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Best Toddler Chair – 5 Cool Chairs For Kids 2018 Reviews

toddler sitting on upholstered chair in the garden

Buying the best chair for a toddler is a must!

Your child will spend much time in it, so you certainly want a comfortable and durable one, but also a safety chair which will be stable when your toddler starts to be frisky.

If you get a right one, then you will give your kid a favorite place in the house – a sitting place only for him.

To help you select the best toddler chair for your child, here is a list of the five coolest chairs for kids you can find on the market in 2018:

KEET Roundy Rocking Kid’s Chair Gingham

red upholstered chair front view


This beautiful chair is solid handmade, and it could be an excellent addition to your kids’ bedroom. With a frame made from wood, the chair looks pretty durable, but it is also very comfortable because of the density foam.

Rocker wooden legs provide gently rocking which can excite your kids and give them more relaxing and calming feeling. The chair is upholstered with a unique Gingham fabric (made from cotton).

The chair has been predicted for ages from 18 months to 5 years, and it is available in five different colors – brown, navy, pink, lavender and green so you can easily embed it in children’s bedroom. Maybe the only drawback is the weight – the chair so light that your kid can turn it over.  Definitely, a nice choice if you are looking for a child’s upholstered chair.


  • Handmade with a solid wooden frame
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Upholstered with a special Gingham fabric
  • Rocker legs provide gently rocking


  • Very light so it can flip over

Keet Premium Organic Children’s Chair

blue children's chair with pillow side view


If you want a comfortable, but safety chair for your toddler, this Keet Premium Organic could be the right selection. It has a wooden frame which gives the durability, and this kid upholstered chair comes with an organic cotton twill.

The legs are made from wood, too, and you can bet this is a stable chair, so you don’t have to worry about kid’s safety. The one thing to worry – it is hard to clean and shows stains easily.

Recommended for a 2-5 years old children, this comfortable handmade chair is available in six different colors:  navy, green, khaki, pink, hot pink and lavender. It could be a bit pricey for some people, but you will get good quality for your money.


  • Solid handmade and durable, wooden frame and legs
  • Upholstered with an organic cotton twill
  • Free pillow included


  • Difficult to clean, shows stains easily
  • A bit pricey

Sesame Street Elmo Upholstered Chair

red upholstered chair side view


This is one of the cool chairs for kids as it features Elmo’s smiley face. With a durable wooden frame and a comfortable padded seat, this could be your kid’s favorite place for playing, watching TV, reading or just relaxing.

Recommended for 3-6 years old children this chair fulfills all safety standards and it can be a nice addition even for a younger kid. It is rather easy to clean, and maybe the only drawback is the price – this is not a cheap chair, but with all gains, you will get good quality for the price.


  • Durable wooden frame
  • Comfortable upholstered seat
  • Fulfills all safety standards
  • Features Elmo’s smiley face


  • A bit pricey, but certainly you will get good quality for your money

Delta Children Disney Mickey Mouse Upholstered Chair

children chair with cartoon theme


This nice-looking chair with Mickey Mouse graphics is recommended for 3-6 years old kids, but it can hold up to 100 lbs, so you really don’t have to worry. With a durable plastic frame and plush foam upholstering, this could be the best chair for a toddler you can find on the market.

It has a removable slipcover which is fully machine washable, and that could be a real advantage when you have a lot of duties around the house.

This Delta Children Disney Mickey Mouse Upholstered Chair fulfills all safety standards, and you will notice how stable and robust it is. The kids who are Mickey Mouse fans, this will be a favorite place for relaxing.

The only issue we had with this chair is that a plastic made frame. Maybe it will last, but we would certainly like the wooden one.


  • Upholstered with a plush foam
  • Removable slipcover which is machine washable, this can save your time
  • Fulfills all safety standards


  • Plastic frame – we don’t say it is not durable, but certainly, the wooden frame would be a better selection
  • A bit pricey

Emall Life Kid’s Armchair Children’s Roundy Chair Cartoon Sofa

round chair for children with cartoon theme


If you have the unlimited budget and you want to buy the best toddler upholstered chair this Emall Life product can be an interesting choice. With a high-density foam, your toddler will have some extra comfort, and a wooden frame guarantees durability. It is recommended for 2-4 years old, and it can stand up to 45 kg.

Assembly is a piece of cake, you will only need to screw the four wooden legs, and the chair will be ready for use. This great little couch comes in seven different print styles and, depending on the toddler’s figure; it could be as comfortable as the stylish it is.


  • Durable wooden frame and legs
  • Upholstered with a high-density foam
  • Cozy and stylish


  • No real drawbacks. A bit pricey, but excellent quality


We know that every parent will buy the best for their children, and it is the same thing when you are buying a toddler’s chair. You have to find something durable and safety, but still enough stylish and good looking because your kid needs to love it at first sight.

The children will spend much time on it reading, learning or playing, and it should be only theirs place in the house. Of course, you need to think how long they can use it before they overgrow it.

We hope that our list can help you with a selection and you will be satisfied if you buy one of them.

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