that of yourself. But you can do it only if the weeds are big enough so that you can take out with your hands. This technique is really time-consuming and you need to be patient to clean your whole garden

Use garden tools

You can use a garden tool, like a fork or a trowel to get those weeds in your garden. These tools can work fine for you. You can use these tools for the weeds that are small in size and grow in the ground level, where it is really hard to pull them with hands. This technique will ensure that the weeds are out of the ground from their roots and there will be less chance that they will grow back again.for this you will need to understand how you can get to the roots of those weeds and get them out. You need to use the sharp part of your tool to dig in the ground just deep enough to reach the roots and then you need to try and push the weed from the root to get it off the ground. This will take some time, but the result is going to be really good

Check the viceo below on using a hori hori knife for getting rid of weeds:

Use Weed Sprayer

Well, there are plenty of chemicals available in the market for you to use it against the weeds in your garden. What you need to do is understand the kind of weed you have in your garden and then only you can choose the chemical you need. These chemicals are really easy to use. What you need to do is get a weed sprayer.

Now, mix the chemical in the water as instructed and then just spray it on the weeds. Don’t worry at all, if your plants get a sprinkle of your chemical, as these are specially made for the weeds to kill. But on the second thought, you better not use them on your plants. Since you love your plants so much, extra precaution is not a really bad thing

Check the video below on how to safely use a weed sprayer:

Homemade DIY weed killer

Well, there are few natural and homemade products that you can use to kill the weeds and remove them from your garden

Vinegar weed killer

This can be a real good tool to kill your weeds, but remember one thing, vinegar is a kind of acid and it can really cause harm to any plant you have in your garden. The vinegar can not differentiate between the weed and the plant you want to save, they will attack both of them. So, you need to take care of your plants. The best thing is to cover the plants with something that will protect them from the vinegar solution that you will spray


Well, a solution of vodka, with water and dish soap can be deadly for the weeds, but then again, you will need to protect your garden plants from the solution first and then kill the weeds. Although this is a good homemade weed and grass killer to use, but you need to remember one thing. This method can only help you if the weeds need sunlight to live on if they love the shade pretty much, this solution is not going to work for them

Boiling water & soap

Well, a solution of soap or a bottle of hot water can really do the trick for you. Although you need to take care of both the situation so that you do not burn or kill your own plants. You can just spray the soap solution or pour the hot water on the weeds and that should do the trick. There are nothing fancy you need to do or nothing hard steps to follow, just spray them and you are done

Top 5 Best Weed and Grass Killer 2017

There is quite a lot of product that is available on the market to help you kill weeds, but here are few of them which are considered to be the best in the business:

Compare-N-Save Grass and Weed Killer

concentrate grass and weed killer 1 gallonCHECK AMAZON PRICE

This chemical is a blend of 41% glyphosate and you can use it in your house without any doubt. Be it in your driveway, garden or fences, you will always get the best result out of this product. No matter if it is a wet or a dry weather, all you need to do is use this chemical and you are done. Even it can work fine on your lawns. With a container of one gallon of it, you can cover 25000 sq. ft. of area which can be really good enough for you to stop the weed growing in your garden. It can kill the weeds and the unwanted grasses as well. So, you do not need to think twice before you use this on your garden


  • Acts fast
  • Cover a large area
  • It can kill both grass and weed


  • None so far

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

organic weed preventer 25lbsCHECK AMAZON PRICE

Using synthetic Strong weed killer might be dangerous for your own plantation as well, this is why you need to use this organic weed killer. This weed killer is very much easy to use and is used widely by the experts and the homeowners.

