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What is The Best Toilet Seat To Buy in 2017: Our Review and Guide

how to choose best toilet seat

Would you agree with me if I say: a toilet seat should be durable and capable of withstanding many years of use.

Since some people enjoy spending a considerable length of time sitting on the toilet; playing on their smartphone, reading, or even spending some quiet time away from fellow roommates, the best toilet seat should also be comfortable.

And of course not very complicated, but easy to remove, repair and install. Below are features, and respective benefits of the most popular toilet seats to buy in 2017.

Best Toilet Seats of 2017: List of Our Favourites

Of course this list doesn't feature all kinds of toilet seats available on the market but only the most convenient and easy to use.

Best Wooden toilet seat 

Compressed wood is used to make toilet seat covers because it makes the toilet seat robust and comfortable to sit on.

It is also thicker, warmer and more durable compared to plastic ones.

So, if you desire a cover that not only looks great but also deliver an excellent finishing, wooden covers are all your need.

While the seat tends to cost more than those made of plastic, it gives you the best appearance than any other material.

The material is also less likely to show scratches and is resistant to cracks that lead to frequent repairs and eventual replacement of the parts.

Below are 2 examples of highest rated wooden toilet seats on the market:

Mayfair 48SLOWA

mayfair 48e2 moded wood toilet seat

Mayfair 9601CP 

mayfair 9601cp wooden toilet seat

Best Heated toilet seat

A heated toilet seat provides the ultimate luxury by giving you a place to sit on when it is cold. It feels so uncomfortable to go to the bathroom either in the morning or at night and sit, bare-skin, on a toilet seat that feels like ice.

If energy consumption is your concern, you’ll be glad to know that there are energy efficient models that only require the minimal amount of electric energy, yet the benefits they provide are incredible.

Regardless of whether you’re an older adult, who finds it hard to sleep after sitting on a cold seat or you are only looking for extra comfort, a heated toilet seat is ideal for you.

Below are 2 examples of highest rated heated toilet seats to buy:

TOTO SW2034-01 

toto washlet c100 heated toilet seat white

Brondell L60-EW 

brondell l60 heated toilet seat white

Best Bidet toilet seat (attachment)

Bidet toilet seat attachments are designed to get a feeling of increased coziness and hygiene in your bathroom.

A typical bidet is full of features; ranging from a warm air drier to a pulsating massage wash all intended to make your life not only easier but also convenient.

To ordinary persons, it provides exceptional cleanliness, while to individuals suffering from problems such as rectal relapse, hemorrhoids, and other genitals or anal area issues, this toilet seat feature provides valuable health benefits.

A basic toilet seat bidet feature is a water temperature option; the bidet can either be tied directly to your hot water line or have a separate water holding tank. The latter gives you instant warmth since the water travels a shorter distance.

Below are 2 examples of highest rated bidet toilet seats on the market:

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 

luxe bidet toilet neo 120

Astor Bidet 

astor bidet white

Best Raised toilet seats

A raised toilet seat makes using the toilet a lot easier and safer for persons with mobility issues.

It offers users a new degree of independence they either lost through aging, illness or injury.

Besides enhancing the personal safety of the users, the raised toilet seats benefit caregivers and nurses who help patients use the toilets; the seats reduce the strain on nurses as they raise and lower their patients to the seats.

Among the many considerations you have to make while picking an elevated toilet seat include whether other ordinary users will be using the bathroom regularly.

In some cases, elevated toilet seats are affixed permanently to the bathroom. Removing it later on for someone else to use the bathroom, therefore, will be a difficult task.

Below are 2 examples of highest rated raised toilet seats to buy:

Drive Medical Premium 

drive medical seat riser premium

Drive Medical Elevated 

drive medical raised toilet seat

Best Automatic toilet seat 

This toilet seat type requires electric power and once installed, the cover will automatically open when a user approaches it, thanks to built-in sensors. 

It comes in handy for people seeking a real comfort. In addition to its core function, some seats feature automatic washing. They also allow you to adjust the nozzle position and water pressure using UV remote control, delivered with the seat.

The nozzle self-cleans after every washing further boosting its hygiene. Handy warm air functionality allows you to control the seat’s temperature. This toilet seat comes with extensive features, some of which you need to specify depending on your taste and preferences.

Due to its uniqueness, buying it in the market using the conventional method may not be convenient; you may have to order it online.

Here are 2 examples of top automatic toilet seats:

TOTO Washlet S350e

toto washlet s350e automatic seat

BioBidet BLISS BB-2000 

bio bidet bliss bb-2000 premium seat

Best Elongated toilet seat

Ever been frustrated by a toilet seat that suddenly slams down?

An elongated toilet seat is a solution. Since the seats feature whisper-close hinges, they close noiselessly and slowly. Regardless of whether banging happens on its own, or immediately after use, the noise produced irritates other people.

Such impactful slamming also weakens the cover, making it crack. With time the cover will break down necessitating repairs and eventual replacement, both of which cost a lot of money.

An elongated toilet seat delivers a soft close action that gently lowers the seat when closing helping you avoid annoying toilet slam. Also, with the seat’s comfortable and ergonomic design, you will not feel any numbness after using it.

Below are 2 examples of nice elongated toilet seats which don't eat you budget:

Bemis 1500EC000 

bemis 1500ec000 white toilet seat

KOHLER K-4647-0 

kohler stonewood elongated seat white

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You now know the essential attributes, accessories, and significance of the various features of the best toilet seats. The price depends on the features they have.

While it is possible to get the seat with all the above attractive features, if you are working on a lean budget, focus on the features that are most beneficial to you.

Consider your personal taste and preferences as well as the unique needs of some of your family members. By comparing various models, you will find the toilet seat that meets your budget and with your dream features.

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