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Top 4 Best Twin Mattress 2018 Reviews With Guide

good air twin mattress

If you are overwhelmed by the range and variety of twin mattresses available today, you're not alone when you gasp in surprise.

At the end of every year, home owners will want to get rid of something old and bring in something new, and more often than not, it's a mattress that's no longer fun to sleep on.

Perhaps, it's turned lumpy or makes you bounce a bit too much on it. Whatever the reason, it sends you into the market only to leave you confused by the range.

Now that you're looking for a new and comfortable twin for adults, toddler or bunk bed, your prime feature when identifying a good one is that which will give you a good night's sleep.

According to research, people hardly ever sleep their full quota each night, often because their beds aren't comfortable enough, and perhaps for other reasons like the sound of traffic or a snoring partner. But perhaps, it could also be that they aren't sleeping on a comfortable enough twin mattress. So, here we attempt to bridge that gap between you and your soon-to-be twin mattress, chosen on various parameters.


You certainly can't go to every online and offline store to see their wares, so we've put together some of the 2018 season's best for you. Choose from the top rated choices and reviews given here:

1. AeroBed Classic Double-High Mattress with Pump

best twin mattress for adults blue

Perhaps, the best twin mattress for adults. This twin mattress has a plug-in pump that stimulates fast inflation and deflation. When fully inflated, it is 18" thick and provides perfect cushioned comfort. It has a fleece surface for a luxurious finish. 

Its oval coil construction enables comfortable sleep because of the support it provides across the mattress. When you're ready to pack up the mattress, its patented Whoosh valve deflates the bed easily and the accompanying carry bag allows for easy storage.


The pump is easy to operate and inflates the bed quickly.

Despite recent use of the bed, it continues to remain firm.

The height of the mattress enables easy access and exit from the bed.

It is easy to transport.


The size specifications are misleading.

2. Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed

twin mattress for bunk bed blue

Available in khaki, blue and pink, this twin mattress is made of memory foam for comfort and greater support for a good night's sleep. It has three layers of mattress--a one-inch layer of memory foam, another one-inch layer of pressure relieving comfort foam and above that a three-inch layer of high-density base support foam.

This mattress takes children's comfort very seriously and therefore uses only the highest quality of foam which is certified for durability, content and performance by CertiPUR-US. The most modern memory foam, BioFoam, is used here to keep the mattress fresh. All these modern and thoughtful features make this the best twin mattress for bunk bed.

3. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

inflatable air mattress bed for toddlers twin

Parents often ask, "What is the best twin air mattress for toddler?" So, here we feature the best of this year in this category. The special feature of this toddler travel bed is that its sheet can be tucked into all crib-sized beds. This air mattress bed has safety rails so that your little one doesn't fall over in her sleep. This mattress takes barely 30 seconds to be fully inflated and comes with a repair kit, a compact and powerful electric pump and a carry bag for easy portability. This bed is lead safe, BpA safe and phthalate safe. No wonder it is regarded as the best twin air mattress of 2017.


It is very comfortable for kids.

It is easy to set up and deflate.

Its sheets fit all standard sized cribs.

It doesn't leak any air.


It has a strong plastic smell on unpacking.

One user observed that the mattress began leaking air within a few days of use.

4. Signature Sleep Contour 8 Twin Mattress

best mattress for a child white

Touted the best twin mattress for a child in 2017, Signature Sleep Contour 8 consists of all the encased coil lines that work like something between foam and spring. Here, the springs used are coils and they are enveloped with high density foam, so what the user experiences is of uniform weight over the entire area of the mattress.

So, the user does not bounce all over the bed as he or she turns from side to side through the night. These coils have a height of seven inches, just about the right height to give children enough comfort.

At the heart of the Contour 8 is the coil system and at the top and bottom of it are separate layers of foam, each with a thickness of 1.5". This mattress measures 74" length x 37" width x 8" height. It is certified from CertiPUR-US. It provides a good level of motion isolation so one child does not wake another while turning in bed.


It is exceptional quality for the price.

Outstanding motion isolation for this type of mattress.

It has an above-average lifespan, compared to its competition.


It comes with a mere one-year warranty period.

It emits a stink when unpacked.

It is necessary to use a foundation.


Before we get there, let's understand one basic fact: There are five standard sizes of mattresses you can choose from. They are Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King mattresses. Of all these mattress sizes, the twin mattress is the smallest, but it is ideally suited to the bedrooms of children and any spare bedrooms too.

Let's find out what factors make a twin mattress a good option for children's and extra bedrooms.