These weed killers do not have any kind of side effects on your plantation and it can work faster on the weeds to make sure they are gone permanently. Also, they do not have any effect on kids and adults as well, so you can use it wherever you want and you do not have to be worried about getting near the weed killer.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Safe to use at home use
  • Easy to use yourself


  • You need to use them 2 times a year

Spectracide 95834 Weed Killer

weed stop for lawns concentrate 32ozCHECK AMAZON PRICE

These weed killers are made specially for Lawn weed control. The benefit of using this weed killer is that it won’t kill any of your grass or the small plants, instead, it will kill only the weeds with broader leaves. If you can buy a large container of this, you can surely get rid of weeds for a longer span of time. It can kill at least 200 types of different weeds and it can work really fast and these make sure that they kill the weed from the root. Also, you do not use it more than one time. If you use it once, you will see the result soon enough

Although, this weed killer is really cheaper than the other products in the market, but it can sure work is magic on your garden weeds. Also, this is very much safe for the home environment where you have pets and kids.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Effects lasts long
  • Can take over 200 types of weeds


  • Acts slowly

Roundup Weed Killer Concentrate Plus

roundup weed and grass killer concentrate 16ozCHECK AMAZON PRICE

Well, this is the 4th weed killer on the list that can help you out. This weed killer is really good if you are having trouble with your lawn and garden weeds. In case you have weeds all around your home and you do not feel it is really good for the look of the house, you can use this weed killer and you won’t be disappointed at all. The foremost important part of this weed killer is that it can kill the weeds from the root, so the weeds won’t grow back soon

This weed killer can really work fast on the weeds, you do not have to wait for months to check how the killer is actually working. You can see the result of this weed killer in just 12 hours maximum. It can not only kill the weeds that have grown, it can stop the weeds from growing further as well. Also, this weed killer rain proof, that is if it rains after you use it, it won’t get washed away with the rain waters.

This product is really cheap and you can use this on your own, so you do not need any expert of the gardener to help you out. The product is also eco-friendly, so you can use it in your home without any sort of problem at all


  • Rainproof
  • You can see the results in just 12 hours
  • Cost effective


  • The sprayer is not really good
  • Not effective for long time

Roundup 5725070 Control Weed and Grass Killer

roundup extended weed and grass killer 1gallonCHECK AMAZON PRICE

This is one of the common weed killers used by the professionals and the gardeners. The action of this weed killer is very much effective and it works fast. It can not only kill the weeds, but also can stop the weeds from growing back again. With these, you can easily kill the unwanted grasses and the weeds. If you are looking for something that can help you keep your things together in your garden, then you really need this

You do not need to mix it and use it, it is already a pre-mixed weed killer spray that you can use as and when you want. You do not need to get any kind of tools to use it, just need a sprayer and you are done. With this weed killer, the environment around you or your house, do not get harmed. Only the weeds are the one, who will go away, so you can use it in any place you want like fences, driveways, fountains or in the lawn. And to add to the good work, this product is rain proof, but you will need to wait for at least 10 mins after you use it. After that, this will be rain proof for sure.


  • Exceptionally advanced formula
  • Rainproof
  • Keeps grasses and weeds under control
  • Affordable compared to others


  • The pumping system is not good

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So, weeds, they are bad, they are living small plants, but they do create a problem in your garden. So, there are reasons why you do not want weeds to be part of your garden and there are cures for that problem as well. But first, you need to understand what kind of weed you have in your garden and what kind of treatment they require. Once you have understood that you need to think, which of the methods you can follow to get rid of those weeds.

This is very simple, if you want it to do yourself, you can easily just gather some equipment and get it done. If it does not work, you can try with some of the homemade tricks which will surely work on them. In case you do not trust any of these and want the chemical things to do it for you can surely go to the market and buy the best weed and grass killer that you want. Just make sure that these products are not harmful to your home or the other plants and you are free to use them as and when you need.

If you do not love doing any of these by yourself, then you will need to call an expert to remove the weeds for you. But you can be sure that they do not have any kind of a magic wand to remove the weeds they will use either of these methods to fix your lawn or the garden. So, it is best to take care of your garden of yourself. Whatever you do, just remember one thing, if you do not fight the weed of its roots, it may come back to your garden at regular intervals which is not really the thing you would like to face. So, take care of your gardens, and show the world, how good gardener you are.

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