Specifications of a twin mattress: A twin mattress is sometimes referred to as a single bed because it is designed to serve one person rather than two. The specifications of a normal or standard sized twin mattress are 75" length x 39" width. These specifications make the twin mattress the smallest of all mattresses available today.

You will find on your shopping experiences that twin mattresses are available in various styles and corresponding prices, so with a bit of honest scouting, you're sure to find the twin mattress that fits your style, need, space and budget.

Reasons to by a twin mattress: Why would you buy a twin mattress? For its size, of course. A twin mattress is of a size that fits any sized bedroom, leaving enough walking space around the room. Usually, spare bedrooms aren't large enough to fit in large beds along with some furniture, but a twin mattress usually fits perfectly.

You can also use twin mattresses for bunk and trundle beds, rendering them ideal furniture for a child's bedroom. If you have a couple of kids, let them share a bedroom and a bed by placing twin beds together. This will make life easy for them and you. While children want their independence, let them spend their time together and get the feel of being independent.

When not to use a twin mattress: A twin mattress is designed for one occupant, so it's not right for couples as they might feel cramped and uncomfortable. Again, because of its length, adults will find twin mattresses too short to sleep comfortably in for long periods.

What is the best twin mattress for adults? How does one choose a twin mattress. Here are some guidelines: Sleep should be comfortable and remedial, something that a twin mattress can easily afford. This being the basic parameter of choosing a twin mattress, other supporting parameters include support, strength and cost. And, it is also important that the size of the twin mattress is right for you.

Size: When choosing a new twin mattress, bear in mind the size of your existing one and judge whether the one you're looking at is more comfortable than it or not. After you use it for some time, your body begins to adjust to it and you feel comfortable on it. If you choose a smaller one by mistake, you will find it difficult to acclimate to it. If the size is right, go for it.

The way you sleep: While sleeping, it's normal to change sides for which you need additional mattress space. With a twin mattress, you and your partner can turn in bed as many times as you like without disturbing the other. If your sleeping habits get in the way of choosing a good twin mattress, you will need to go in for a larger one with several rest surfaces which also prevents any movement shifting.

Available space: Before going shopping for a twin mattress, measure the space available in the room to see if it will comfortably be part of this room without affecting the space for you to walk around in freely.

Additional Accessories: You may choose to go with a standard twin mattress measuring 39" x 76" or a twin X-long measuring 39" x 80", you might want to choose a few accessories to match it for extra comfort or just a bit of style to the bedroom. Here are four you can consider:

1. Mattress Topper: The market is full of mattress toppers, so you can easily find one to suit your needs. If you want one solely for relaxation, choose the soft, pillow type of mattress toppers; support mattress toppers are good for those with back pain as they are firm; and gel-filled toppers, memory foam toppers and those that are hypo-allergenic are good for those with allergies.

2. Sheets: Choose a good twin mattress and complement it with a set of good sheets. Ensure you have the right size and then go on to pick a good pattern. Part of the required measurements are the mattress' depth with the mattress pad laid on it. If it hovers between 7" and 14.5", opt for a standard sheet set, but if it is above 14.5", go in for a deep sheet set.

3. Pillows: Here's another accessory for your twin mattress--a set of pillows. Apart from the pillows for your head, you can add some throw pillows for your daytime use.

4. Twin to King Converter Kit: You could, if you wish, buy two twin mattresses and convert them into a king-sized bed. This is possible if you have a king converter kit. You have a centre pad that runs between the two mattresses and a belt that encircles both mattresses so that they remain in place. This will give you double the space from before to spread out.

Using these accessories, you can take your twin mattress to an entirely different level.

What is the best twin mattress for a child?

Looking for the perfect mattress for your kids can be tough to do. And that's not because they are particular but because the market is over-flooded with options-- such as styles, models and makes. Here's how to choose a twin mattress for them:


To be sure you're buying the right mattress for your child, start small with a twin mattress. However, this is right for small spaces but if you have a large space, you should think of a full-size mattress so that for one, it goes a longer way, and two, your story-reading sessions with them are very comfortable.

Next, if your kids' bedroom is also a guest room, there's yet another reason for getting a larger mattress. For your kid, a bunkie board is just fine. Bear in mind that the mattress you buy now will last for 10 years. So, take the future into consideration when you think of a mattress for your kid.


Though innerspring mattresses are very popular, some home owners prefer memory foam, air, water and latex mattresses to innersprings for comfort, longevity and durability.


For children, the key feature of mattresses is comfort and a good back support system. For infants, the mattress should be firm so that they don't run the risk of contracting Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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